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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are getting to be super popular since more and more cannabis users are looking for something healthier than smoking. The main difference with a vape is that the loose herb goes into what’s called an ‘oven’ and it gets heated to a temperature under combustion which releases the active ingredients of the dry herb without burning it. All the proper cannabinoids and terpenes (what gives you the high and the taste) are still being released this way but without the carcinogens that are known to cause health issues related to cancer and to damage the lungs. Not to mention, there is way less smoke and way less stink.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer?

The process with a dry herb vape starts the same. Grind the dry herb as usual. Just like in a pipe or bong, this will help it to get heated more evenly when it goes in the oven. Next, pack it in the oven. These vapes can have slightly different sized ovens but they need to be fully filled. This doesn’t mean it needs to be crammed in there either. Just a nice even packing. Both underfilling and overstuffing will affect the quality of the vapour produced. In other words, the heat won’t be able to penetrate the densely-packed buds and will leave some totally untouched so they wouldn’t get fully expended. 

What temperature do you set a vaporizer at for weed?

Once the oven is packed, the vape can get turned on (oou-la-la!) and the temperature can be set. What temperature a vape is set to for dry herb will mostly influence two things; the flavour and the potency. Lower temperatures bring out the full terpene profile (full flavour) while higher temperatures will produce more potent hits.

Which is better: conduction or convection?

Now, not all ovens are the same. Most commonly, there are two types; conduction and convection. These types will also control how the dry herb is vaporized. What determines which is better between these two ovens is ultimately a personal preference. A conduction oven means the bud will be directly in contact with a heat source. Essentially, the oven itself heats up. Usually, these vapes will be smaller, with more control over the temperature, require little maintenance and are fairly inexpensive. 

The convection oven has a heating system that generates hot air. That hot air is then pushed through the oven and vaporizes the dry herb that way. There is less temperature control here and the price tag is a little higher but these vapes will have better airflow (won’t feel like pulling through a tight straw), various add-ons that can boost the experience and bring out the most flavour.

There is actually a third ‘type’ of oven currently on the market that is slowly gaining traction as the technology improves and that is the hybrid oven. We put ‘type’ in quotations because these ovens are just a combination of the first two. These vapes are slightly bigger, need more maintenance and can be pricey but they are well worth it for how powerful they are and how long they last.

Portable vs desktop dry herb vape

So those are really the basics that should help to understand how a dry herb vape works. After that, there are two very simple decisions to make; getting a portable or desktop dry herb vape. 

portable vaporizer is typically what comes to mind when people think about a vape. These are the vapes that fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and hide easily in a pocket. They have a rechargeable battery (most often using a USB like a cell phone but some more powerful units will have their own AC/DC charger ), they’re light-weight and stealthy. This means they’re great for someone who wants to enjoy their puffing on the go. The only real drawback is obviously needing to find a place to recharge them.

The desktop vaporizer is a much bigger unit and will need to be plugged into an outlet to run. Most often it will come with balloons (bags that you attach which are then filled with vapour)  or with a whip of some kind (long tubes that connect to the oven). Even though a desktop vape can’t leave the house, it is great for getting the most out of the herb or for sharing with friends.

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