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Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers are the sleek and elegant method for getting the most out of cannabis oils. But not just THC, oil vapes, are also one of the most popular choices for vaping CBD. With straightforward function and easy to use cartridges, these vapes are perfect for someone who is just starting out with vapes. Oil vaporizers have only 2 parts to worry about which is what makes them so user friendly. Part one is the battery which is enclosed in a pen-like case so oftentimes ‘battery’ is used interchangeably with the word ‘vape pen’. 

Some oil vapes will be rechargeable, while others can be disposed of after the oil is finished off. This brings us to the second part of these vapes; the tank (referred to as a cartridge or pod) that is equipped with a heating element called an atomizer. These tanks come either pre-filled (bought from a reputable source) or can be filled by the user.

Different types of oil vaporizers

Oil Vaporizers fall into two categories: 510 Thread Batteries and Vape Pens. The cartridge system is compatible with the 510 thread batteries while the pod system is compatible with the vape pens. Understanding the differences between these two types will help to determine which kind of unit might best suit one’s needs. Both are fairly popular and their benefits are mainly the preference of the user.

510 Thread Vapes

The 510 thread battery name refers to how the cartridge (aka the tank) is fastened to the battery. 510 is a universal thread size that will fit all vapes classified as 510 batteries. Some people find these to be more flexible, since a wide variety of cannabis companies offer their THC and CBD oil products in 510 carts. As mentioned earlier, there’s also the option to buy empty carts that can be refilled if the user is so inclined.

Vape Pens

Vape pens work pretty much the same way. However, vape pens have their own specific type of tanks which are referred to as pods. So while a 510 thread cart can fit any 510 thread battery, a vape pen will only be compatible with the specific pod offered by the same company. Some pods come prefilled and – like with cartridges – empty pods can also be bought and refilled. On the aesthetic side of things, vape pens also tend to be a little more flashy and stylish than their 510 thread counterparts.

How to use

So you’ve decided which oil vape works best for you and you purchased some oil. Now what? The first step for any vape, is to attach the cartridge or pod to the battery. Depending on the type of unit you’ve purchased, you will then push-button to start (like with the impeccable Tautron Nutron or simply begin to inhale with a draw-to-activate unit the Tronian Pitron is perfect for this). Power then runs to the atomizer, causing the oil to heat up, activating the cannabinoids and terpenes within the oil. This produces the vapour which you inhale.

Additionally, some push-button oil vaporizers will also feature voltage settings. This just means that you can control the temperature of your unit and therefore the type of vapour your cartridge creates.

Compatible Vaping Oils

Whether you are choosing THC oil, CBD oil or even e-juice, remember that these oils are specifically produced to be vaped. Oils which are meant to be taken orally (such as tinctures) are not suitable for inhalation and can cause damage to your lungs. THC and CBD oils will also be a lot more potent than dry herbs due to how highly concentrated they are. There are a few more differences between oil vapes and dry herb vapes which you should consider when making a decision on what type of vape you want.

If you’re still unsure, head on over to our blog section and check out the Best Oil Vapes for 2021 to read up on the latest and greatest.

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