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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review – The More Powerfull Version

Arizer Solo 2 Review  

In this review we are going to test and operate the new Airzer Solo 2 vaporizer and its new features including:  the digital display, complete temperature control, adjustable start & shut off presets, extended battery life.   We are going to analyze and compare, in detail, the original Arizer Solo with the new Arizer Solo 2.

We have broken this review down into the following sections: Operation, Temperature Range, Vapor Quality, Battery Life, Device Quality, Warranty, Portability, Maintenance, Comparison and our final thoughts on this unit.

There is not a lot of options when it comes to colour as the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is only available in Mystic Blue and Carbon Black. It is made by Arizer, a well known Canadian vaporizer brand and it’s the new release of the original Solo vaporizer line. It is also the Arizer Air’s older brother. The Arizer Solo was released in 2011 and since then Arizer has been gathering customers feedback and making modifications to the Solo line and now that day is finally here!  Without any more delay let’s get into this review and put the Arizer Solo 2 to the test. Continue reading

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review – Flavorful Convection

Boundless CFV Review

Boundless, despite many challenges and serious competition, is making its way to the top through their introduction of highly unique and innovative technology in the portable vaporizer industry, including the Boundless CFV, the CFX and more.
We are going to review the Boundless CFV vaporizer which features a full convection oven and comes with unique accessories including interchangeable oven rings, made of wood and quartz, to change the flavor profile. Without further ado let’s get rolling! Continue reading

AirVape XS Vaporizer Review – Credit Card Thin Vaporizer!

The product in the spotlight today is Apollo’s Airvape XS . This vaporizer has an incredibly thin frame, one of the smallest we have seen. It comes with a ceramic heating chamber, accurate temp control, fully customizable duration time for vaping, as well as a glass mouthpiece. Now let’s break it down and see what we think of it when it’s under a microscope. Continue reading

DaVinci Ascent Review — Start Vaping In Seconds!

DaVinci Ascent Evaluation

Discreet, Portable and Stylish – Ascent by DaVinci Has It All!

With an attractive design and long-lasting battery, DaVinci Ascent is a portable vaporizer produced by Organicix, LLC. The device has a solid built and offers customized vaping sessions.

Continue reading

Dual Chamber Vaping Fun-Haze Portable Vaporizer

Stumped for gift ideas for your husband’s birthday? Get the Dual Chamber Vaping Fun-Haze Portable Vaporizer and see his eyes light up!

There are many reasons why this particular vaporizer unit would make the perfect gift. Given the Good Design Award in 2015, the vaporizer was also included in this year’s Oscars ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags that are presented to nominees.

Continue reading

Magic Flight Launch Box — For the Hipster Vaper

Very few products complement the company’s mantra…The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of them. Recognized widely as the original portable vaporizer, is it also the best?

Vapers who prefer originality and think ‘old is gold’ should definitely buy the Magic Flight Launch Box. This unit offers an ideal vaping experience, despite being without digital features.

Continue reading

State-Of-The-Art Vaping—Volcano Vaporizer

Portraying the classic German architectural genius, the Volcano Vaporizer is brilliance personified!

Introduced to the market in 2007, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Digital Vaporizer is still the king of desktop vaporizers.

Whether it is durability, vapour quality or performance features, Volcano Vaporizer has stood the test of time.

Continue reading

The PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer is A BIG YES!

Talk about sleek and smart design – the PAX 2 is the Ultimate iPhone of Vaporizers!

When the first PAX vaporizer debuted in 2012, it promised to revolutionize the way the world vaped. However, very soon it was evident that more improvements were needed.

Three years later, in came PAX 2. The new portable vaporizing device seemed to be a totally different species.

Continue reading

Vapir Rise Vaporizer — The Best Vaporizer In The Market?

Is this vaporizer really the next big thing to hit the market? Users of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer certainly think so!

Unlike other vaporizers available in the market, the Vapir Rise is the closest alternative to the Volcano. This vaporizer provides much of the same easy functionality although manages to create a league of its own, offering some features not present in the Volcano.

Continue reading

Arizer Air Vaporizer Review – Solo’s younger brother

The Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

Today we are going to review the Arizer Air vaporizer, one of the popular brands in the portable and desktop vaporizer industry. Arizer continued its success with the solo vaporizer, Arizer produces yet another incredible product for vaping enthusiasts.

Designed with powerful, state-of-the-art heating mechanism, Arizer Air is the ultimate cannabis vaporizing device. Whether if it’s portability, efficiency or vapor quality, Arizer Air has a check on all counts. With compact design and remarkable battery capacity, this vaping device is an amazing choice. Continue reading

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