DynaStash Container

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Key Features

  • Captive Cap Magnet
  • Two Hollow Sections for your DynaVap and Dried Herb
  • Artisanal Hardwood Design
  • Handmade in America

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Product Description

DynaVap Storage Container

Crafted with artisanship in mind, each DynaVap is crafted to be the perfect carrying case for your DynaVap.  Each DynaStash features a top side magnet as the perfect resting spot for your hot chamber cap in between hits. On the body of the Stash, there are two hollowed-out sections to be the perfect carrying case while not in use. On one end, you’ll be able to fit your vape, and on the other, you’ll be able to bring your dried herb! Just bring your butane lighter with you in the same pocket as the case and you’ll have everything you need for an awesome session!

Express Yourself!

There is a flair and wood strain for everyone to enjoy! Currently, our two color selections are light or dark brown wood strains.

Chamber Reloading Made Easy

In the large storage container of the DynaStash, you’ll be able to store a few grams of your favorite dry herb & when it comes time to reload your bowl, all you’ll have to do is cooke-cutter your chamber’s end into the dry herb compartment and twist to easily load up back up. After, just slide the lid back to close and you’ll be ready to go.

DynaVap StashBox Model Compatibility

In the normal size of the DynaStash that we carry, you’ll be able to fit your OmniVap, DynaVap M 2021, OmniVonG, HydraVonG, NonaVonG-S, and NonaVonG vaporizers in the holding compartment.

What's in the box

x1 DynaStash

Product Specifications

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Garrison


    Thanks to Joey for the quick follow-up with my issues and shipping off this fine piece of craftsmanship. The live wood is a huge boost to the whole ritual of the DynaVap in my opinion over a normal case. I carry this in one pocket and my lighter in the other while I’m hiking. A bit on the pricy side, but well worth it. I use it as a proud stand at home when I’m not using it.

  2. Avatar for Katte w

    Katte w

    Stylish DynaStash magnetic container me likey

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Product Q&A

M Rose
What are the round black pieces & hole for on the darker unit pictured?

It’s a small silicone storage container

What is the utility of a magnetic top in this container?

The magnet on the DynaStash help you with loading up your DynaVap, as well as a spot for your dry herb vaporizer to cool down after you’ve heated it up and had your session.

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