Arizer Glass Aroma Tube – Air MAX & Solo 2

Key Features

  • Different style mouthpieces for your Arizer Solo 2
  • The longer the glass air path, the more cooling you’ll have

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Product Specifications

Arizer Solo 2 / Arizer Air MAX Mouthpieces for Sale

Replacement glass aroma tubes for the Arizer Air SE, Arizer Air MAX, and Arizer Solo and Solo 2 vaporizers. These are the original borosilicate glass replacement parts. 

These are longber than the standard Arizer Air glass stems, so keep that in mind. We recommend getting the Arizer screens and end cap pack to bring some welcome and inexpensive upgrades to your Arizer Vaporizer.

These mouthpieces are not compatible with the Arizer Go. 

How to clean Arizer glass aroma tubes?

To clean the glass stem from an Arizer vape, simply let it soak in Orange Chronic for 15 minutes before rinsing and drying fully.

Arizer Solo and Air Vape Accessories

What's in the box

  • 1 x Solo 2 Glass Mouthpiece

Customer Reviews

Arizer Glass Aroma Tube - Air MAX & Solo 2
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  1. Avatar for Andrew


    Provides a smooth, cool, and thoroughly satisfying vape experience. Highly recommend adding this to your list of Arizer accessories.

  2. Avatar for sebastien t.

    sebastien t.

  3. Avatar for Ken B.

    Ken B.

    wish it didnt shatter so easy. nice to use

  4. Avatar for Alistair


    I have the curved Solo 2 mouthpiece – It makes it much easier and ergonomic to inhale with in my opinion.

  5. Avatar for Leonard F.

    Leonard F.

  6. Avatar for Chloe


  7. Avatar for Colin Mcconnachie

    Colin Mcconnachie

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Product Q&A

How you can say, that these are the original borosilicate glass replacement, when at the same time it is longer that original?

The 110mm glass mouthpiece is a replacement for the longer size included inside the original packaging of the Solo 2. The second original mouthpiece is also 90mm the same as the curved replacement.

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