Best E-Rigs for 2022

As far as the world of portable dab rigs is concerned, 2021 has seen a ton of improvements across the board. This simple list of the best e-rigs for 2022 will show you our top picks and which e-rig you should buy!

In no particular order, here’s our list of the best e-rigs for 2022. We’ve included the heaviest hitters, most portable units, and everything else in between.

Source Orb Versa

A large and hefty unit, the Source Orb Versa manages to impress with its slew of features, top-notch vapor quality, and affordable price point.

It’s interchangeable atomizer/insert setup is top-notch and allows for fine-tuning of the type of e-rig experience you get – this versatility is hugely appreciated for dab rig enthusiasts.

A large battery and considerable form factor also make it the least portable e-rig on our list, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to dab on the go! Regardless, it’s a powerful unit and perfect for those who want raw performance.

Source Orb Versa E-rig

The Core

Another excellent value, The Core e-rig isn’t particularly incredible in any one feature and rather comes as a great, well-rounded product.

3000mAh of battery, quartz, and titanium atomizer options, compact form factor, and easy disassembly are all well appreciated and render it a solid device that will satisfy any dab enthusiast out there.

The only gripe we have is with the limited 4 temperature settings, which to be honest is not even too bad – they’re well chosen and the vast majority of users will certainly be sorted out.

The core e-rig

Puffco Peak Pro

Bar none, the Puffco Peak Pro comes with the most bells and whistles around. This comes in the way of a Bluetooth app, wireless charging, and complete temperature control.

They’ve retained the original design which also allows for the attachment of a wide array of aftermarket bubblers – something the dab rig enthusiasts and glass heads around the world enjoy very much.

This all comes at a price, and the Puffco Peak Pro is the most costly unit on our list. It works great, hits exceptionally well, and is about as good as you could want. If you want the most premium e-rig around, you’ve found your ticket.

Puffco Peak Pro E-rig

FocusV Carta V2

The FocusV Carta was the first unit out there that could stand head to head with the original Puffco Peak. While it’s no longer cutting-edge, the FocusV Carta still remains an excellent choice.

Credit to its removable 18350 batteries and interchangeable atomizers, the Carta offers terrific vapor quality and a healthy aftermarket scene as well. App control and haptic feedback are icing on the cake.

Stock however is scarce worldwide and we’d recommend The Core e-rig if you want a unit like the Carta as they’ve become rather hard to find and seemingly out of production now.

Focus V Carta V2 E-rig

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

Direct competitor to the Puffco Peak Pro, the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo instead focuses a little more on vapor quality and less on wireless apps. Like the age-old iPhone vs Android battle, choosing between the two is apples and oranges.

A pure glass vapor path is the key selling point here and we love it for that pure flavor. We prefer the bubbler on the Boost Evo over many e-rigs and overall it’s built especially well.

We’d definitely recommend this unit if you want a premium experience that rivals that of the Peak Pro. USB-C charging, temperature control, and a pure-glass vapor path are what we really appreciate about this unit.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo E-rig

G Pen Roam

If you want the most stealthy and portable e-rig out there, we’d highly suggest the G Pen Roam. Compact and durable, the unit is meant to be thrown in your pocket for an instant, portable dabs wherever and whenever.

Thanks to its built-in spill-proof bubbler, the G Pen Roam is a very interesting unit that has no competition like it. While the bubbler is small, it allows you to retain excellent flavor from your concentrates.

Everything comes with compromises and the Roam is particularly hard to clean and has mediocre battery life. Beyond that, it’s a great ultra-portable e-rig and the only one of its kind.

G Pen Roam e-rig

G Pen Connect

If you’re looking for a dab rig experience but to use your own glass piece, the G Pen Connect is the one that you’ll be interested in.

Working by being placed on any water pipe, it turns any compatible bubbler into a fully functioning e-rig with that traditional dab experience.

While the vapor quality and cleaning aren’t quite up to snuff compared to other units out there, it’s far more portable and versatile than anything else out there. Certainly a unit we’d recommend if you like to have your own glass pieces!

G-Pen Connect e-rig

Utillian 5

Okay, obviously this isn’t an e-rig but we can’t help but mention it. A powerful wax pen vape, it delivers that dab-rig hit in the smallest form factor.

Highly portable, hitting hard, and having a battery that seemingly lasts for days, the Utillian 5 takes our pick for the best wax pen out there.

We’d recommend pairing it with the Utillian 5 bubbler for that dab-like experience. Able to fit in practically any pocket, it’s a real winner if you value portability and don’t want to compromise on power.

Utillian 5 Wax Pen


There you have it – our pick of our favorite and the best e-rigs around. We honestly couldn’t choose just one since we’re picky and would take a different unit for each scenario.

Check out our best wax pens list for a selection of our favorite portable dab pens and their respective reviews. If you’ve got any questions or thoughts then feel free to leave a comment or reach out on social media.

Until next time, peace!

Best e-Rig Vaporizers For 2022
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Best e-Rig Vaporizers For 2022
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