G Pen Hyer

Key Features

  • Powerful E-Nail
  • Large capacity quartz atomizer
  • 5 Pre-Set Voltages
  • 6000mAh Battery Controller
  • USB-C Charging
  • Compatible with any 14mm dab rig glass

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: G Pen
Warranty Period: 2 Year
Vaporizing Material: Concentrates
Heating System: Controller heated atomizer
Heat Up Time: 15-45 seconds
Bowl Size: Globs
Bowl Material: Quartz
Battery Life/Size: 30 Sessions ~
Temperature Range: 482℉/250℃ to 842℉/450℃
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 90mm wide, 31mm tall, and 61mm thick
Weight: 201g (controller)

G Pen Hyer Vaporizer

The new Grenco Science Hyer E-Nail is here to take your Electric Dab Rig game to the next level. With a powerful battery base, an intuitive all-quartz heating element, and settings for beginners and connoisseurs, the Hyer’s manufacturing quality is on a whole new level.

From the supercharged Hyer, you can expect to be able to adjust your session timers and temperatures for your 14mm until you find the perfect session that’ll be just right for you. With smart heating technology, its atomizer will never disappoint whether you’re looking for flavor, or just pure cloud production.

Powerful 6000mAh battery

The Hyer’s battery base for the atomizer comes with an astounding 6,000mAh of juice that will last you quite a while – Over 30 sessions in fact!

The controller itself comes in an anodized aluminum shell, and only weighs 200g. This makes taking it anywhere easy, especially thanks to the Hyer’s USB-C charging and hemp vape case.

Thanks to the simple three-button user interface and five LED lights, beginners and connoisseurs alike will be able to get it up and running in no time flat.

Excellent Manufacturing Quality

Between the atomizer and the battery base is a braided cable that connects magnetically on either end.

The atomizer features some nifty features as well, including a stainless steel heating element, a fully quartz chamber, and a ceramic-glazed lid.

Included in the Hyer kit is also a stainless steel dab thread that features threading on the other end. This is made for your carb cap lid! Once you’ve loaded in your concentrates with the dab tool, simply thread it onto the side or top of your carb cab lid for easier airflow control and twisting of the two air intake holes.

There is also an aftermarket dry herb tank, as well as 10mm and 18mm water pipe adapters which you can use to change up your sessions even more if you’d like.

Quartz Tank Atomizer

The Hyer 14mm atomizer tank is the cream of the crop. The stainless steel coil it uses is fully embedded in quartz and has a huge capacity for any type of concentrate that you’d like to use.

On the PID controller, you’ll be able to choose a temperature between 482℉ – 842℉ / 250℃ – 450℃, as well as adjust the session timer between 15-45 seconds. Between these pre-sets, you’ll be able to fine-tune whether you want a flavorful microdose, or want to smoke out the whole house with a huge dab.

On the highest red voltage pre-set, the Hyer acts more like a steam engine and will be able to satisfy even the heaviest of dabbers.

The only thing that you’ll need alongside the Hyer’s kit is a 14mm glass dab rig or 14mm bubbler like the 14mm Mega Globe Whip Bubbler to attach the downstem to. The Hyer can’t be hit natively, so make sure that you already own a glass piece or have one to pick up.

How the G Pen Hyer works

Once you’ve loaded your dab into the atomizer and have it connected to the charged battery base, you’ll be able to choose one of the five pre-set temperatures with the arrows, as indicated on the LED lights:

  • Blue: 250°C/482°F for toasty terps
  • Turquoise: 300°C/572°F for seasoned flavor
  • Green: 350°C/662°F for powerful dabs
  • Yellow: 400°C/752°F for dense clouds
  • Red: 450°C/842°F for intense heat

Once you’ve selected your session timer as well, all you’ll need to do is double-tap the power button, and the Hyer will start heating. Once the lights turn solid and the Hyer beeps, it’s time to enjoy your dab.

G Pen Hyer Accessories

Feedback from an Expert

Unlike most wax vaporizers, the Hyer’s atomizer is equipped to handle bigger loads than your typical rice-sized grain of dab.

G Pen Hyer Review

What's in the box

  • G Pen Hyer Battery Base
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Magnetic carb cap
  • 14mm atomizer WPA
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Carb cab dab tool
  • Hemp Vape Case
  • Threaded power supply

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G Pen Hyer
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  1. Avatar for Valentina


    Big chamber, lots of cooling, big clouds

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Product Q&A

How do you use the dab tool on the carb cap?

The bottom of the dab tool included in the G Pen Hyer kit has threading to screw onto either the side or top of the atomizer’s carb cab for easier handling. Once you’ve loaded in your dab, simply thread it on!

How do you attach the battery to the atomizer?

The Hyer’s battery base attaches to the atomizer via magnetic connections through it’s braded cable.

Can you use the G Pen Hyer without a glass piece?

No, the atomizer runs at a high temperature and will need the cooling of a glass piece. Plus, the atomizer must remain upright and would be difficult to hit natively.

How long does the hyer stay hot for?

The G Pen Hyer can stay hot for between 15-75 seconds, and the default session timer is 45 seconds.

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