Single Flame Torch Lighter by Honest

Key Features

  • Dust cover cap
  • Easy butane loading
  • Click-down activation
  • Heating up to 1300 Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable butane dial
  • Excellent for DynaVaps, Cigars, and as a weed lighter

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Product Specifications

The Best DynaVap Torch Lighter

With a single powerful flame, you’re going to have an easy time heating your DynaVap up accurately every single time.

Windproof Torch Lighter

Due to the sunken flame design and concentration into the single jet, the flame on the single flame torch lighter by Honest is going to be much more windproof than other torches, let alone a normal lighter.

Adjustable Power

On the bottom of the torch is a butane flow dial which will let you more or less butane to the ignition so that you can tweak your settings until you find what works perfectly for your butane torch vaporizer.

Safe to Use

Just below the trigger is a removable safety latch that won’t let you activate the flame by accident in your pocket. Combining this with the clip-on lid is a great way to ensure that the single flame torch is activated when you want it to be!

Cute Lighter

When it’s not being used for your next dab, cigar, or DynaVap, the Single Flame torch sits up well on it’s own and is very aesthetic thanks to the dangling cap and sleek design.

What's in the box

x1 Honest Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter

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Single Flame Torch Lighter by Honest
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  1. Avatar for Gilbert B.

    Gilbert B.

    Lots of features and power for the pricetag. Works great on my Vong and Omnivap. Would recommend.

  2. Avatar for David


    Good lighter

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