Cannabis Vaporizers Vapor Cloud Reviews

Which dry herb vaporizer has the best clouds?

Here you’ll find a hub of vapor cloud tests on a variety of dry herb vaporizers.  We’ll be updating this page weekly to give you the visuals you need to help you make a purchase. All vapes were hit between 380F-400F.

Arizer Air 2 Vapor Shot

The Arizer Air 2 Vape uses a .25g glass stem chamber and a mainly conduction-style oven. Some small convection air jets help boost its vapor production, and it has a heat-up time of about 45 seconds.

Arizer ArGo Vapor Shot

Similar to the Air 2, the Arizer Argo Vaporizer‘s hybrid heating system for the glass stem chamber will heat in about 50 seconds and produce good clouds for a smaller vape.

Arizer Solo 2 Vapor Shot

The Solo 2 Vape has slightly more power in the chamber than its sister vapes, and as well a slightly faster heat-up time of 45 seconds. It’s best practice to take slow and controlled draws with the Solo 2, and you may also consider letting your dry herb pre-heat longer than when it reaches temperature.

Dynavap m 2021 Vapor Shot

The DynaVap Vaporizer has a reputation of packing a punch for such a small vaporizer. Relying on a torch being put on the cap chamber, it will click when it has reached temperatures of above 300-350F. For a one-hitter style, consider waiting a short period after the first click before torching for a second click.

Firefly 2+ Vapor Shot

The Firefly 2+ dry herb vaporizer can be a bit tricky to get a good vapor cloud out of. You’ll want to use a lot of coarsely ground herb and will need a slow and long draw of about 10 seconds, remembering to hold the heating sensors on both sides of the vape the whole time (solid green means go on the lighting).

G Pen Dash Vapor Shot

With a relatively small oven size of 0.15g, the G Pen Dash packs a surprising amount of vapor. You’ll want to let the vape go past its 40 second haptic feedback heat up time, and also be using finely ground herb. With a long and slow draw, you’ll be able to get a big cloud.

Utillian 620 Vapor Shot

The Utillian 620 has awesome vapor thanks to a glass stem and isolated air path. With hybrid heating and a heat-up time of about 40 seconds, this thing rips for its affordability.

Utillian 722 Vapor Shot

The Utillian 722 takes a classier approach to its mouthpiece with a straw-style design and twist-off chamber access. With a convection style heat-up time of only 30 seconds, the clouds will be good but the vapor quality is not best in class.

Crafty+ Vapor Shot

With hybrid heating, ceramic bowl, and straw-style mouthpiece, the Crafty+ vaporizer offers some of the best vapor for portable dry herb vaporizers. It only has one lithium-ion battery unlike the Mighty, so heat-up times are slightly slower at 60 seconds. Although there’s only three pre-set temperatures, you can set them in the android / web application to between 104°F – 410°F (40 – 210°C).

Mighty+ Vapor Shot

With the same 0.3g bowl size as the Crafty, the Mighty+ vaporizer get slightly more vapor quality thanks to the second lithium-ion battery’s power. The mouthpiece is slightly longer than on the Crafty for more vapor cooling, and overall the Mighty+ vaporizer has the best vapor quality on the market.

DaVinci IQ2 Vapor Shot

With a 0.5g ceramic bowl conduction style oven and airpath, the DaVinci IQ2 vape packs a lot of punch for a portable vaporizer. You’ll want to have the temperature above 380F with finely ground herb and a packed chamber. Take slow and long hits for optimal vapor production after a 30-second heat up time.

DaVinci IQC Vapor Shot

One of the changes on the DaVinci IQC vaporizer compared to the IQ2 is the addition of a bacteria-resistant polymer mouthpiece. This will be better for higher temperatures because it won’t get hot like the metal mouthpiece did.

Pax 3 Vapor Shot

As long as you are using finely ground herb in the conduction style 0.4g chamber, you’ll be able to get massive rips. The Pax 3 vaporizer doesn’t have the best vapor quality, as it can get a bit burnt tasting on higher temperatures, but it is still good for its affordability and wax capabilities.

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Vapor Shot

The 3rd generation Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer Hub uses gold technology for its flow and heat sinks to ensure awesome conduction heating. With ArcPods (dosing capsules), you’ll be able to get awesome airflow through your 0.3g of cannabis, and at the 200C or 220C preset, you’ll get huge clouds. The heat-up time is slightly slower than competitors at 80 seconds, though.

Zeus Arc GT Vapor Shot

The second generation Zeus Arc GT has very similar vapor production to the GTS, although the vapor quality is slightly better while using Zeus ArcPods, which allows for better conduction in the oven.

Cannabis Vaporizers Vapor Cloud Reviews
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Cannabis Vaporizers Vapor Cloud Reviews
On this vapor cloud comparison page, you'll find tips and tricks as well a short video to help you decide your dry herb vaporizer.
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