One of Dynavaps newest introductions to the scene, the DynaVap HydraVong, is the successor to the much loved Dynavap Nonavong. How big of an upgrade is it, and is it worth getting if you already have a different Dynavap? Check out what we say about it in our Dynavap Hydravong review here! 

The Dynavap Hydravong will fit 14mm water pipes natively, as the body is cut to fit that easily! The Hydravong also features a Ti Dynavap tip, and to find out the difference read our Ti vs SS Dynavap tip comparison! Also be sure to check out our DynaVap Vong Review!

How to use the DynaVap HydraVonG?

So the Dynavaps are a bit unique if you’re not familiar with them. They use a butane torch to heat up the tip, rather than using battery power to warm up air or an oven. These little torch lighters can be substituted for a basic lighter or fancy ‘induction heater’, but to start we say you’re best off with a torch lighter.

How to use the Dynavap will take some learning, but you’ll get the hang of it surely. Load the chamber up with around 0.1 grams of ground-up dry herb before putting the cap on and heating it.

Check out our Dynavap heating guide to help you get the best results!

From here, the power is in your hands! The temperature control is signified by two distinct clicks, each marking the low and high-temperature points. There aren’t given, but we estimate these to be around 180 and 200°C. It’s always possible to go beyond these points, but you run the risk of combustion and as they say – respect the click!

Cleaning the Dynavap is super simple as the whole unit comes apart in pieces and after removing any O-rings, just submerge all the pieces in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes before rinsing and re-assembling. Easy as cake!

Displaying the Vaporizer's Side Profile

HyrdaVong Adjustable Bowl

The Dynavap Hydravong has an adjustable bowl with its titanium dynavap tip, which fits around 0.03, 0.06, and 0.1 grams of herb, making it a terrific microdosing herb vape! You can use the Dynavap with both dry herb and waxes quite well, and the Dynacoil was created especially for use with waxes for that true dab-like experience.

The Dynavap uses mostly conduction heating, with some elements of convection heating when air is drawn. In general though, we’d say the Dynavap heavily favors conductive heat. Check out our favorite convection vaporizers here!

DynaVap HydraVonG Chamber Size Up Close

DynaVap HydraVong Vapor Quality

The Dynavap is one of the best budget herb vapes, mostly for its terrific vapor quality! The hits are dense, the vapor is robust, and it’s a joint-like experience that so many enjoy. In fact, it’s in our opinion the best herb vape to stop smoking with!

It extracts hard, and has variable airflow as it has what’s essentially a carb hole on the side of the unit. The ABV often comes out quite even, but a mid-session stir is always nice to do in order to get full and complete extraction.

The Dynavap hits hard like not many others however and stands up to some of the best dry herb vapes at a fraction of the cost. The air:vapor ratio is solid and it’s real pleasant to toke on.

Displaying DynaVap HydraVonG Heating System

HydraVong Portability

Think of something about the size of a blunt, and you’ve got the Dynavap. The included carrying tube is just like a doob-tube you’ve probably seen before. It’s small, portable, and easy to tuck away into any pocket or bag for transport. Bonus that it’s a smell-proof container! A perfect stealthy herb vape, right?

Sadly not, as it’s a bit odd to use in public. Heating the tip with a torch for 10-15 seconds will definitely look strange and honestly has that ‘crack-pipe’ connotation thrown at it often. If there was only a way to not have this association in public *cough, induction heater*!

With that in mind too, the smell is noticeable, but not nearly as so as smoking a joint. If you’re in a bathroom in public, the click and hiss from the torch lighter may be a giveaway – just a heads up! As a result, we delegate it to semi-public use.

DynaVap HydraVonG in Hand Showing its Size

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

These things are built to last a lifetime, really! DynaVap is a solid company, each unit is made in America, and while they’re not dirt-cheap, you really get what you pay for. There are replacement caps, screens, condensers, mouthpieces, bodies, and tons of aftermarket parts! In fact, these little DynaVaps are what Reddit and other forums call ‘Stoner Lego’, and we totally get why.

They shouldn’t break down or encounter problems, but if you do, DynaVap is known to have absurdly good customer service. With all this in mind, the DynaVap is a terrific value and the limits are really endless with the customization you can have.

The HydraVong itself is quite gorgeous, feels awesome in the hands, and is a noticeable improvement in experience over the old Nonavong it’s replacing. It’s well turned, feels great, and really looks gorgeous. Many people will have a fun time for a bit once it lands in their hands.

All the pieces and parts of this vaporizer

Who is this vaporizer for?

The Dynavap Hydravong is really awesome for those looking to transition from smoking to vaping, and who also love to take bubbler rips! Its native 14mm size is perfect for bongs and it’ll milk up a piece real well!

For stoners on a budget, it’s one of the better choices, and on our list of best budget dry herb vaporizers. It’s very efficient, hits hard, it well-priced, and is fun to use!

Unfortunately, it’s not the best stealthy dry herb vape around since heating in public is a bit, well, crack-like. Too, it’s not one of the best devices for sharing in group either.

If you don’t want a learning curve or any complicated steps either, then we suggest our What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer intro which will help you find the best dry herb vape for you!


The Dynavap line is one of our favorites and for good reason! Whether you’re an experienced smoker, looking to transition from smoking to vaping, a certified bong rat or anything in between, it’s a great piece to add to the collection.

The Hydravong itself is a great step up from the basic Dynavap M model, especially if you fancy yourself a more ergonomic body and the upgraded titanium Dynavap tip. It’s a little more expensive, but certainly worth it since you’ll likely be hesitant to let go!

We find the Dynavap paired with a great electric vape to be an excellent choice, and suggest the XMAX V3 Pro as a perfect on-the-go powerhouse with excellent convection vapor at a good cost.

Best DynaVap HydraVonG Tips and Tricks

How fine or course of a grinder should be used. How tight or lose should the chamber be packed or can it be half packed or is there a chamber reducer? how to draw vapor. the best temperature . to stir or not to stir

  • The Dynavap works great with fine, coarse, and non-ground herb even! We find the best results from a medium grind though
  • Pack the chamber in a bit, but not too dense so you can’t draw air through!
  • Use a small bubbler with little percolation so you still get filtering without sacrificing flavor!
  • Heat to the first click for light vapor and better flavor, to the second click or a little beyond for heavy vapor!
  • Stir the Dynavap once between heat cycles for most consistent AVB.
DynaVap HydraVonG Vaporizer Review
DynaVap HydraVonG Vaporizer Review
The Dynavap line is one of our favorites and for good reason! Whether you’re an experienced smoker, looking to transition from smoking to vaping, a certified bong rat or anything in between, it’s a great piece to add to the collection.