Ardent FX, Magical Butter or Levo

Cannabis edibles have risen in popularity for their easy administration and strong results. What better way to expedite the process than with a cannabis oil infuser/edibles machine? Of course, we had to make a comparison between the Ardent FX vs Magical Butter machine vs Levo 2 oil infuser to figure out which device is the best for different use cases. We’ll cover that all right here.

Easiest to use

The main reason to buy a cannabis infuser is to simplify the process of making edibles. By doing the decarboxylating process and infusion all in one unit, one saves a good amount of time and cleanup.

  • The Ardent FX claims the ability to decarboxylate, infuse, and even cook a meal within the device itself. No grinding required – just insert the flower for the decarb cycle and then run it for infusion mode. Very easy, straightforward, and almost foolproof.
  • The Magical Butter MB2e does the same but won’t cook food in it. On the other hand, the Magical Butter has a built-in stirring mechanism which grinds and distributes the cannabis better than the Ardent FX. Just as simple, equally as effective, though you do need to strain the end product out if you don’t want particulate.
  • The Levo II is primarily designed for oil infusion. Of course it’ll decarboxylate and mix the herb for a perfect blend as well. The process is slightly more involved with more parts to clean/operate, but fairly easy overall.

So which is easiest to use however? Inevitably, ‘it depends’ pops up. We’d say that overall, the Magical Butter machine edges out a narrow victory. However, the Levo II and Ardent FX both take no time to learn and the Ardent FX has the additional ‘cook’ option which ou might find useful.

Best build quality

All three units come at a premium price point, though equally satisfy with their premium build and design.

  • The Ardent FX has the ‘trendiest’ design. It’s also the most portable and has the included carrying case. It’s arguably more sleek and has intuitive construction/usage. Cleaning is very easy as well.
  • The Magical Butter machine looks most like a kettle. More discreet and unassuming in design, it’ll blend in well to the kitchen. The construction is top notch and has a self-cleaning feature, though you will need rinse it after the clean cycle.
  • The Levo II is gorgeous. Like a high-end modern coffee machine, the entire device is well-engineered and pleasant to use. Clean-up should be done every time and is more involved than the other units.

All three units are smell-proof and built well. In terms of design preference it of course comes down to subjective opinion.

The self-cleaning feature on the Magical Butter is especially useful as you add some water, a couple drops of dish soap, and the device does the rest itself. Give a quick rinse to the inside and it’s good as new.

For this reason we give the build quality/design point to the Magical Butter, though it’s a narrow victory as the Levo 2 and Ardent FX both have their advantages in sleek design and portability, respectively.

Best end product

They’re all geared up to complete the same task in slightly different ways. Each unit draws a win for each different type of product, whether it’s oil, tincture, or butter.

  • The Ardent FX wins for the best ready made food. Simple is as simple does, you can cook a literal muffin or mini-cake within the unit itself and have it ready for you when you get home from the workout. No other unit can do this and we’re pretty impressed with the flavor & potency of the end result.

Also, the specific settings for CBD, CBG, and THC makes the Ardent FX better suited for different types of cannabis. It really does make a difference and we give it a point for that versatility.

  • The Magical Butter does it all. It creates oils, butters, and tinctures with excellent quality. Ideal if you’d like to bake large batches of edibles in the oven or infuse a ton of oil or make a tincture. If you want a high-quality result with the ability to make every type of infusion, then the Magical Butter does it best. If you are to utilize your AVB (Already Vaped Bud) from an all in one kit like the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, all you’ll need is some clarified butter for easy edibles with the click of a button at home. 
  • The Levo II is markedly an oil infuser, and does it ever do a great job at that! Butter also works and in both cases it makes a perfect product with no particulate. Terrific flavor and potency, it also has the benefit of easy herbal infusion (ie; rosemary, sage, etc) for more culinary versatility. The end result is definitely more boutique and refined than the others.

Really, it’s hard to say which is the best cannabis infuser between the three. They all create top notch edibles/creations and it really depends on your use case. Regardless, we’re certain that whichever you choose, you’ll be well satisfied by the results.


We find that these three units each suit a specific demographic or style. The Ardent FX? A portable do-it-all kitchen with specific tuning for different cannabis types and chic style. The Levo Oil 2? Perfect for restaurant-quality infusions and modern elegance. The Magical Butter? It’s a do-it-all workhorse.

Weigh out what you personally want in an infuser and make your decision like that. They’re all very effective devices and make the old-school cannabis cooking process feel ancient in comparison.

If you have any questions about these three cannabis cooking devices, please leave a comment down below as we’re glad to get back to you ASAP!

Ardent FX, Magical Butter or Levo
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Ardent FX, Magical Butter or Levo
Decarboxylating and cannabis infused edibles have never been easier.
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2 comments on Ardent FX, Magical Butter or Levo

  1. Avatar for Evie Evie says:

    Thank you for confirming my choice with me. I decided to order an infuser and it will be here today before checking out other options so your comparisons really helped and I picked the magical butter maker and it sounds like it’s gonna do a great job.

    Thanx again

  2. Avatar for Tammy Tammy says:

    I have been using the Magic Butter Machine and it is 100% a workhorse.. I have been trying to pull the triger on the Levo II as a second infuser… I am looking for something more refined and less work on strainig. I am excited to give it a try!

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