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Mighty+ Review – Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The much anticipated Mighty+ (Plus) dry herb vaporizer has finally been released to the public on September 23rd, and with it comes our review of this great vape! Storz and Bickel began their journey into vaporizers with the release of the Volcano classic in the year 2000. In 2014, they changed the game once again with the release of the Mighty vape. These two devices would go on to set the quality standard for years to come. With the Mighty+, it has become very clear that they have been listening to the vaping community and have implemented some excellent quality of life changes

We will be going over much of the upgrades equipped on the new Mighty vaporizer, as well as addressing any questions that you may have.

Mighty plus LED screen

Storz and Bickel Vaporizer History

The innovative German engineers Storz and Bickel have returned with a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer, The Mighty+. As a top-five brand in the industry for over twenty years, they have set themselves apart since day one since their original Volcano Vaporizer.

This Mighty+ is closely related to the portable vape known as the Crafty+. The Mighty Plus provides you with a top-notch, full session vape experience. Many of the flaws from the original Mighty vape, and we will be going over these changes.

The Mighty+ (plus) has been upgraded with a ceramic-lined filling chamber, USB-C charging, improved heating time, and another super-boost option. These upgrades build upon the original’s strengths of a durable sleek black shell, easy-to-read LED screen and temperature controls, and overall ease of use.

What are the differences between the Mighty and Mighty+?

The Mighty+ has been upgraded to a USB-C charging port from the old and difficult DC plug.  The dual lithium-ion batteries have been modernized to now feature a sixty-second warm-up time compared to ninety on the original. Although the charge time is three hours on the Mighty plus, there is the option to bring that down to one hour with a supercharger accessory. The Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer now also has a ceramic-lined compared to the old aluminum. Lastly, the kickstand has been upgraded with larger feet to be more stable on flat surfaces.

Mighty vs Mighty+ Review front profiles

What comes in the Mighty+ Kit and Warranty?

  • The Mighty+ unit
  • Charging cable
  • 3 spare sets of screens and seal rings
  • Dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

Storz & Bickel will provide up to two years of manufacturer’s warranty against defects or up to three years upon registration.

Mighty plus kit review

What are the Mighty+ Key Features from our review?

The Mighty Plus uses medical-grade plastic with new ribs for better grip while carrying. There is now a bigger gap between your fingers and the device whilst holding it. This means your hands will have more distance between them and the oven. Storz & Bickel claims that more surface area allows for better cooling of the vape. As a plus, the new exterior is far more scratch-resistant compared to the Mighty.

Mighty+ Plus mouthpiece

What is the Mighty+ Vape Heating System?

The size remains close to the original, coming in at 5.5 in by 3.2 in by 1.2 and about half a pound in weight. One of the biggest upgrades is to the dual heating system which will provide incredibly consistent hits to whatever product you may choose to use. Storz and Bickel have patented their hybrid heating system to provide better heat delivery and better battery efficiency. The Might plus dry herb vaporizer uses a conduction heating system for the ceramic bowl piece, and a convection heating lower in the vape to perfect the smoke delivery. This heating system will only activate vaporization during a hit, resulting in smooth clouds every single time.

Mighty+ bowl

Review of the Mighty+ Battery

The Mighty+ comes with a dual lithium-ion battery back that makes up the two columns on each side of the device. USB-C charging is one of the biggest changes to the Mighty. The port means that you can charge the vape anywhere you’d like and won’t have to worry about losing your charger anymore. If you were to upgrade to a supercharger accessory, you can also bring the charge time down to less than an hour. Users can expect to get over ninety minutes of life per charge. In our own experience at 380° Fahrenheit, this number held up factually, burning about 3 grams of dry herb.

For most users, this will mean 90-110 hits depending on the temperature and packing. As a bonus, the Mighty plus dry herb vaporizer is the first of its kind to be granted a UL battery certification. This is an added measure of the vape’s electrical system quality and safety!

Mighty+ easy of use review

The original Mighty vape was originally made for medicinal users that may be lacking motor skills. This is why it is one of the easiest vaporizers to use, and the Mighty+ has only built upon this ease of use.

Even beginners will be able to master the Mighty+ as its simple UI is very friendly for all levels of vaping. There is no need for an app for the product due to this. Like the older model, the Mighty+ vape is extremely easy to use due to its simple LED display and user interface. Even beginners will be able to figure out as the mouthpiece and cooling unit will swivel out. From there, just fill the .3g chambers with whatever you’d like, close the unit and then press the power button. After a minute, the unit will vibrate and be ready to hit.

For those looking to make these steps even easier and make cleaning a breeze, there is also the option to add dosing capsules to give you the ability to have multiple sessions ready. Because of their nature, this will also mean that you will hardly have to clean after their use.

With the new addition of the double super-boost feature, it means that users will be able to click the power button twice or three times to raise the temperature by 27° F (15°C) or 54° F (30° C) for 90 seconds. This is a nice touch that lets users quickly play around with their temperatures on the fly.

What Are The Mighty+ Temperature Settings?

In our Mighty+ review, we found that the temperature module has been redone to the color orange, which adds to the slick design. Just like the older model, the buttons are easy to understand and use.  The user has free control over the temperature range, which can be set from 104°F to 410°F (40°C to 210°C). The LED digital display is easy to read and understand and will tell you the current temperature and battery levels in bright orange text to match the control buttons. This is one of the reasons why the Mighty+ applies to all levels of smokers. Experienced vapers will enjoy the Superboost and control, and beginners will appreciate the ease of use.

Mighty+ size

How is the Mighty+ Vapor Quality?

Compared to the original Mighty model, the heating system’s size has been reduced to allow for better airflow in the device. This in turn is the reason why the heat up time has been reduced to sixty seconds from the previous ninety. However, Storz and Bickel have improved upon this patent without reducing and quality to the hit and cloud. The conduction and convection heating flow system only activates upon hits and because of this, the hits will always be consistent. Unlike other cheaper devices on the market, this means the vapor quality will always be the same potency and flavor. With the introduction of a separately sold Mighty stainless-steel liquid pad for liquid or oil, it will work just as flawlessly after a few warm-up hits as it would on dry herb products.

A side effect of the dual heating system’s size reduction is that it allows for better breathing room in the chamber and oven. The Mighty+ has slightly larger holes in the bottom of the oven, this means that when it comes to taking a hit, the pull is effortless and enjoyable. With the addition of the ceramic coating, users will no longer have to worry about a possible metallic aftertaste.

Best Mighty+ (Plus) Use Recommendations

Similar to the older model, the Mighty Plus works best on a finely ground herb. We’ve found that the temperature works wonders at 380°F / 188°C. After finishing the sessions, we enjoyed the double-super-boost function to get clear the chamber without stirring. For an even smoother hit, we’ve found the addition of a Mighty Long Bubbler. The extra filtration hydrates the vapor and makes the hit as easy as breathing air. Five or six heavy hits in a session and you will be on cloud nine, trust us.

Review of Mighty+ cleaning

The Mighty+ is overall extremely easy to clean. The upgrade to a ceramic chamber means that it is much easier to maintain, and much less likely to stain. Cleaning the bowl and screen after each use will be a great habit to ensure quality. Although cleaning once a week is recommended, we’ve found the other parts of the Mighty+ will only need cleaning if a noticeable change in quality occurs to the airflow or vapor quality due to its great design. Be sure to pick up some cleaning sticks and cleaning wipes to aid your efforts.

What are some Mighty+ vape Critiques?

From our review, we found that the plastic is upgraded on the Mighty+. The grooved style edges did remain the same on the middle parts of the vape. For those that despise the building up of dust, this is a negative. This should have been addressed since the first model was susceptible to grime and dust buildups there.

Although the kickstand stir-stick has been upgraded with two new feet, it is still not the most sturdy. With this tripod setup, it is still prone to being able to fall backward.  The old mighty stand can be equipped, but partially blocks the charging port.

The option of a supercharge allows the Mighty+ to be 80% charged in forty minutes but is sold separately. Compared to the standard two-to-three-hour charge time from the regular USB-C, we think that this part should have come standardized.

Final Review: Who Is The Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer Best For?

The Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer is a great choice for the high-frequency user that like consistently excellent vapor quality. Storz and Bickel have improved upon the Mighty’s strengths in the portable vaporizer category and addressed its weaknesses too. If you are looking for an upgrade that will last years, this is a great choice. The USB-C charging port, sixty-second heat-up time, and ceramic coating upgrade are all things to consider as purchasing points.

If you have any additional comments or concerns, leave us some feedback in the comments!

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