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Zenco Duo Review

The Zenco Duo is what many people consider to be the best vapor cup on the market thanks to its sleek design and ergonomic cup. As well, its atomizers are a bit better quality than competitors, so you can expect a whole lot of fun and functionality!

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Carta 2 vs. Puffco Peak Pro

The Carta 2 and new Puffco Peak Pro are considered the two best electric dab rigs on the market, but it's not exactly clear which one is outright better. A lot of their differences come down to preference, and in this review, we try to break down their key features to help you decide which e-rig will be best for yourself.

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CCell M3 Plus Review

Enjoy big, tasty clouds with the new M3 Plus by CCell. It's a great 510 thread vape pen to defintely worth checking out!

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CCell Sandwave Review

The CCell Sandwave is a seriously impressive 510 battery & in this review, we'll be explaining why its variable voltage kicks butt! With a ripple silicone design that's super portable, CCell managed to pack this 510 battery with more than enough juice to get the job done despite the low price tag - Read more!

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AirVape OM Review

The AirVape OM portable wax vaporizer is one of the smallest, most discreet and compact vape pens for concentrates on the market today, perhaps even the smallest. This unit is about as discreet as you can get, and is small enough to fit comfortably anywhere. It is so tiny that it even comes with a keychain so you can put it on your keys if you’re a serious vape user. It is so small that you might actually spend some time searching for it if you put in your full backpack or purse instead of in a pocket or on a keychain. At under $130 CND, it offers way better vapor production and flavor than your typical cheap wax pen, and is so easy to use, even a first time vape newbie will be able to pick it right up and enjoy. Is the AirVape OM the wax and oil vaporizer for you? Read on to find out more.

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