Universal 18mm Bubbler Curved Tip

  • Universally pairs with any 18mm adapter
  • Curved tip for easy access to vapor
  • Instantly cools your dry, hot vapor
  • Easy fill and drain design

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Product Specifications

Improve your vapor quality

A behemoth of a bubbler, these bubblers came to impress. Bring your vaporizer to new heights with the noticeable difference of water-cool vapor. A smooth, cool, and flavorful experience is guaranteed to follow! This bubbler features a larger chamber to hold more water and provide extra cooling, as well as a curved tip for easy delivery. Compatible with all vaporizers so long as you have an 18mm water pipe adapter.

How to use the curved 18mm vape bubbler?

To fill place under running water for a few moments then the water will correct itself to the proper level. Empty after each use by blowing into the mouthpiece ensuring all water has drained, and drying afterward. If you start to see grime build up either soak your glass piece in isopropyl alcohol or shake your bubbler with isopropyl or Orange Chronic Cleaner.

What can it be used with?

Universal 18mm Bubbler Curved Tip is compatible with the Dynavap bong adapter, Utillian 620 bong adapter, Zeus Arc WPA, ArGo bong adapter, XMAX V3 Pro WPABoundless CFC 2.0, or any universal 18mm adapter.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Universal 18mm Bubbler Curved Tip

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Universal 18mm Bubbler Curved Tip
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    I use it on my mighty with the bong adapter and it’s awesome. Very smooth

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Product Q&A

Which adopter is the best fit for this bubbler?

The 18mm curved bubbler is bigger than the 10 or 14mm sizes, so you’ll have more water and surface area for your vapor to cool down

See more by: Arizer , Boundless , DynaVap , Tools420 , Utillian , ZEUS

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