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Wax Vaporizers

Wax vaporizers are vapes that are specifically designated to be used with cannabis concentrates. Meaning they’re a little more complicated. Additionally, due to the nature of concentrates in general (they’re sticky and messy), these vapes definitely need more maintenance too. But for those who prefer concentrates over dry herb, wax vaporizers are a blessing compared to how these substances were being smoked before. Hint: a mini blow torch had to be involved.

So what exactly is a concentrate? The short answer is it’s a substance extracted from the marijunana flower. It’s the purest form of THC. The cream of the cannabis crop, if you will. Where it can get a little confusing is when it comes to the various types of concentrates. They come in a lot of different texture varieties which can undoubtedly make it confusing for a newbie. But a good general identifier is that a cannabis concentrate will be sticky. It’s also why they’re informally known as ‘dabs’ since they need to be literally dabbed onto a heated element. Oh and while we’re on the subject, dabbing refers to the actual deed of vaping concentrates too.

(Concentrates are different from cannabis oil. That has its own type of vape that can be found in our Oil Vaporizer section. If it comes in a cartridge or a pod, then it’s designed for an oil vape.)

There are 2 varieties of wax vaporizers but at their core, they work relatively the same in terms of how the concentrate is heated. Wax pens- as the name suggests- are small and portable. While electronic rigs or e-rigs (or dab rigs even), can be portable but they are usually larger and include easy-to-damage glass pieces.

A Wax Pen works much the same way as most portable vaporizers. The largest part of the unit will be the battery which is rechargeable via USB. The second part is an atomizer (heating element) with a chamber. Concentrates are placed/dabbed into this chamber using a dabbing tool aka a metal or glass rod that helps to avoid that sticky mess. Not to worry, this dabbing tool usually comes included with any wax pen kit that we offer. Atomizer and battery get linked up and then the third piece – the mouthpiece – is finally fastened to the end. After that, it’s just a matter of turning the vape on and taking some dense vapour hits.   

E-Rigs are kind of like bongs. But instead of a lighter, electricity is used. Instead of dry herb, concentrates are used. And instead of a bowl, there is a bucket. Okay, wait, let’s start again. 

Electronic rigs will have a battery (sometimes replaceable) that will be housed in a large base. Again, as with wax pens, this battery is rechargeable. E-Rigs will also have an atomizer with a heating chamber. But here, the similarities end as an e-rig will most importantly be equipped with a glass bubbler of some sort. Much like the bong, a bubbler will be filled with water. As vapour is pulled through this bubbler, it gets cooled down and humidified, producing smooth and tasty hits which are easy on the lungs. Finally, e-rigs can be further customized as many companies offer different types of coils and buckets/cups (where the dabs sit)  which alter the taste and strength of vapour clouds.

Find out more about either Wax Pens or E-Rigs in their respective sections to figure out which one works best for your needs! 

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