Focus V Carta OG

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Key Features

  • High Quality Glass Bubbler
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Durable Rubberized Build 
  • Smartphone App
  • Swappable Dual 18350 Batteries
  • Consistent Vapor Quality
  • Mobile App available for iOS or android
  • Flower Compatible with Sold Separate Atomizer

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Focus V
Warranty Period: 1 year Manufacturer
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb & Wax
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 60 seconds
Bowl Size: N/A
Bowl Material: Titanium & Quartz
Battery Life/Size: 18350
Temperature Range: 500°, 630°, 770°, 842°F
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes (currently banned on iOS devices)
Dimension (HxDxW): N/A
Weight: N/A

Focus V Carta OG E-Rig

Gone are the days when dab and shatter lovers needed to use dangerous torches to vape concentrates since the arrival of devices like the Focus V Carta OG. Concentrate vaping technology has advanced so much that now we have these wonderful devices called Electric Dab Rigs, and that’s exactly what this E-Rig From Focus V is.

With this awesome rig, you can enjoy delicious dab rips no matter where you are! Whether you are on a camping trip, at a 420-friendly bed and breakfast, or even just on a hike in the woods, the Carta OG is meant for the active vape lover. 

Focus V Carta Vapor Quality

No matter what kind of concentrate you like to vape including shatter, wax, or budder, you will always experience the delicious vapor flavor and smoothness of the Carta OG in every draw. There are very few, if any, dab lovers who have anything bad to say about the flavor and smoothness of the rips from the Carta OG. 

There are four expertly calibrated pre-set temperatures with the Focus V Carta OG:

  • 260C, 332C, 410C, 450C – (500F, 630F, 770F,  842F)

The lower settings are great for ‘sipping’ on flavorful rips, while the higher settings can deliver some nice-sized clouds, especially when you’re using the titanium bucket.

Carta OG Manufacturing Quality

The Carta OG vape rig has a rubberized plastic finish that is ideal for dabbers who live an active lifestyle. The only part that you can really damage is the Focus V Carta Bubbler, but it’s super comfortable to use. 

There is also a free downloadable Focus V Carta Application, which gives you a ton of customization options that are a blast to play around with. The LED lights on the side of the device let you know what temperature you’re dabbing at. The white/ black two-tone color of the OG also looks pretty cool and is photo-worthy anywhere you take it.

High-Quality Buckets

There are a few portable desktop rigs that come with more than one bucket style atomizer, but few are durable and high-quality. The Carta OG features two buckets, one made from titanium and one made from quartz bowls. This vape rig comes with a feature called reverse threading, a nice touch that means you will never worry about making it too tight. 

If you’re out and about and you want to take smaller dabs, you’ll likely choose the quartz buckets because they only take 5 seconds to heat up at 17 watts. The titanium bowl is for those nights when you’re chilling at home with some friends watching a movie and you want to take bigger rips because the titanium bowls heat up in about 10 seconds. You can’t go wrong with either one of these well-made, long-lasting buckets that come with the Focus V Carta OG.

Carta OG Battery Life

The OG Vape boasts strong two 18350 / 1200mAh swappable batteries that will give you around 40 dabs on a single battery charge. The great part is, you can always bring some spare 18350 batteries in a Stashlogix Vape Case while you’re traveling to never run out of battery life.

Best Budget E-Rig

Whether you are always on the go or if you prefer to dab at home, you can’t go wrong with the vapor, premium buckets, portability, and customization options you get with the Focus V Carta OG. If you are a dab enthusiast who is ready to ditch the torch, do yourself a favor and invest in the flavor that is the Carta OG! While it isn’t quite as good as the Carta 2, you’ll still get tons of amazing features like swappable batteries and USB-C Charging. 

Focus V Carta Accessories

Focus V Carta OG Review

With the Focus V Carta OG electric dab rig, you get a fast heat-up time, consistently high vapor quality and production, and a significantly lower cost than its competitor, the Puffco Peak.

Focus V Carta Review

What's in the box

  • 1 x Focus V Carta OG E-Rig
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Cap for the Carb
  • 1 x Titanium Bowl
  • 1 x Quartz Bowl
  • 1 x Chamber for Wax
  • 1 x USB-C Charge Cable
  • 2 x 18350 Batteries
  • 1 x Handy Case for Carrying 
  • Alcohol Wipes

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Anonymous


    Solid E-Rigs. Love the replaceable batteries and bucket options. It might seem dated cuz of the design but its usb-c and has awesome vapor quality at a good price

  2. Avatar for Aiko T.

    Aiko T.

    Simple and sleek. Wish the price was a bit cheaper with the release of the Carta 2 recently

  3. Avatar for neil y.

    neil y.

  4. Avatar for shawn b

    shawn b

    Works as it should , easy to clean .heats up in 5 sec or less. Beautiful clouds and smooth pulls. Battery life is good . The fact you can swap out batteries to ensure session isn’t effected is clutch! Would Rec to anyone in market did travel size E rig !!

  5. Avatar for Robert


    Simply incredible.

  6. Avatar for CLANCY K.


    Fiiire. Works great. QUICK SHIPPING and great customer support

  7. Avatar for Clancy k.

    Clancy k.

  8. Avatar for Anonymous


    Base was defective.. but Focus V replaced within a week. Works like a charm. Very impressed with both your team and manufacturer. Great support .. wouldn’t hesitate to order through TOOLS420 again !!

  9. Avatar for James Harris

    James Harris

    I wouldn’t buy it . I got mine and within a week it was over heating and the optimizer was fried

  10. Avatar for Linda


    Highly recommend this device to any avid concentrate users. Perfect package to get lifted wherever whenever. Just make sure to keep it clean and free from built up reclaim for optimal performance. If you also get an extra set of carta batteries and an external charger (got mine on amazon) then charging is virtually nonexistent. Absolutely awesome. Really happy with this purchase worth every penny.

  11. Avatar for Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones

    The rig seems amazing, however, the atomizer that came with it lasted about 5 weeks of casual use. (Less than 20 dabs) Received May 12, died June 20th. At $60+ a shot I would have expected it to last longer. I will try one more hoping this one was defective, however if it doesn’t last sufficiently longer, this will become an expensive paper weight.

  12. Avatar for Anonymous


    great rig use every day easy to clean and maintain with milky smoke production

  13. Avatar for Lennon Stephenson

    Lennon Stephenson

    Great little rig. Only con is the atomizer. Would def recommend looking for the everlast atty.

  14. Avatar for Chad C.

    Chad C.

    Love it so far

  15. Avatar for ryan


    Was a decent experience. Except why would focus sell equipment to retailers in canada and then not have the spare parts for the thing? The atomizer sucks. Wound like to try the everlast to see if its actually better but it’s not available in canada. I am sure it can be found but not at tools420 who sold me the rig. Then why not put the good atomizer on the rig to begin with. Focus cost a bunch of points in my book

  16. Avatar for Anonymous


    Great price on a great product focus v carta thank you!!

  17. Avatar for Fawn


  18. Avatar for Anonymous


  19. Avatar for Anonymous


    After struggling so hard to find a good e-rig, I’ve finally found it! I tried a Puffco Peak, Dr. Dabber Switch, and other wax pens but this is by far the best. It’s the real deal and gives that real dab-like experience and gives the best flavor. Thanks for the quick shipping and discreet packaging, made it to my uni just fine.

  20. Avatar for Ethan A.

    Ethan A.

    Man this thing SLAPS. No joke my first sesh I got so dabbed out I think I was gonna green out. Ty for the quick shipping btw! GUYS, use WARM WATER in the Carta for extra smooth! Game changer, man I love this thing and use it daily with lil dabs and it still does great. 9/10 doesn’t serve me ice cream.

  21. Avatar for Peter


    This is the real deal. The best e-rig for dabs there is for sure, I love my Carta! Cleaning the Focusvape Carta is pretty easy but still should be done regularly. The first atomizer burnt out but I got it replaced for free and it works just as good as new now! It works pretty well with big globs but honestly smaller rice-grain sized amounts works better.

  22. Avatar for Christian Evans

    Christian Evans

    I struggled with loading the Focusvape Carta at first and couldn’t get a good hit but I asked the guys who run this site and they helped me out, so thanks so much!! I don’t really use it too much because dabs are super strong but when I bust it out for special events, oh man it’s a lot of fun. Definitely the best portable e-rig out there for sure.

  23. Avatar for Paul P.

    Paul P.

    Me and my buddy did a comparison of the G Pen Connect vs Focusvape Carta and found the Carta to be better in almost any way! Tho its nice to throw the connect on any glass piece, the Carta just hit better and with more flavor. The size of the Carta is perfect and it’s really been my daily driver for a while now.

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Product Q&A

Johnny E.
Atomizer burnt out in Focusvape Carta – what do I do?

If you chose to buy Focusvape Carta from us then we’ll gladly help you out! Replacing the atomizer of the Focusvape Carta is pretty easy – just screw it on or off!

Can I use warm water in the Focusvape Carta?

Yes and actually it may smooth the hits out a little more! Don’t use cold water in the Focsuvape Carta as it’ll make the vapor condense to the walls of the glass quicker! Not too hot, not too cold, just a bit warm.

How much water in the Focusvape Carta is best?

Just a little above the percolation holes. Give it an inhale and if it seems too hard to draw, empty it out a bit. If it seems a little too loose just add a bit of water to the Carta!

Evan A.
How to load the Focusvape Carta

Give the Carta a few pulses to warm up the atomizer just a bit before applying a rice-grain sized amount of your wax to it. Let it melt off your loading tool and then you’re ready to go! You can hit the Carta later or you can just load it while it’s hot right away!

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