G Pen Elite 2

Key Features

  • 3-Year Warranty 
  • Smooth Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • Durable Zinc Body
  • Powerful Hybrid Heating 
  • HD User Interface 
  • Dosing Capsule Compatible
  • USB-C Charging
  • 0.4g Ceramic Oven

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: GPen / Grenco
Warranty Period: 2 years / 3 years registered
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb
Heating System: Hybrid
Heat Up Time: 30 seconds
Bowl Size: 0.5g
Bowl Material: Ceramic
Battery Life/Size: 60 mins / 2100mAh
Temperature Range: 200F - 420F / 93C - 216C
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 4.6in x 1.2in x 1.1in
Weight: 100g

G Pen Elite 2 for Sale

G Pen has returned to the portable vaporizer market with a massive upgrade over the original G Pen Elite. With new features on the G Pen Elite 2 like an isolated air path, hybrid heating, and a high-quality zirconia mouthpiece, they’ve revived the model to be competitive with the best vaporizers!

  • With a new HD user interface screen with all of the settings and information you could ever ask for, the Elite 2 is a true third-generation cannabis vaporizer.
  • The main shining star of the settings is the optional convection heating boost, but all of the other settings are in-depth enough to let you try and perfect your sessions as well!
  • With a fast heat-up time of 20 seconds, you’ll be puffing on tasty terpenes in no time flat. 

Smooth Vapor Quality

Especially in the first few minutes of your G Pen Elite 2 sessions, the terpene flavors of your cannabis strain will shine through!

Consistency is one of the definite strong points of this unit, though, as you’ll always feel like you had a good session. You’ll find the vapor quality has vastly improved compared to the original Elite! Using a mainly conduction-based ceramic oven, you’ll have the option to turn on convection heating for more hot air to run through your chamber, which will extract your THC faster. The new cooling spiral ceramic mouthpiece insert will also make your vapor noticeably cooler compared to other models. 

By using a zirconia mouthpiece, the glass-like substance helps to make the vapor quality that much smoother to inhale. 

With precision temperature control between 200º – 430ºF (93º – 221ºC), you’ll be able to find the perfect setting that’s just right for yourself and the strain that you’re using. 

Durable and Portable Design

With a durable zinc frame and 4.5in x 1in design, you’ll be able to take the G Pen Elite 2 anywhere you want without fear. Thanks to its jet black and size, most people will think that you’re just using an E-Cig. With the high-quality ceramic oven, maintenance is as easy as using a vape cleaning wipe on the oven and the different parts of the mouthpiece. 

While the metal body might heat up if you like back-to-back sessions, G PEN has included a silicone vape sleeve to help this, as well as add some durability if you prefer vaping on the go. 

Upgraded USB-C charging

One of the most significant drawbacks of the original Elite model was the 3-hour charging time.

With the upgrade to the more modern USB-C charging, charging time has been brought down to 1.5 hours from dead. You’ll also get around an hour of run time (8 sessions) from the proprietary 2100mAh lithium-ion battery, which is decent considering the HD screen. After 90 seconds of inactivity, your Elite 2 will also automatically turn off to preserve battery life. This is a great feature that prevents you from returning to an accidentally dead vape! 

How to use the G Pen Elite 2?

  1. Charge your Elite 2 to full
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with a medium grind of flower
  3. Hold the power button down for three seconds, set the temperature with the up and down arrows, and then double-click the power button to begin a session
  4. Press the power button five times to access the menu and adjust settings like brightness, haptic feedback, F to C, and session timer
  5. Knock out the bowl with the pick tool on the bottom of the vape 

Dosing Capsule Compatible 

With the XMAX V3 Pro Steel Dosing Capsules and XMAX V3 Pro Wax Cups, you’ll be able to use them to help keep your chamber clean from flowers and dabs safely in the chamber. For added portability, you’ll also be able to fill as many dosing capsules as you want for transportation in a vape case. This will make chamber reloading and maintenance much easier!

Three Year Warranty

G Pen is an industry-leading manufacturer and ensures the G Pen Elite 2 for up to three years upon registration on their website. They have a great customer service team and should be able to help you out should a defect arise. 

Feedback from an Expert 

The G Pen Elite 2 will be a great portable vaporizer to pick up. With huge upgrades made to vapor quality and ease of use in the form of an isolated hybrid air path and HD color screen, users will have a lot to love and tweak.

G Pen Elite 2 Review

What's in the box

x1 Silicone Protective Sleeve
x1 USB-C charging cable
x1 Hemp vape case
x1 Pick Tool

Customer Reviews

G Pen Elite 2
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  1. Avatar for Bella A.

    Bella A.

    It’s easy to use and portable. Doesn’t hit the best out my lot, but it’s high quality and would be great for beginners that just need consistency. Flavor is good but quickly goes IMO.

  2. Avatar for Joel


    Update to and lowering the score of my prior review. I reloaded the E II and tried another session. Okay vapor cloud at first. I started at 380 with the boost on (first draw), went to 390 (a few draws until the vapor dropped), and finished at 410 until the vapor stopped. Again the ABV looked light in color. Again, the ABV generated nice clouds of vapor with my other vaporizer. Since this was only my second test it was hardly worthy of another review…………..Until I looked at the battery gauge. The battery was down to 25% (confirmed by the larger charging graphic when I plugged it in). Only 2 uses?? And the total time jt was on was 60-70 minutes. Really not good.

    I like g pen vaporizers. The E II is the 5th g pen dry herb vaporizer I’ve owned. Had high hopes for this one but what a let down (so far anyway).

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      Hey Joel, sorry you’re not liking it so far! We had a customer give us a good tip that poking a hole in the middle of your herb with the pick tool helps vapor production along with long and slow inhales. Hopefully we get can it working it your liking!

  3. Avatar for Joel


    Well made and well packaged. Tried a session starting at 390 and 410 for the last couple draws. Vapor was medium to light but okay. When reloading I noticed the ABV was unusually light in color (like it hadn’t been used). I put this material in my Utillian and got some good clouds of vaper. Not good.

    I’m just getting started with the E II and I’m hopeful of getting better results in the future. It really needs to improve its efficiency to see much more use.

  4. Avatar for Andreas L.

    Andreas L.

    I like it, I just wish there was a bong adapter mouthpiece, it would work great through water, no sure why gpen isn’t making one

  5. Avatar for George H.

    George H.

    Very portable and sleek. It’s mainly conduction and easy to clean, but the taste dissipates from your cannabis quite quickly. The key for big clouds to to fully exhale and then slowly inhale. I also wish there were more accessories. Overall happy, though.

  6. Avatar for Christy T.

    Christy T.

    Awesome flavor so far. Love the sleek screen and design. I wish there was a bong adapter for it.

  7. Avatar for Anonymous


    Great flavor and awesome HD screen. Fast shipping from Tools420.

  8. Avatar for Drew H

    Drew H

    Email us at [email protected] and we will gladly help get it working to your liking!

  9. Avatar for Anonymous


    I’m in love with the new Elite 2 but on higher temperatures you start to lose the flavor of your terpenes and it can get warm in the hand and on the lips. As well anything above 400 Fahrenheit is a bit harsh on my older lungs. Still though, under that temperature and its by far the best vaporizer I’ve owned.

  10. Avatar for Anonymous


    Amazing flavor. Very consistent. Lots of room for customization. For sure the best portable vaporizer I’ve owned.

  11. Avatar for David


    The g pen elite 2 has amazing flavor that has been better than my Arizer Solo 2. The airflow can be a bit tight if you overpack or overcompress the bowl, but overall the design is super sleek and feels high quality like my friend’s Mighty plus.

  12. Avatar for Andreas


    This is seriously an amazing vape. It blows the original Elite out of the water. The convection boost ups the vapor quality to be comparable with the Mighty and the HD screen is nice over the super bland ones in the market.

  13. Avatar for Grant C.

    Grant C.

    Smooth, easy, and if you take long, patient draws, you can get some Deep Smoke

  14. Avatar for Piers


    Had it for a few days now and all I can see is wow – What a big upgrade over the original G Pen Elite. Better build materials, the screen is top-tier, and the convection boost has it on par with the Mighty+ for vapor in my opinion. The only downside would be the battery, under an hour on my max temperature usage.

  15. Avatar for R


    This thing absolutely slaps at 380F. Needs a tightly packed bowl, and 0.5g chamber listing is pushing it, but excellent vapor quality overall.

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Product Q&A

Cori O
Occasionally, I’ll use my Zeus Arc with the water pipe adapter; is there any way to use this vaporizer with a bubbler or bong?

You can use it with our whip bubbler, please refer to the ‘tips and tricks’ section of our review for our guide:

How do I configure the hybrid temperature control in the G Pen Elite II Vaporizer?

On the menu, you can scroll down to convection boost to toggle the setting

How to smoke g pen elite ii?

After you’ve loaded the chamber, hold the power button down for three seconds, set your temperature with the up and down arrows, and then double tap the power button to begin your five minute session. Inhale after a vibration lets you know that the temperature has been reached.

how much to put into g pen elite?

You’ll be able to load 0.5g into the oven, which you can then stamp down with your pinky into the oven so that it’s not near the metal mouthpiece filter.

Does the g pen elite 2 smell?

The G Pen Elite 2 smells way less than the original smells way less thanks to the added convection and air flow. You won’t be able to smell any dank while the mouthpiece is on.

Is this hybrid?

The G Pen Elite 2 is a portable hybrid dry herb vaporizer

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