Part of the reason why you might be interested in buying a dry herb vaporizer is to quit smoking. Admittedly, the best vape to quit smoking is relative to the individual; there are a few vapes that emulate the experience more than others, helping with the transition. We’ll also go over some reasons, tips & tricks, and other fun information to help you with switching over from smoking to vaping.

Best dry herb vaporizers to stop smoking weed

We’ve curated this shortlist of devices to the key you into our favorite herb vapes to make the switch from smoking to vaping.  For more of the best dry herb vapes, check out our weed vaporizer buyers guide and the 2022 best dry herb vapes guide to help you get started. 

Dynavap M 2021

The Dynavap is by far the #1 vape to transition from smoking to vaping weed. Similar in size to a joint/one-hitter, still using a lighter, and fun to use, it both delivers a powerful hit and great experience. What most people miss most about smoking is the tactile feel, ritual, and vibe of smoking. While electric vapes are great and fun, sometimes it’s hard to beat that little rolled J. The Dynavap is perfect at emulating that feeling!

  • With a very reasonable price point, great build quality, made in America, and incredible price : performance ratio, it’s a very hard device to beat. It doesn’t use batteries and instead uses a torch lighter to heat up. You can use a candle, standard lighter, or any other heat source to vape with it, but we found the best results to be with a single/double flame torch lighter or induction heater if you’re feeling fancy.

While it’s not so discreet to use in public, we’re certain it’s well worth it and a solid device to consider if you want to stop smoking and start vaping! By far this is the device that has converted most smokers into vaping. Check out our Dynavap M review here for more info!

Crafty+, Mighty+, Utillian 722

We’ve lumped these vapes into one category because they have some similarities. For some of the best vapor quality that pumps out solid clouds of vapor with great flavor and in a portable form factor, the Crafty+, Mighty+, and Utillian 722 should be at the top of your list. All of them are engineered well, hit hard, and will definitely get you blitzed further than you thought.

  • The Crafty+ and Utillian 722 would be our two picks, with the Utillian 722 a better pick if you’re more conscious about budget. Easy to slip into any pocket, they’re terrific portable dry herb vaporizers and are designed to be powerhouses with a small size. The Mighty is better as a home-portable with the versatility to be taken out occasionally.

Definitely go for these ones if you want an easy to use battery-powered, high-performance, yet compact device. You won’t have any problem using these on the streets as they look more like a traditional e-cig rather than a weed vape.

Pax 3, DaVinci IQC, XMax Pro V3

We bunched these three devices together because they’re rather similar. Extremely small, they make for awesome portable dry herb vapes that can be taken anywhere with you on the go. The DaVinci Miqro is the smallest of the three, though it’s not such a big difference anyway since the Pax 3 is small enough as it is. While there is some pretty noticeable difference between them, they all work very well. While they may not be the same performance wise as the Dynavap, the battery-powered operation may be a big advantage for you.

Small, stealthy, and easy to use, the Pax 3, DaVinci IQC, and XMax Pro V3  are all great devices to put on your radar. Pair these up to a bong with a water pipe adaptor (WPA) for some extra fun and powerful hits. Though they’re not the absolute best for performance, they will definitely satisfy the beginner and intermediate smokers.

X Max v3 Pro side profile with intake air holes

Arizer Solo 2

As a hybrid vaporizer, meaning convection and conduction based heating, the Arizer Solo 2 offers some of the best vapor quality on the market. Combine this with a lengthy flavor-boosting and cooling glass stem chamber, and you have the recipe for one of the best dry herb vapes to quit smoking with.

  • All you’ll have to do is remove the glass stem and load in 0.2g of dry herb into the holding chamber of the mouthpiece before putting it back into the oven. With an incredible battery life and easy to use LED screen, set the temperature and relax for super laid back sessions with awesome terpene profiles. 
Arizer Solo 2 front profile ready to vape

How to switch from smoking to vaporizing cannabis

  1. Do a small tolerance break! Anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks will help massively when switching over. Many people find that if they smoke and vape at the same time, they struggle to transition fully. Give your receptors some time to reset and recover. Once you’ve transitioned, you’ll be kicking yourself over how much money you would’ve saved!
  2. The high is different. Best vape to quit smoking hits quicker, while vaping often takes 5-10 minutes to start feeling the effects. Not only that, but the temperature you vaporize at will have a strong effect on the results. Low temperatures are great for remaining wakeful and active throughout the day, while high temperatures will give you that more classic ‘stoned’ feeling.
  3. Play with vaporizing temperature settings, as different temperatures affect the vaping experience drastically! Some settings are awesome for full flavour, while others are much better for those couch-locking slaps.
  4. Get a good grinder. The basic $5 plastic grinders kind of suck and it’s worth it to get something that’ll consistently grind your herb into a nice fluffy texture. Flavor and vapor quality can definitely improve with a decent grinder. Bonus if you keep your weed stored in a glass with a boveda humidity pack!

Why should I quit smoking weed?

  • Health is always a big factor. Whether or not you mix tobacco with your herb, smoking results in a lot of hazardous by-products such as Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, tar build-up, and more. Long term, the health detriments are bound to build up and overall it’s not very good for the lungs. 
  • Vaping dry herb on the other hand is free of all of these by-products. By exposing the herb to high heat without burning it, you can avoid all of the negatives sides. Fewer lung and throat irritations, no tar build-up, no exposure to carcinogens, and a happier body! Not only that, but it tastes much better and like the original flower was grown to be!

  • It’s cheaper in the long run. While of course there’s a cost of entry to buy a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll end up saving that money within the first month or so. Vaping is ~66% more efficient than smoking in terms of THC and other cannabinoid extraction. So rather than buying 10 grams, you can buy 3 grams and an herb vape and end up roughly the same! It’s definitely worth the investment.

  • Vaping is much more discreet than smoking. Herb vapes typically look similar to a normal e-cig, which is pretty common nowadays. Not only that, but burning weed smells much more than vaping it. Open the window to air our and the smell should be gone within 15 minutes, and vaping weed in public is much more covert than sparking up a joint. We all know how far the scent of some good dank travels when lit up!

  • Being stealthier, cheaper, and healthier in the long run, vaping also has a few other benefits over smoking. In our eyes, it’s easier to use and load up a weed vape. No fiddling with rolling papers, jank lighters, or dealing with wind problems.

Best herb vapes to stop smoking with – Conclusion

Those are our reasons and best herb vapes to stop smoking with! The Dynavap is a very popular and affordable choice, while the Crafty+ and Utillian 722 are best if you want some of the best vapor quality around. In the long run, you’ll end up saving so much money and your health that you might be kicking yourself for not starting earlier.

We recommend going for better than the cheapest herb vape you can find. You’ll likely be dissatisfied, underwhelmed, and wanting to upgrade after not long anyways. Around $100-$200 you start getting into high-performance territory and in our opinions it’s certainly worth it to shell out a little bit more.

Check out the weed vaporizer buyers guide and the 2022 best dry herb vapes guide if nothing on this list grabs your interest!

volcano classic vapor quality

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