14mm MEGA Globe Whip Bubbler

Key Features

  • Fits twice as much water than the original model
  • Flat base and trumpet tether for added stability
  • Added surface area for extra vapor cooling
  • 5.5″ x 4.25″ including adapter slots
  • For a smaller version, also consider the Globe Whip Bubbler 

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Product Specifications

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Bubbler

Holding twice the amount of water as the standard whip bubbler, the Mega Globe provides 40% more surface area for your vapor to cool on. With a newly designed percolator, it can handle much bigger vapor loads while adding much more airflow than the original. If you have a 14mm bong adapter for your Dry Herb Vaporizer, this is by far the best cooling and performance glass piece on the market.

How to use the Mega Globe Whip Bubbler

First, fill the bubbler through the side 14mm port to at least fully cover the percolator air ports, then attach the whip kit to the side joint and place your 14mm vaporizer adapter on the top port. With a long and slow inhale, you’ll be able to take a much bigger inhale than normal. There is a new trumpet tether that will keep it firmly attached to help it stay in place also. With the extra water weight in the globe, this version will be much more difficult to tip over compared to the original, especially since this version comes with a flat base!

Customize your Mega Globe vaporizer setup

You’ll be able to hit the mega globe in a variety of different ways through either the silicone whip’s glass mouthpiece or through the trumpet mouthpiece. While most time’s you’ll be placing your vaporizer into the top of the Mega Globe, you can also choose to just place the silicone whip over your vape’s mouthpiece if it doesn’t have any bong adapter’s made for itself!

Why buy the Mega Globe Vape Bong?

The stereo matrix airflow of the mega globe takes your vapor on a condensing and cooling pathway unlike any other bubbler on the marker. If you want larger, super-cooled, and tasty hits, then it’s time to upgrade big. Scratch that! It’s time to upgrade MEGA!

How to clean a bubbler bong?

When you begin to notice hard-water or resin inside the bubbler, you’ll be able to use Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner to remove almost all hardwater spots and resin within a minute of shaking. Just hold the ends and shake and swish for up to a minute before a few hot water rinses, and the Mega Bubbler will be as good as new.

Unique Bong

If you’ve been looking for a unique way to consumer your cannabis, this is a setup that will let you turn any compatible vaporizer into basically a hookah. It gives you tons and cooling and fun – Why not give it a short today!

What's in the box

  • 14mm Mega Globe Bubbler
  • Whip adapter
  • Food grade silicone tubing
  • Glass tip
  • Cooling mouthpiece
  • Plastic clip

Customer Reviews

14mm MEGA Globe Whip Bubbler
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  1. Avatar for Piers H.

    Piers H.

    Flat bottom and more water is very nice. This bong absolutely crushes it with the XMAX V3 Pro!

  2. Avatar for David S.

    David S.

    A little pricy but totally worth it. Better airflow and cooling and flat base over the original model.

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