The best way to heat a Dynavap – Single vs double flame torches, cap heating position, and more!

So, you’ve got yourself a shiny new Dynavap, or eyeing one up? Then, you’re probably wondering about the best heating technique for Dynavap performance then! We’ll go over all the best techniques, results, and methods to heat your Dynavap with.

We’ll also cover single vs double flame vs triple flame Dynavap torches and the different results they provide. Each torch provides has a different effect so read on below! Skip down to the bottom of the article for a quick summary of this all.

Note: All models of Dynavap like the NonaVong have a Titanium tip, except the Dynavap M with its stainless steel (SS) tip!

Where to heat the Dynavap and how

Where you heat the Dynavap tip will change the results for sure! You can do a sort of temperature control by heating different regions of the cap.

  • The tip: Will produce a quicker click and much lighter but more flavorful vapor.
  • The middle: Will be in between, good flavor, good hit size, longer to warm up.
  • Heating further: Will take a noticeable time longer to click but deliver huge clouds at the cost of flavor. You may combust accidentally, so watch out!
Triple flame torch heating a Dynavap M 2020

Of course, the results will also vary with the heat source you use, a single flame torch giving many different levels of control than say an induction heater.

When using any torch lighter, you’ll want to slowly rotate the Dynavap back and forth to ensure the entire chamber gets heated up properly!

The two Dynavap Caps; Titanium and Stainless Steel, also heat differently. For those extra hot hits be sure to grab a Dynavap bong adapter and a bubbler for maximum vapor with none of the backlash.

Different ways to heat a Dynavap

Calling all stoner engineers! Whether it be a candle, a normal lighter, butane torch, or even your stove there are many ways of heating your Dynavap that produce surprising results. We’ll go over those and other heat sources to heat-up your Dynavap, along with some pros and cons to go along with it. 

Butane torch

So, by far this is the most common and still a cheap way to heat up your Dynavap.  Using a butane torch gives you great results, it’s pretty cheap, and it’s pretty quick! With butane torches, there are many varieties, and it’s often asked “What’s best for a Dynavap, single vs double vs triple torch lighter?” Here’s our answer!

Butane torch
  • Single flame torch lighter

Most common of the three, a single flame gives you arguably the most controlled heating but consequently takes the longest to heat. You can’t really go wrong and it’s by far the most common Dynavap torch to use. However, it has the biggest learning curve, and the more flames you have, the easier to heat!

  • Double flame torch lighter

A double flame lighter for a Dynavap heats up the cap considerably quicker and preferred for some. You can get to click a few seconds faster and when on the go, it’s seemingly preferred. You lose some finer temperature control and run a higher risk of combustion, but it’s a great middle ground.

  • Triple flame torch lighter

A triple flame lighter for a Dynavap will heat it up exceptionally quickly and is great for getting to click when out and about. It’s very easy to use and gives more consistent results. Unfortunately, the whole load doesn’t seem to warm up fully and the hits are actually lighter, yet heating for long past the click can hit combustion easier.

While there are dozens of butane torches out there, the most important thing is to use good butane gas for your Dynavap! This will keep your butane lighter working better and less chance of contaminants. 

While we can’t say which is best in the single vs double vs triple-flame lighter for the Dynavap, we’d just pick a double flame in most cases. Easy, reliable, effective, we can’t complain!

Induction heater

An induction heater for Dynavap use is becoming more and more common and the ‘boutique’ way to hit it. While these are either self-made or sold by other members of the community, they’re super effective and considered a ‘game changer’ in the Dynavap world.

How it works, is putting the Dynavap in and activating the heater turns on the induction currents, which heats all the metal in that small area. In this case, it very quickly heats up the whole cap and tip. From experience, it gives the most consistent and heavy hits possible from a Dynavap.

It also makes the joint-like experience even better, which is already why the Dynavap is one of the best herb vapes to stop smoking with. Take it from us, a Dynavap induction heater is pretty rad!

Dynavap with induction heater

Candle and ‘Bic’ lighter.

Using these two ‘soft flame’ methods works just fine! It’s somewhat nice of a ritual and experience to heat it like this, however, it has a few drawbacks; it takes much longer, leaves black soot on the cap, and using a normal lighter for a Dynavap outside is a complete headache. Trust, it’s awfully frustrating after trying to heat it after a minute, even in a tent!

When inside though and in a calm space, you can actually put the Dynavap right in the middle of the flame so it goes over both sides of the cap, foregoing the need to spin it! This delivers pretty great hits too. 

Heating a Dynavap with a candle or normal flame lighter is a fun gimmick which we like to do occasionally, but the black soot which accumulates on the tip and long time to heat makes it not so convenient.

Bic Lighter


We hope we helped you in the quest for the best Dynavap heating technique! We say it’s good to go with a double flame torch lighter, but heating methods and have little quirks you can get acquainted with. In general, heat at the middle of the cap and spin slowly for even heat distribution.

We love the DynaVap series and it’s one of the best budget herb vapes and our favorite herb vape to stop smoking with around. These tips should really help you out if you’re a newcomer.

You can heat just a bit after the clicks, but be careful since you run the risk of combustion! Thankfully, cleaning the Dynavap is pretty easy, just in case you do! If you have any questions or want to talk Dynavap, message us on Reddit or by e-mail or here on the site and we’d be glad to chat! 

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