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Vape Pens


Vape Pens are one of the simplest and easiest vape devices on the market which makes them ideal for beginners. Just like 510 thread vaporizer batteries, vape pens utilize cannabis oil that’s held in tanks which attach to the pen portion. They fundamentally work the same way too. Meaning that a Vape Pen has three main parts; the pen itself, an atomizer and a tank

However, there is one major difference; vape pens will have their own specific type of tanks which are called pods. So unlike the 510 Thread vapes that allow any cartridge with a 510 thread to be screwed on, vape pens will have their own unique pods which are only compatible with that specific brand of pen. These pods smoothly and satisfyingly click into place using magnetic adapters. They can be refillable or disposable, come in a variety of sizes (0.5ml all the way up to 2ml) and will be compatible with both cannabis or CBD oils.

One thing to note though; when looking for a vape pen, it is important to remember that up until recently, ‘vape pens’ solely referred to e-cigarettes and e-juicing devices. This can sometimes make it confusing for newbies who want to learn more.


As mentioned above, these are great little vapes to start out with. They’ll first need to be charged (usually with a USB cable that comes with the kit) and once that’s done, only the pod needs to be attached and they’re ready to go! It is rare that vape pens would even need a button as the temperature is regulated by the unit itself (takes seconds to warm up) and they’re air activated which means one pull and they start working.


This question can mean a few different things. In terms of the longevity of the product, some pens are disposed of after all the oil has been vaporized. However all the vape pens Tools420 carries are rechargeable and can last quite a while before burning out.

The average oil pod will be depleted after approximately 80 draws. The average time between having to recharge these little guys is about 45 minutes of active use.


Vape pens’ greatest selling feature is their simplicity. They’re pretty much ready to go at any given moment and they’re practically odourless. On the aesthetic side of things, vape pens also tend to be a little more flashy and stylish than their 510 thread counterparts which can be a deciding factor for the trendy connoisseur!

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