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High Five Duo Review

If you're a beginner dabber looking for their first E-Rig, the High Five Duo might be a solid candidate. With a very stable base and consistent vapor and sessions, the simplicity can be an attractive key feature. Read on to to see how it compares to more modern Electric Dab Rigs in our in-depth review.

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Arizer Solo 3 Preview

Arizer Solo 3 Speculation Well, well, well, oh how the turns tide. Arizer has recently released the third vaporizer in their 'Air' lineup, the Arizer Air MAX, & fans have already begun to speculate about the 3rd Solo model - Perhaps named the Solo 3 or the Solo MAX. Only time will

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DynaVap B Review

The DynaVap B is here to make the already affordable DynaVap M - Even More Budget Friendly - With a silicone sleeve and reduced parts, it's a bit easier to use and clean, but is it worth buying? In this review, we go over all of the juicy key features and community thoughts about the latest DynaVap to help you make the right buying decision.

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E-Nano by Epickai Review

If you've been thinking about either an artisan or desktop vaporizer, then the E-Nano by Epickai / EpicVapes might be the perfect pickup! With a ceramic heating element and glass stem mouthpiece similar to an Arizer, this is a super unique vape that hits well though bubblers and bongs, but is it worth it? Read on and find out.

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Sticky Brick Maxx Vaporizer Review

The Sticky Brick Maxx is here to take your torch vaporizer game to a whole new level. With an included 18mm WPA and all glass vapor air path, the Maxx packs huge and flavorful clouds into a somewhat portable artisan design. Learn more about how this desktop vape compares to other top units in the market like the Arizer XQ2 & more!

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