Arizer Glass Stem Bubbler

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  • Perfectly fits the Arizer Solo 2 and Air 2 / Air Max
  • Produces a noticeable upgrade in taste, quality, and smoothness
  • Easy to fill design with an auto-level feature
  • To empty the water blow on the top and drain from the bottom
  • No adapter required

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Product Description

Enjoy the longest draws, the best flavor, and the smoothest experience yet with Arizer Glass Stem Bubblers. The power of water-cooled vapor is a brand new experience when it comes to vaping, and it’s time to level up. This bubbler fits perfectly on your Arizer Solo 2, Air 2, or Air Max Vaporizer.

Arizer Vaporizer Bubbler Pros

Prepare to have your mind blown. Allowing the vapor to pass through water before entering your lungs lets you achieve the highest temperatures, the biggest draws, and no backlash to follow. Even the most seasoned vape vets get the dreaded coughing fit from time to time, but consider it a thing of the past once you place this Arizer Bubbler on your device! A perfect addition if you have a sensitive throat or just want to upgrade your experience.

How to use the Arizer Glass Stem Bubbler?

To fill, place under running water with the mouthpiece facing up. Allow the water to fill for a few seconds and then the bubbler will auto-level with no guesswork involved. Ensuring the chamber is dry, lightly pack your herb, insert the bubbler into your device, then blast off! To empty the water, simply blow through the top and allow the water to drain completely from the bottom. After that, just load your dry herb in the stem as you would with the normal one. 

How to keep your Solo 2 bubbler clean?

To clean simply empty your spent herb and clean the chamber with our Tools420 cleaning sticks once grime appears, or simply soak in Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner. You can also soak the screens and bubbler in isopropyl alcohol once grime starts to accumulate. The Arizer Solo/Air screens also fit perfectly into the bubbler once you are ready to replace them.




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  • 1 x Arizer Glass Stem Bubbler

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  1. Avatar for maxime


    Works really well but is a pain to clean, I prefer the bubbler curved tip with an adapter

  2. Avatar for Roger C.

    Roger C.

  3. Avatar for jo


    I like it, cools the vapor right down

  4. Avatar for Dan Campbell

    Dan Campbell

  5. Avatar for David


  6. Avatar for Anonymous


  7. Avatar for Anonymous


    It works well but I fear that it’s very fragile so I have to be careful when using it

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