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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2023

Mighty Plus Review

Due to powerful hybrid heating, dual lithium ion batteries, and an easy to use LED screen, the Mighty+ portable dry herb vaporizer is the king of the portable vaporizers. Enjoy amazing vapor quality with top of the line manufacturing. Is it worth the price tag though? Learn more as we go over its key features like ceramic-lined oven, fast heat up times, and vapor quality.

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AirVape Legacy Pro Review

The AirVape Legacy Pro with hybrid heating, gold and glass air paths, and an on-demand mode. Learn more to see why this is one of the best new portable weed vaporizers of 2022 as it combines awesome terpene flavor with massive clouds and super fast precision heating for ABV that will satisfy even the snobbiest of cannabis connoisseurs.

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Zeus Arc GTS Hub Review

The 3rd generation Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer Hub is one stop cannabis vape stop. With high ease of use due to the included Xtruder grinder and ArcPods for chamber loading, the future is here! Due to these key features and more, the GTS Hub has been one of the best beginner portable vaporizers since its release in late 2021. For a good combination of ease of use, vapor quality, and build quality, the GTS and its gold-lined heating elements are here to satisfy.

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Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review

The Utillian 722 vaporizer features a slick new look, better airflow, and higher temperature options. With a cooling straw style mouth piece and good chamber manufacturing quality, it has a great bang for its buck. It's main strength is its super consistent convection vapor quality. It's also viable with the XMAX dry herb dosing capsule and wax cup for easier chamber reloading and more portability.

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Utillian 620 Vaporizer Review

With a glass mouthpiece, fast heating times, and a hybrid oven, the Utillian 620 portable vaporizer offers a lot of quality features at an affordable price. If you're looking for a sleek vape with very consistent cloud production and vapor quality, the 620 is an amazing option for anyone just getting into weed vaping.

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Arizer Air Max Review

The Arizer Air Max is a premium portable dry herb vaporizer that was released in April 2022. With an improved ceramic heating element oven, isolated air path, and improved heat-up time under one minute, there is a lot to love! It still uses the classic Arizer design with a glass mouthpiece, stainless steel oven, and precision temperature control. In our review we go over these key features and more to help you decide if it's worth buying as one of the best portable vaporizers of 2022.

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G Pen Elite 2 Review

In this review, we'll be going over the G Pen Elite II's new key features and upgrades compared to the original G Pen Elite, as well as who'd be interested in buying it. With a new bright and easy to use HD color display screen, you'll have a ton of different settings to choose between, including an optional convection boost. The flavor of the vapor is amazing, and USB-C charging port was a super welcome addition. Read on to see if this is the best portable dry herb vaporizer option for yourself!

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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

With up to three hours of battery life and an easy to use glass stem chamber mouthpiece, the Arizer Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer is loved by the community for its consistent sessions and ease of use. Although it's a bit on the bigger side for a portable vaporizer, it has very relaxed THC extraction thanks to its low power hybrid heating system. Your ABV might be a little on the lighter side, but for a first portable weed vaporizer purchase, it checks a lot of boxes.

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DaVinci IQC Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer is a highly portable vape that won't break the bank. It is in-depth, easy to use, and has dry herb and concentrate abilities all at an affordable cost. It works very similarly to the IQ2 with a few minor changes like a faster heat-up time with USB-C charging. A few downsides are the reduced overall kit and build quality to help reduce the price, though! Read on as we go over these key features and compare the IQC to the best portable vaporizers to see how it stacks up!

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Arizer ArGo Review

The pioneering Canadian manufacturer Arizer is well-known in the vaporization game, gaining popularity with the release of units like the Solo and the Air. Their newest vaporizer, the ArGo, is also their most compact. The Arizer Argo has been gaining some popularity since its release in the Winter of 2018. Read more about the swappable 18650 battery, oLED display, and integrated glass mouthpiece design that still have the ArGo as one of the best portable portable vaporizer options even four years later.

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