Arizer Solo 2 & Air MAX Screen Pack

Key Features

  • Six mesh chamber screens for the Arizer Air and Solo models

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Product Specifications

Replacement Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 metal screens

The Arizer Air and Solo Screen packs are designed to fit in the glass aroma tube for both the Arizer Air SE, Arizer Air MAX, and Solo 2. This is one of the best mods to do to your Arizer vape as the small glass holes in the stem won’t get clogged. Airflow will be improved, cleaning will be easier, and you’re not going to end up with little bits of herb in your mouth anymore!

How to clean Arizer screens

These screens tend to clog up and get gunked up rather quickly, so we recommend soaking them in isopropyl alcohol for around 10 minutes before rinsing and drying. Alternatively, use a small torch to burn away all the residue that has built up.

The Arizer Air and Solo Screen pack screens are not made for the Arizer Argo, however, they will fit in just with a little more work. These are the official stainless steel screens made by Arizer.

Pipe Screen Alternative

If you’re looking for a backup of your pipe screens, these are small enough to do the trick on very small openings.

When to know you need new Solo 2 screens?

You’ll know that your Solo 2 / Air Max screens need replacing when the resin has become so cooked on that isopropyl alcohol and q-tips are no longer having an effect on loosening the gunk.

Arizer Air and Solo Vape Accessories

What's in the box

  • 1 x Pack of Filter Screens for Glass Aroma Tubes (6)

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Arizer Solo 2 & Air MAX Screen Pack
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