Utillian Glass Bubbler

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Key Features

  • Also named “Utillian 5 Glass Bubbler” (Originally designed for the Utillian 5)
  • Compatible with Utillian 5, Utillian 2, Utillian 420/421, and Utillian 620 vaporizers
  • Auto-levelling
  • Cools your vapor

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Product Description

Best Utillian Vaporizer Bubbler

Designed to fit directly on top of a variety of Utillian vaporizers, the Utillian Universal Glass Bubbler will allow you to perfectly cool inhales for a better vaping experience. A go-to tool in any vaporizer veteran’s arsenal, this bubbler is the perfect accessory to discreetly up your vapor quality with.

How to use the Utillian Glass Bubbler?

To fill: Place unit under sink, gently start a stream of warm water and fill up the unit partially. It’s designed to auto-level to prevent leakage into your device. Then, simply dry the vaporizer insertion point on the bubbler before putting it on top of your device in order to prevent water from entering and possibly damaging your vape.

Utillian Universal Glass Bubbler Compatibility

This bubbler will be compatible with the Utillian 2, Utillian 5, Utillian 420, Utillian 421, and Utillian 620. It comes with all of the individual adapters you’ll need in the kit, all you’ll have to do is place the adapter onto the mouthpiece and your device will be good to go.

This is not compatible with the Utillian 722, for that vaporizer, use the 14mm whip bubbler.

Additional Vaporizer Compatibility

What's in the box

  • 1 x Universal Utillian Glass Bubbler

Product Specifications

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Anonymous


    Really ups the performance on the 2 and the 620 while staying portable.

  2. Avatar for H


    I really enjoy this bubbler, as I have a Utillian 5 and Utillian 620 I can use it with!!!

  3. Avatar for Paula N

    Paula N

    I wasn’t looking for an all purpose bubbler… I use it for the utillian 620 but it comes with different adapters

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Product Q&A

Robert Row
Can this bubbler be used on a Arizer Air Max?

Yes, there are a few adapters that will work. It might be easier to use a 14mm universal bubbler, though.

Can I use the Utillian bubbler on the 722?

No, you can use the 14mm whip bubbler for that shape of mouthpiece

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