Orange Chronic

Key Features

  • Load in, shake, rinse
  • Fresh orange scent
  • Fast working and easy to use
  • Works very well as a bong cleaner

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Product Specifications

Orange Chronic – The Best 420 Glass Cleaner

With Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner, all you’ll need to do is pour it into your glass, swirl or shake, and then pour out for cleaned glass in no time flat!

Best Bong Cleaner

Orange Chronic is strong enough to clean any 420 Vape Accessories made out of metal, glass, or hookahs with this versatile pipe cleaner. For bongs, all that you’ll need to do is port some in, cover the endings, shake for a minute or two, and then rinse out the interior with hot water once or twice. This will eliminate most of the smell, cooked resin, and mildew that builds over time.

Easy 420 Cleaning

Once you shake the bottle, you activate the powerful iso an salt ingredients that will freshen up your 420 glass. Never have to worry about excessive soaking or scrubbing ever again!

Best iso and salt cleaner

Thanks to the potent combination of ingredients and additives, Orange Chronic will be far more effective at cleaning any 420 accessory thank simple isopropyl alcohol. If you’re tired of leaving your bong stems only half-clean, then this is the upgrade that you need.

What's in the box

x1 16oz Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner

Customer Reviews

Orange Chronic
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  1. Avatar for Jitesh Patel

    Jitesh Patel

    This glass cleaner can clean out pipes made of metal, glass, or hookahs by normal swirling or shaking quickly

  2. Avatar for jim


    This glass cleaner can clean out pipes made of metal, glass, or hookahs by normal swirling or shaking quickly.

  3. Avatar for Jack P

    Jack P

    Cleans my glass with ease

  4. Avatar for Vishal


    Saw and bought this in store as my iso bottle had recently ran out. Has been working well on my small glass pieces so far.

  5. Avatar for Jack B

    Jack B

    Works well on my bong.

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