As the PAX CEO Bharat Vasan once said, “…If Apple made vaporizers… we hope that we would meet that (same) standard. Since the 2016 release of the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer, people have been wondering what the next step for the dry herb vaporizer manufacturer will take. With the PAX Era line of concentrate pens, and the concentrate kit included in the Pax 3 complete kit, they have made strides and bounds to diversify. With that being said, we did some research to find out what the Pax 4 will look like. If you’re looking for a new 3rd generation dry herb vaporizer already on the market, check out the all-in-one kit of the Zeus Arc GTS Hub!

Pax 4 Release Date

In April 2019, Pax received funding of $420 million from different investment firms for reinvestment into future growth. Bharat Vasan stated that, “This financing round allows us to invest in new products and new markets, including international growth in markets like Canada and exploring opportunities in hemp-based CBD extracts.  We aspire to be the gold standard for safety and good stewards of a product that enhances many people’s lives. We are hiring and investing heavily in our people, who power PAX’s mission of establishing cannabis as a force for good.”  

Another interesting piece of data is that they planned on an IPO (initial public offering) to be a publicly-traded company in 2020. Evidently, that didn’t happen but given the recent 66% increase in cannabis consumption, Pax is obviously working on new Era or Pax products to keep up with the growth of the sector.

Pax 4 Possible Features

“I think Pax has a great lineage of particularly hardware, creating a wonderful experience for cannabis users. “What I’m really excited about is us moving more into the software realm to create a more holistic experience for people.” – Jesse Silver, Product Lead, Pax Labs

One of the key differences between the Pax 2 and 3 was the inclusion of the application that you can tweak a variety of settings with. With the PAX 3 application via integrated Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to customize many session features, including single Fahrenheit increment presets, games, lock the PAX 3, and tweak the light settings and haptic feedback. Within the application, there are also four unique heating profiles to choose between: boost, efficiency, stealth, and flavor.

Given the quote from the lead developer and direct competition releases like Storz & Bickel’s steps towards full app functionality, remotes, or touch screen functionality, it will be interesting what Pax comes out with on their new vaporizer. With a slightly larger frame, they could include a touch screen or HD LED screen and include a better app integration that would make the vape more accessible to medicinal users or beginners. This would be a huge upgrade over the one-button mouthpiece currently on the Pax 3.

Boundless CFX temperature screenAn HD LED Screen as seen on the Boundless CFX

When is the Pax 4 being released?

Given that the Pax 1 was released in 2012, the Pax 2 March 2015, and the Pax 3 in November 2016, it just about time for a new release of the Pax 4. Given the string of invested for R&D funding and IPO news, Pax Labs may be spending some extra time developing better heating and software. There are some rumors of a late 2022 release online though!

What we’d like to see improved on the Pax 3

The pre-set temperature conduction oven on the Pax 3 is beginning to lag a little behind the competition like the DaVinci IQC. The same can also be said for the concentrate container which is not the best fit and also suffers from inadequate heating. We’d like to see an improvement to both of these problems with the addition of hybrid heating and dosing capsules. As more and more 3rd generation cannabis vaporizers begin to upgrade their ease of use like on the Mighty+, Zeus Arc GTS, and Volcano Hybrid, sessions and chamber reloading have never been more efficient. With the use of a hybrid oven and dosing capsules, the Pax 4 would really benefit in unison with the better software that it will most likely have.

On that subject, a swappable battery and USB-C charging would also really set the vape apart from its mid-level competition. Given the sheer amount of funds available, they are most likely looking down this avenue.

Zeus Arc GTS vs Pax 3 Size Comparison

Pax 4 Rumors

As part of their investment rounds, Pax Labs made collaborations with large cannabis farms to use their product in their concentrate line for the Era product lineup. It is rumored that with the success of Era and Juul products owned by the parent company, that the next vaporizer or Era will be CBD-oriented. This would be more in-line with the nicotine and holistic vision that the creative team wants, but only time will tell.

What we’d like to see carry over from the Pax 3

The main difference between the Pax 2 and the original Pax 1 was the smaller design and flattened mouthpiece. The Pax 3 didn’t have too much changed about it, and we’d love to see the same classic design carry over to the next generation vape.  If they were to include a larger chamber, LED screen, and hybrid heating, nobody would complain if the vape was slightly larger, as it would still be very portable. The Pax 3 app is over six years old and continues to be one of the best on the market. If they were to improve upon this for the Pax 4, it will really set it apart from competition.

Pax 3 Front profile with Mouthpiece

Pax 4 News

On August 1rst 2022, PAX released a statement that fans should expect something big in the fall of 2022 – Could it be the Pax 4?


 As Pax is one of the most popular vaporizer brands beside Storz & Bickel, people eagerly await the next model in the series. We hope that it will release sometime in late 2022, and we can’t wait to give you an in-depth review when it drops!

For now, consider checking up our blog about if the Pax 3 still worth it!