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Author Rating: 9.2/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 10/10
Chamber & Heating System: 10/10
Vapor Quality: 10/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

Should you buy the AirVape Legacy Pro?

With a built-in microdosing disk, a 20% bigger chamber from older models, and a powerful swappable battery all made from high-quality materials, there is a lot to love about the AirVape Legacy Pro portable vaporizer.

Just like what Storz and Bickel did to the Mighty+ by upgrading any weak points, it’s clear that AirVape has listened to the community and has implemented the right changes compared to the original 2020 AirVape Legacy model.

After spending two years with a new team of engineers and designers, AirVape has created one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.

In this review of the new AirVape Legacy Pro, we’ll be going over all of the key features, upgrades from the original model, and more to help you decide if it’s right for you or not. Let’s get into it.

AirVape Legacy Pro Specs + Rating

Material Compatibility Dry Herb + Concentrates
Pass through charging Yes
Swappable Battery Yes
Charge Time 1.5 Hours
Charging Port USB-C / Wireless
Battery life 1.5 Hours
Heating system Hybrid
Heat up time 15 Seconds
Temperature control Precision
Temperature Range 93°C – 227°C / 200F – 441F
Oven Size 0.3g
Vapor path way Isolated
Accessories Battery, WPA, Dosing Capsules
Vibration Alert Yes
Motion sensor Yes, 1 Minute Auto Shut-Off
Warranty period Limited Lifetime
Price $215
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 9/10
Vapor Quality 9/10
Manufacturing Quality 9/10
Ease of Cleaning 9/10
Portability 7/10
Durability 8/10

AirVape Legacy Pro Key Features

  • On-demand or session mode heating
  • Vegan leather, 24k gold, and isolated air path manufacturing quality
  • 0.3g adjustable-size hybrid oven
  • Dry Herb and concentrate compatible
  • 15-second heat-up time + Haptic Feedback
  • Precision temperature control
  • Black Ceramic Mouthpiece

airvape legacy pro key features

Tools420 AirVape Vaporizer Experts

Here at Tools420, we’ve carried almost every vaporizer that AirVape has released. However, we only carry vapes that we truly believe in, and the Legacy Pro definitely meets the criteria to be listed in our catalog. As authorized sellers of the AirVape Legacy Pro, it’s our job to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information so that you choose a vaporizer that you’ll enjoy.

AirVape Legacy Pro Kit Review

  • AirVape Legacy PRO + 18650 3200mAh Legacy PRO Removable Battery
  • Concentrates Pad Insert
  • USB-C Charger Cable
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Q-tips
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Replacement Filter Screens
  • QR Code for the Owner’s Manual


Hybrid Heating System Review

By using a setup similar to the a Firefly 2+, the Legacy Pro is able to get convection air flow through a screen door setup that will heat up the 24k gold chamber with conduction.

airvape legacy pro cons messy chamber loading

The oven size comes in at a 0.3g fine grind capacity, and is very similar shape to the Mighty oven.

The chamber is plated in 24K gold, which makes it conduct heat very well, but also will help prevent corrosion! The longer a session goes, the more conduction will occur in the chamber for bigger clouds through as hybrid heating. If you want more convection heating, stick to the on-demand mode, or for more hybrid heating, stick to session mode.

With the up and down arrows, you’ll be able to set the precisely control the temperature between 200F and 440F. You can go above these temperatures, but your AVLP will display WAX MODE on the screen to prevent you from accidentally combusting your dry herb chamber.

airvape legacy pro heating system
Microdosing disk (top left), 0.3g gold chamber, dab tool + battery door, owner’s manual QR code

Is the AirVape Legacy Pro portable?

It will be a bit more pocket friendly than the Mighty+ as it’s a few cm’s / inches smaller around all dimensions, but it’s also a bit heavier for a portable vape, coming in at around 300 grams.

airvape legacy pro vs mighty plus portability

With a matte black finish and glossy gold accents exterior, this is easily one of the best-looking dry herb vapes on the market. Because of the opening door design and jutting out mouthpiece, I do wish there was some kind of protective sleeve available so that I could have a little peace of mind that it won’t break if I end up dropping it.

As I’d consider this a fragile high-end device, I would suggest using a hard vape case like the Stashlogix Silverton.

One thing to know is that the ceramic mouthpiece is connected with a rubber gasket that is way too easy to remove. I can 100% see people often losing their mouthpiece by having it pop off while they take the vape out of their pocket. For this reason, you might want to keep the mouthpiece separate from the device, maybe in your vape case or wallet so that you don’t lose it.

airvape legacy pro portability

2-in-1 Vaporizer

With a max temperature of 440 Fahrenheit / 227 Celsius and included concentrate pad insert, the Legacy Pro is more than capable of vaporizing low-temperature dabs like shatter. One thing to know is that it is really going to gunk up the whole system, so I’d recommend just picking up a separate dab pen or 510 battery if you are a heavy concentrate user.

AirVape Legacy Pro Vapor Quality

With improved airflow and screen filters, you’ll be able to take much larger inhales with bigger clouds thanks to the the increased convection heating.

For the on-demand heating mode, you’ll be able to get thick and flavorful clouds from any temperatures below 400 Fahrenheit. Overall, the airflow and flavor are quite similar to the Mighty+ despite the two vapes being very different from one another.

  • With any temperature above 390F, you do run the risk of possible combustion due to the powerful convection airflow heating which will drive up the temperature with longer inhales.

airvape legacy pro how to use

If flavor is important to you, I’d recommend running a very low temperature of around 315 Fahrenheit so that you can still taste your terpenes. In my experience, any temperature above 380 Fahrenheit will lose out on most of your dry herb flavor. In terms of performance, I’d say that the Legacy Pro hits quite similar on lower temperatures to the Arizer Air Max, but the AirVape has much faster heating.

airvape legacy pro vapor quality

Clean and cool Vapor

When you inhale, the only materials that your vapor comes into contact with is the gold oven, the glass tubing, and then the ceramic mouthpiece, which is a whole lot better than the plastic mouthpieces on the Mighty or Crafty in my books. While some people have complained about draw resistance, I don’t think that’s a case.

  • My tip would be to exhale before you pull on the AVLP, and you’ll be able to get massive clouds compared to other portable vaporizers.
  • Because the vapor is quite cool on its own, the AVLP doesn’t need water cooling to not be harsh on the throat

AirVape Legacy Pro Battery Life

With a USB-C charging port and swappable 18650 3200mAh battery, there is a lot to love about the upgrades made to the battery specs.

As a rule of thumb, any vape battery above 3000mAh will last around an hour and a half of live usage. While the AirVape Legacy Pro does focus a lot of energy on ultra-fast heating, this number is a bit below that but swappable means it’s not that big of a problem. To swap the battery, just open the lid door, and then you’ll see the silver latch which you can pull to reveal the battery. As of right now, an additional battery from the manufacturer will cost you about $25 USD.

However, we tested an Arizer ArGo battery and it worked just fine as a 3400mAh replacement when we ran out of juice on the go. Also, be sure to check out the wireless charging if you have a dock at home.

airvape legacy pro battery

AirVape Legacy vs AirVape Legacy Pro

Compared to the original AirVape Legacy, the two years they spent upgrading the original seem to have been well spent.

  • The on-demand heating and overall heat-up time have been greatly improved in combination with the better airflow, meaning you’ll be able to extract your bowls much quicker.
  • The temperature tends to run a little hot compared to the original Legacy
  • The bowl is also 20% larger on the AVLP, so hits will naturally be bigger

How to use the AirVape Legacy Pro?

You’ll first start your session by opening the oven door and then loading the oven with about 0.3g of a medium grind.

On the top side of the door, you can choose to extend the compacter which functions like a DaVinci IQC oven pearl to compress your herb down for a better roast.

Make sure you don’t have it overly extended if it’s not compressing anything as it will rattle. It’s also a bit annoying because you don’t know if it’s working or not when the oven door is shut. Besides that small issue, there are no other glaring issues about the vape.

AirVape Legacy Pro Commands to know

To turn the vape on, just press the power button three times, and In session mode, you can adjust the temperature by clicking the up and power buttons, or swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing the down and power button.

Additionally, you’ll be able to cycle through the different session timers of 3, 5, and 10 minutes by pressing the up and power buttons.

To swap between session and on-demand modes, you’ll be pressing the up and down arrows at the same time, and then pressing and holding the power button to begin the AVLP’s heating.

Overall the AVLP is extremely easy to use and pumps out vapor effortlessly, there isn’t a whole lot to dislike about its kit!

AirVape Legacy Pro Accessory Tips

In my opinion, you can get just as good results of the official water adapter results by using the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece. You can bend it over the mouthpiece to use it as a 14mm adapter for use with a bong like the 14mm globe bubbler.

  • When using the AVLP with a bubbler and bong adapter, you’ll want to hold onto the vape to make sure that it doesn’t fall 

Another thing that might be useful is a custom loading funnel that would prevent your dry herb from going everywhere if you miss the bowl. If you own a Mighty / Crafty loading funnel, it should fit this chamber as well.

  • If you have lots of Ruby Terp Pearls, you’ll be able to put them into the glass airpath tube for increased vapor cooling.

airvape legacy pro accessories

How to Clean the AirVape Legacy Pro?

Based on our experience, a Vape Cleaning Wipe is the best accessory to have for cleaning due to them being only 70% isopropyl alcohol. There are several rubber gaskets that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using 99% isopropyl alcohol on.

  • The main part to keep clean is the filter beside the chamber as it can clump with resin and dry herb clumps and begin to obstruct the airflow.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to use your vape cleaning wipe on the oven chamber, the micro-dosing disk, the mouthpiece, and anywhere else your herb has left resin within the oven lid.

cleaning the airvape legacy pro with a vape cleaning wipe

After finishing a session and opening the oven lid, you’ll find that some of your cannabis will have spread outside the chamber.

In other words, some of your ABV is going to be flying everywhere and will get stuck on the door and hinges, so it’s a good idea to use the included brush in the kit to clean off this debris. 

airvape legacy pro how to clean

For the glass air path tube, heavy users will begin to notice a slow buildup of resin over time. For easy and routine maintenance, you can use Vape Cleaning Sticks to clean this resin off every few weeks or so. If the buildup had gotten bad, you’ll be able to soak it in Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner.

AirVape Legacy Pro Cleaning Tips

  • After a while, you can use your kit’s spare screens to swap with the old ones
  • If you don’t have the brush on you to clean out the bowl, you can use the pick tool that’s just below the chamber on the battery lid
  • You can clean the resin from the concentrate pads by soaking them in 99% isopropyl alcohol overnight before a hot-water rinse off
  • Stay on top of regular maintenance so nothing gets overly gunked up and hard to clean


  • Effortless vapor production
  • Effective for both flower and dabbing
  • USB-C or Wireless Charging
  • Clears bowls quickly
  • Rapid heat up times
  • A lot of replaceable parts
  • Integrated stir tool
  • Adjustable bowl size and On-Demand good for micro dosing


  • Flimsy mouthpiece
  • Glass vapor tube prone to resin buildups
  • Chamber often spills your dry herb
  • Routine maintenance is needed to keep it working its best
  • Bulky .5 pound design that will need a 420 case / bag for travelling

AirVape Legacy Pro Warranty Review

There is a AirVape Legacy Pro limited lifetime warranty – Each case will be taken individually, and you’ll want to make sure that it’s a defect you’re bringing forward, not accidental damage.

For more information, feel free to read the – AirVape Legacy Pro Owner’s Manual.

AirVape Legacy Pro Review Conclusion

I believe the AirVape Legacy Pro has the capability to dethrone the Tinymight 2 as the most powerful portable on-demand vaporizer. The vapor production is top-notch and the design is sleek and well thought out.

My only real complaint would be that the vapor runs a little hot to the point where even 315 Fahrenheit (157 Celsius) was a little hot on the throat. If they come out with a better mouthpiece design and dosing capsules, I’m going to go ahead and call that this has great potential in the portable dry herb vaporizer category!

We will also be bringing on the newly released AVLP Dosing Capsules into our store soon which will help you keep the chamber clean from debris soon, so keep an eye out!

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Written by Andrew Hartman

When I first took our demo Legacy Pro out of its shipping box, I knew instantly that I was going to be a fan. Everything about this device seems to have some thought put behind it. My personal favorite way to use the Legacy Pro is to microdose a few big puffs at a time as I find it quite hard-hitting. Because of the stock ceramic mouthpiece, I actually prefer it over the Mighty+. Lately, I’ve been trying to source more ALP accessories for us to try for myself, and possibly carry in our store. If you feel like I missed anything in my review, feel free to leave any questions or comments down below, or shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Also be sure to check out our AirVape Legacy Pro YouTube Review!

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