Dynavap B

Key Features:

  • Super discreet and portable
  • Small bowl designed for micro-dosing
  • Battery-free vaporizer
  • Ergonomic Heat-resistant silicon stem
  • Made in USA

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Dynavap
Warranty Period: N/A
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 15 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.05g
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Life/Size: N/A
Temperature Range: N/A
Smartphone Compatibility: N/A
Dimension (HxDxW): 3.5 in / 14mm Dia.
Weight: 0.45 oz / 13g

The Dynavap B Vaporizer: Is it the right match for you?

The Dynavap B is an affordable entry-level vaporizer made in the USA, perfect for those starting with dry herb vaping on a budget or looking for a vape for microdosing.

Small, Sturdy, and No Batteries Needed

The Dynavap B vaporizer stands out as one of the smallest portable dry herb vaporizers, measuring just 3.5 inches in length with a 14mm diameter and weighing only 13 grams. Crafted mainly from durable stainless steel, including the bowl, screen, and condenser, it features a heat-resistant, medical-grade silicone stem. This tiny powerhouse doesn’t rely on batteries, ensuring a highly durable vaporizer that you can count on.

User-Friendly: Easy as Pie

Using the “B” is a breeze. Simply remove the stainless steel cap, load your dry herb into the chamber, and replace the cap. Heat the cap with a torch or lighter (torch recommended for quicker heating). Once the bowl clicks, you’re good to go. Inhale from the mouthpiece, and when you’re done, the cap clicks again, signaling it’s cooled down. Whether you reheat the bowl or wait for your next session, it’s simple and effective.

Fine-Tune Your Vapor Experience

The manual heating of the Dynavap B gives you control over your vapor quality. Heat the top of the tip for smooth, flavorful vapor or closer to the stem for denser clouds. The easy airflow, coupled with a choker for additional control, makes it one of the best budget vaporizers, providing a sensation similar to smoking a joint.

The “B” Vaporizer: Optimal for Microdosing

With its half-bowl design, the Dynavap B holds 0.05g of herb, making it 50% smaller than other Dynavap vaporizers. This makes the “B” the perfect vaporizer for microdosing and quick sessions, offering efficiency and convenience.

Swift Heating in Less Than 15 Seconds

Using a torch, the Dynavap B heats up in less than 15 seconds, though it takes a bit longer with a regular lighter. Enjoy minimal wait time for a satisfying vaping experience.

Dynavap B Ergonomic Dual-Function Silicone Stem

The Dynavap B’s anti-roll design is smartly crafted to stay in place on surfaces, preventing the top from touching the table when laid down, particularly when the vaporizer is hot. This ergonomic design adds a layer of convenience for users. Additionally, the heat-resistant silicone stem serves as a protective barrier if the tip is heated for an extended period. Unlike metal stems on other devices that can become hot to the touch, the silicone ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

Versatile Compatibility with Accessories

The “B” is compatible with the Dynavap M Plus and all other Dynavap products with an O-ring, excluding the Dynacoil. It fits any 10mm female glass pieces or bubblers, and with the Dynavap fat mouthpiece, it can be used on 14mm female glass pieces.

Safety and Health Assurance

All Dynavap products are proudly made in the USA, adhering to US standards of quality and safety. Crafted from medical-grade materials and FDA-approved, Dynavap ensures your safety and well-being.

Warranty and Support

Dynavap handles warranties on a case-by-case basis, confident in the indestructibility of their products. Keep the UPC code that is on the package and the purchase receipt safe; physical damages are not covered under warranty.

DynaVap B Accessories

Feedback from an Expert

The B Plus is a fantastic addition to the Dynaverse lineup, perfect for budget-conscious beginners. With its versatile design, especially the grippy exterior, it’s an ideal choice for pairing with water pieces, making it a potential favorite among users. For more detailed information check out our Dynavap B review.

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