14mm Globe Whip Bubbler

  • Creates a smooth, higher quality vaping experience
  • Works with all vaporizers with 14mm water pipe adapters
  • Features a variety of ways to vape out of the bubbler
  • Includes a globe bubbler, a trumpet mouthpiece, 18-inch whip tubing, glass tip, and a 14mm adapter
  • For the larger version, also consider the Mega Globe Bubbler 

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Product Specifications

Globe Bong With Whip

If you’re an all-or-nothing kind of person, 14mm Whip Bubblers are for you. Introducing the Universal 14mm Whip Bubbler. In terms of the power of water-cooled vapor consider this the superman of water pieces. The coolest, smoothest, and most extravagant vaping experience you’ve tried yet.

How to use a 14mm globe whip bubbler?

One of the benefits of having such an extravagant bubbler is the many ways you get to use it! Fill the globe from the top hole about half-way. Place your vaporizer and water pipe adapter (sold separately) on top and your mouthpiece or whip will be placed on the other opening. You can insert your trumpet mouthpiece directly into the opening and vape away! The alternate option (and our favorite) would be to place the glass tip and 14mm adapter directly into the whip tube, insert the adapter into the hole of the bubbler and then inhale directly from the glass tip. Keep a hand on your vaporizer to keep things steady! Towards the end of your draw remove the vaporizer to clear the chamber for maximum benefits!

To clean built-up residue soak the pieces in isopropyl alcohol or shake the pieces with an iso/salt mixture inside or Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner.

14mm globe bubbler versatility

The Whip Bubbler is compatible with the Crafty+/Mighty bong adapter, Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 bong adapter, Dynavap bong adapter, Utillian 620 bong adapter, Zeus Arc WPA, ArGo bong adapter, XMAX V3 Pro WPA, Utillian 722, Boundless CFC 2.0, Flowermate V5 Nano, or any universal 14mm adapter.


What's in the box

  • You’ll get a globe bubbler, a trumpet mouthpiece, 18-inch whip tubing, a glass tip, and a 14mm adapter.

Customer Reviews

14mm Globe Whip Bubbler
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  1. Avatar for Zenith R

    Zenith R

    This 14 mm globe whip bubbler is the best cylinder to bubble your clouds

  2. Avatar for Piers


    Absolutely is worth it. Can run plenty of different setups with a standard WPA, or by having the silicone over your vape’s mouthpiece. Would recommend.

  3. Avatar for Guillaume D.

    Guillaume D.

    Nice small bong a bit pricey

  4. Avatar for Anonymous


  5. Avatar for Christina


    Great bubbler! Haven’t tried yet but can’t wait to try it!

  6. Avatar for Anonymous


  7. Avatar for Anonymous


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Product Q&A

Tony A.
Hi, I just purchased a POTV Lobo. Will I be able to use this bubbler?Thanks!

You can use the whip over the mouthpiece and inhale from the glass mouthpiece if you want

How to use the globe bubbler with a DynaVap?

You can either use the DynaVap fat mouthpiece over the standard mouthpiece, or swap out the mouthpiece for the DynaVap Bong Adapter

What are the vaporizers that the bubbler can work with?

any 14mm male mouthpiece dry herb vaporizer, or anything that the silicone whip can be slid over to hit from the trumpet end as an alternative. The DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece is also a common 14mm WPA for 10mm mouthpieces or bong adapters.

Dave Hazelle
Same question as Harley Rougeux: “How does the utillian 722 connect to the bubbler?” Answer: “You take the swiveling mouthpiece off and insert the tube directly in the chamber.”Question: What keeps the tube from melting in the 400 F chamber?Regards,Dave

Hi Dave,

The silicone tube is highly heat resistant. The Utillian 722 also has a shutoff timer of 5 minutes so accidentally leaving it on for an extended period of time is also not a factor. It’s all very safe.

14mm bubbler when will be available?

It’s available!

Harley Rougeux
How does the utillian 722 connect to the bubbler? Is it with the tube or does the adapter fit over the bowl piece when you remove the mouthpiece

You take the swiveling mouthpiece off and insert the tube directly into the chamber. Similar to the picture listed here.

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