DynaVap Screen Pack – Titanium CCD

Key Features

  • Replacement titanium DynaVap screens for your DynaVap M or DynaVap Omni
  • CCD stands for Circumferential Compression Diffuser

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Product Specifications

DynaVap Replacement Screens

A replacement DynaVap Titanium CCD (Circumferential Compression Diffuser) for all DynaVap models, this is the little piece that fits inside the bowl and acts as a screen. Occasionally, these will get gunked up and clogged, restricting the airflow and hurting the performance of your device.

How to clean a DynaVap CCD screen?

To clean a Titanium or Stainless Steel CCD, simply remove it from the DynaVap tip and let it soak in isopropyl alcohol for roughly 15 minutes. Scrub with a cotton swab if any grime is really stuck in there.

If you’re getting bad flavor from your e-rig, try cleaning both the atomizer and the glass piece and see if things improve!

Compatible with all DynaVap models including the DynaVap M Plus.

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What's in the box

  • 3 x DynaVap Titanium CCD

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Product Q&A

Which models do the screen pack works to?

These will work with all DynaVap models including the M2021 Omni and Vong

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