14mm Hydrotube Bubbler

Key Features

  • Provides a noticeable difference in vapor cooling and quality
  • Universally fits any 14mm adapter
  • Comes in a clear or tinted version
  • Easy fill and drain design

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10mm Female to 14/18mm Male Adapter

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Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 water pipe adapter inside Solo 2. Vaporizer not included

Arizer Air 2/Air Max/Solo 2 Water Adapter

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Dynavap water bong adapter with Dynavap m 2020 inside

Dynavap Glass Adapter/Mouthpiece

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Product Description

One bubbler to rule them all, 14mm Bubblers provide the bonus of cooling hydration to your hits – If you want to enhance your flavor, temperatures, and all-around experience this bubbler is what you need.

How to use a 14mm vape bubbler?

Designed with ease in mind, the filling is a breeze. Place under running water for a few moments then the water will auto-level once filled. Attach to your bong adapter/vaporizer taking long, smooth draws for best results. To drain, remove, and blow into the mouthpiece after each session until empty and dry afterward. If you start to see grime build up either soak your glass piece in isopropyl alcohol or shake your bubbler with isopropyl inside.

Universal 14mm Vape Bubbler Compatability

The Universal 14mm Bubbler is compatible with the Crafty+/Mighty bong adapter, Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 bong adapter, Dynavap bong adapter, Utillian 620 bong adapter, Zeus Arc WPA, ArGo bong adapter, XMAX V3 bong adapter, Boundless CFC 2.0, or any universal 14mm adapter.

Make dry herb vaping more fun

Made for comfort, sturdy material, and endless benefits. Comes in a clear or a stain-proof tinted version. We can’t think of a reason not to add this bubbler to your collection!

What's in the box

  • 1 x Universal 14mm Bubbler

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Product Q&A

Which adaptor it does fit to?

The 14mm bubbler works with 14mm male mouthpieces or bong adapters. You can use the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece to also convert a straw style mouthpiece to be compatible with 14mm bongs or bubblers.

Is this bubble glass or acrylic?

Normal glass as far as I know, definitely not plastic.

Dave Hazelle
Hi, Regarding 14mm universal whip bubbler, is a 14mm adaptor included or do we need to buy an Arizer Solo 2 bong adaptor, $22.95 too?

Hey Dave, for the Solo 2 to hook up to the whip bubbler you would need to purchase the adapter. The solo 2 adapter has the glass screen built-in like the other glass stems so you would need this specific piece. We will be having a bubbler and bong adapter sale very soon if you would like to wait until then!

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