CCell Palm Pro

Key Features

  • Standard 510 thread
  • 3 voltage settings (2.8V/3.2V/3.6V)
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • 10-second preheat
  • 3-bar battery status LED indicators
  • Drop-in magnetic connection
  • Inhale activated
  • Long-lasting 500mAh rechargeable battery

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: CCell
Warranty Period: 1 Year Manufacturer Defects
Vaporizing Material: Vape Cartridges
Heating System: Magnetic Adapter
Heat Up Time: Instant
Bowl Size: 1mL Cartridges
Bowl Material: N/A
Battery Life/Size: 500mAh / 2~ Days of Heavy Usage
Temperature Range: 2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 57.5H x 42W x 13.55D (mm)
Weight: 50g

CCell Palm Pro 510 Thread Battery

Introducing the Palm Pro by CCell – the easiest way to enjoy your 510 Thread Battery vaping experience. Set up is a breeze – just drop your cartridge into the battery and adjust your preferences. Then, simply draw and enjoy.

Adjustable Voltages and Airflow

With three voltage settings, you can customize your experience to your liking:

  • Choose 2.8V for maximum flavor, 3.2V for a well-balanced experience, or 3.6V for maximum vapor

It’s all about catering to your preferences!

But the Palm Pro doesn’t stop there. It also features an intuitive airflow collar that allows you to control the draw resistance. By adjusting the collar left or right, you can change the size of the gap and create the perfect vaping experience for you. Fully open for less dense clouds and cooler vapor, halfway open for a happy medium, or narrowly open for warm, dense, and tasty clouds.

Pre-Heating for Thick Oils

Plus, with the preheating function, you can enjoy richer flavors from the first inhale. Simply short-press the button twice and the Palm Pro will take care of the rest for you. No more waiting for the perfect temperature – just instant satisfaction.

Experience the ultimate user-friendly vape with the Palm Pro. It’s easy to understand and even easier to enjoy.

Modern Battery Life and Indicator

The Palm Pro includes a  modern USB-C charging cable that is impressively long, providing convenience and flexibility. This is a nice change from the original Palm, which used Micro-USB.

Another notable new feature is the battery indicator. Unlike the original Palm, which didn’t provide battery information, the Palm Pro allows you to easily check the battery level. With a quick press of the button, the indicator will display one, two, or three bars, representing the battery level in approximately 33% increments. This feature helps you determine if the device needs to be charged before leaving the house, eliminating the need for constant charging or guessing the battery status.

CCell Palm Pro Accessories

Feedback from an Expert

With improved battery life, faster heating times, adjustable voltage settings, and a sleek design, the Palm Pro offers an awesome Oil Vaporizer experience.

CCell Palm Pro Review

What's in the box

1x Palm Pro 510 Battery
1x Type-C Cable
2x Magnetic Connector
1x Owner’s Manual

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