Utillian 5 V3

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on the Battery
  • Heat Up Time: Instant
  • Durable Build (Scratch Resistant)
  • 1500mah Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • 4 Preset Temperatures
  • Integrated Dab Tool Mouthpiece

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Utillian
Warranty Period: 1 Year on the Battery
Vaporizing Material: Wax
Heating System: Coil
Heat Up Time: Instant
Bowl Size: N/A
Bowl Material: N/A
Battery Life/Size: 45 minutes - 1hr 1500mah
Temperature Range: 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, 2.8V
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 13 x 3 cm
Weight: 133g

Utillian 5 V3 Wax Pen

The Utillian 5 is a Wax Dab Pen is designed for use specifically with waxy THC oils and concentrates. This is a powerful unit that comes with a 1500mah battery that will have no issues lasting all day long. It also features 2 high-quality coils and 4 heat settings. It’s an attractive, affordable, powerful unit for someone looking to upgrade their portable dabbing sessions.

Integrated Dab Tool

Utillian has updated the mouthpiece on the V3 version is now made of black ceramic and is designed to also be used as a dab loading tool.

Don’t worry though, the mouthpiece still doubles down as a splash guard. To use the integrated loading feature, just remove the mouthpiece and load wax or shatter onto the dab tool just like you would with the included pick on the 2nd edition. After that, simply place the mouthpiece gently back onto the pen.

How to Use the Utillian 5 Wax Pen?

To power up the Utillian 5, just click the power button five times rapidly. Two clicks of the button let you cycle through the 4 heat settings and then when you’re ready to inhale, just hold down the button and inhale your vapor.

There’s also a handy airflow restrictor on the device, so you can decide the type of hits you take between harsh or free-flowing. On the V3, the integrated nail will drip your concentrate down onto the coils as the pen heats up. We recommend only a small amount of wax at a time to optimize performance and to increase coil lifespans.

For more information, also be sure to check out the Utillian 5 Owner’s Manual.

Impressive Battery Life

The Utillian 5 shatter pen boasts one of the most powerful batteries on a wax pen on the market today.

As most other pens come with maybe 500-650mah, this wax pen has an impressive 1500mah battery. Even for the users who like to vape their waxes all throughout the day, there should be little problems with the battery lasting the whole time.

The Utillian Comes with two different coils that really pack a punch despite the long battery life – One made from triple titanium and one made from 4mm kanthal. Each one has its own unique purpose, and we’ll go into more detail about that below.

Utillian 5 Coils

There are four preset voltages with the Utillian 5: 2.2v, 2.4v, 2.6v, and 2.8v.

If you prefer your wax rips rich in flavor and on the smaller size, stick to the first two settings. But if you’re the type of vape enthusiast who likes big, lung-filling rips from your wax pen, you won’t be disappointed with the two higher settings.

This unit produces some of the largest vape clouds we’ve ever seen from a wax vape. The vapor quality on the Utillian 5 doesn’t leave much to be desired, either.

  1. The coils made from titanium are the ones you should use if you’re looking for those thick, full clouds.
  2. The ones made from kanthal are better suited for flavor-rich, smooth hits.

You’ll really get as close as possible to the full terpene profile of the wax you’re toking on with this unit.

It has its own bubbler!

With the available Utillian 5 Bubbler, you’ll be able to place a small bong attachment over your mouthpiece to provide extra surface area and a layer of water for added vapor cooling! Using an airtight silicone adapter, it’s very easy to use and can really help connoisseurs get the cool down the biggest hits possible from their dab pen.

Premium Build Quality

The Utillian 5 is well built, durable, and made to last – We consider it to be the best wax pens.

This unit has rods that are made from black ceramic, unlike the rods on most wax vapes that are made from quartz. The ceramic rods allow for better absorption than their quartz counterparts, which is a big part of the reason why the hits are so smooth with this model. Even though this unit is bigger than most of the other vape pens out there, it still looks like your typical vaporizer for nicotine, so you won’t run into any issues with its discreetness. If you’re looking to up your wax vape game, you really can’t go wrong at all with the Utillian 5.

Feedback from an Expert 

With its four voltage temperature controls, faster dab loading, threadless design, and more, the key features are more than enough to solidify its position as the one of the best dab pens on the market.

Utillian 5 Review

What's in the box

  • 1 x Utillian 5 V3 Wax Pen Kit
  • 1 x Twisted Kanthal Coil
  • 1 x Triple Titanium Coil
  • 6 x White O-rings
  • 6x Black O-rings
  • 1 x Dab Tool Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Charger

Customer Reviews

Utillian 5 V3
Based on 75 Reviews
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
  1. Avatar for greg


    I have had my Utilian 5 for about a year now. I dropped the mouthpiece and broke off the spoon and a piece on the mouth. Was able to glue the mouthpiece but the spoon was lost. This pen rivals the puffco peak and may actually be better. The clouds are dense and ony takes about 10 seconds before you are taking in some lungbusters. It has been my daiy driver and has held up well.
    I also have the bubbler and while it works great it is too top heavy and falls over or completely off. Its pretty sturdy as it bounced off the patio unscathed you just have to becareful.
    Overall this is an excellent choice for vaping the battery life is still very good, easy to clean and gets the job done. I have many pricey vapes but this is my favorite. For the price it is beyond anything else

  2. Avatar for Tommy


    I upgraded from the Puffco Plus to the Utillian 5, and WOW, what a difference! The Utillian 5 gives me big, fluffy clouds, and I couldn’t be happier!

    The clouds from the Utillian 5 are like puffy cotton candy – so big and satisfying. It’s way better than my old Puffco Plus, which was wispy.

    Using the Utillian 5 is super easy. I just load it up, press a button, and boom – big clouds! It’s so much fun!

    The battery life is great too. It lasts a long time, so I can have more cloud time. Plus, it charges pretty fast, so no waiting around.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous


    runs pretty hot but I have the bubbler that helps with that. OVerall super durable and strong

  4. Avatar for Robert Puzo

    Robert Puzo

    Amazing!!! After hours of watching videos and reading reviews this was what seemed to be the best pen for the money. My research did me right because this thing is an absolute beast!!! I have ZERO complaints!!! Everything is exactly as I felt it would be after all the time spent looking into it!!! Tools420 got it to me in such a fast manner from Canada I was truly impressed!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Avatar for Paul N.

    Paul N.

    One of the strongest dab pens on the market. Kicks your ass if you’re not careful. Considering the bubbler upgrade because of that fact. Good hits and battery life so far.

  6. Avatar for Audrey R.

    Audrey R.

    The utilian 5 has super strong coils that vape all the dabs ive put in it even big globs so ya works well

  7. Avatar for Anonymous


    This is my second Utillian 5. This is the new version with better battery and no more dab tool since the mouthpiece has a scoop. Other than that part being a bit flimsy, I think it’s super strong and the battery lasts me days of use.

  8. Avatar for Jason O.

    Jason O.

    I own a lot of different wax pens and this one stands out because of its super fast clouds. I prefer a one hitter style and the Utillian 5 does that for me.

  9. Avatar for Rikko


    One of the best dab pens for sure, it can get a little hot but if you like big clouds this is the one to buy.

  10. Avatar for Anonymous


    Free cotton wipes are dried out no good.

  11. Avatar for Andy


    works well however it did not come with a spoon as described in the literature

  12. Avatar for Jason


    I had the Utillian 5 V2 for years and it was great. I invested in the V3 and the battery stoped working in under 2 months. I see others with the similar problem with new 1500 battery. Unfortunately Tools420 only cover a 30 day warranty and directed me to TVapes which is part of Utillian, hard company to figure out. This is where the customer experience takes a complete nose dive. I have been engaged with them for close to 2 weeks , providing my receipt and video requested and nothing but crickets. There is a-lot of variety out there and I suggest you find one that produces better quality for your hard earned money!

  13. Avatar for Rob


    Worth the money

  14. Avatar for Trevor S.

    Trevor S.

  15. Avatar for John Wiener

    John Wiener

    Battery life not what expected and now it has died in the first month of usage.

  16. Avatar for Luc


    The tool included is so fragile, i prefer the V2

  17. Avatar for Dave Thuot

    Dave Thuot

  18. Avatar for denobulan


    great pen Only downside is that the dab tool was missing in the box.

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      The new dab tool is on the mouthpiece

  19. Avatar for Tracy


    Third one and will probably get another when the time comes.

  20. Avatar for Tony


    The guys at 420 tools were more than fair to deal with. Highly recommend.

  21. Avatar for Mike Hann

    Mike Hann

    Best pen I have used

  22. Avatar for Brian C.

    Brian C.

  23. Avatar for Shane S

    Shane S

  24. Avatar for Anonymous


    I have used Utillian 5 for years, the old 1050mah batteries lasted a bit over 2 years, we will see how the new 1500mah batteries last. I really like my Utillian 5.

  25. Avatar for Stephen K

    Stephen K

    Awesome tool! Been using mine for about two months. I can see how the O rings seem to be wearing quite fast. Very easy to use. Great purchase! Highly recommend.

  26. Avatar for Norm Groulx

    Norm Groulx

    Happy happy! Thanks

  27. Avatar for Elaine F

    Elaine F

    It is a great pen, especially for the price point. Adjusting from a load and go pen but this pen is much better for the dabber. The battery is one of the pens best features, long lasting and quick to charge. The only situation I experienced was the black O rings wear quickly and blacken if not kept clean.

  28. Avatar for Anonymous


    Wish I had found this product sooner. It is so convenient and effective.

  29. Avatar for Kris Muniz

    Kris Muniz

  30. Avatar for Ondrae Walker

    Ondrae Walker

  31. Avatar for Enmanuel E.

    Enmanuel E.

  32. Avatar for Colin B.

    Colin B.

    Best pen so far used 6 diff brands and 6-7 styles of the Yocan, yocan is worst by far

  33. Avatar for Janice


    I bought for my son and the Utilian he said is the best he has used yet.

  34. Avatar for Michael C.

    Michael C.

    This is my second Utillian 5… Can’t go without it! A real workhorse..!!

  35. Avatar for Anonymous


  36. Avatar for Joseph C.

    Joseph C.

    Great product for wax pen one of the best

  37. Avatar for Janice


  38. Avatar for Brad Z.

    Brad Z.

  39. Avatar for Paulo Pangilinan

    Paulo Pangilinan

    A great buy! I was hesitant at first but I still bought it. I tested it thoroughly and even made a video review on Youtube for it. I will vouch for the quality of this device any day. Its quite simply the best on the market for AND one of the cheapest. Thank you!

  40. Avatar for garnett j.

    garnett j.

    The Utillian 5 is a bong replacement. the battery last several days on 1 charge and its easy to take apart and clean. I like it so much I am buying a second pen to keep at my vacation home.

  41. Avatar for Paul


  42. Avatar for Jeremy J.

    Jeremy J.

    This thing rips! Great quality and power from a portable unit

  43. Avatar for Anonymous


    Works great for about 2 months, then battery screws up. I get one light and that is all, I have gone through 4 in 9 months. I use it by myself.

  44. Avatar for Stephen


    Ver good 🙂

  45. Avatar for Thomas F.

    Thomas F.

    Excellent value and performance.

  46. Avatar for Joe H.

    Joe H.

  47. Avatar for Jacob


    can’t say enough good things about the Utillian 5. I have thrown away my dab rig and now exclusively use this device. the coils are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace. it’s built strong and it’s easy to use. recommend it to anyone that will listen.

  48. Avatar for Jack Reed

    Jack Reed

  49. Avatar for Emerald Belen

    Emerald Belen

  50. Avatar for Owen Kessler

    Owen Kessler

    I recently placed an order and received both of my Utillian 5’s quickly, considering it had to get to the States. The pen works great and I have tried a bunch from the Yocan, Kandypen, etc…the Utllian is a beast! Customer service was top notch and communication was prompt!

  51. Avatar for Darren


    The best wax pen I owned by far! Well worth the price! I bought two, the black and gold one. Happy with both colors!

  52. Avatar for Justin


    For my rosin this is great.

  53. Avatar for Jordan


    These suck. Maybe its just mine but the batter will not hold a charge. I can use it for one 3-5 minute session and then I have to charge it again.

    • Avatar for Tools420


      Hi Jordan. I have contacted you via email to assist you with this issue.

  54. Avatar for Anonymous



  55. Avatar for pat redman

    pat redman

    there’s a rubber and gold plug on the bottom of the cartridges…do i leave them on when i change the cartridge or do i take one or the other out???

    • Avatar for Tools420


      The rubber and the gold plug should not be touched. To replace the coil just twist off the coil and twist on the new coil on the unit.

  56. Avatar for The idiot

    The idiot

    Probably the best wax pen i’ve used by far, gets me wrecked LOL

  57. Avatar for Anonymous


  58. Avatar for Jerome Glasper

    Jerome Glasper

  59. Avatar for Thomas R.

    Thomas R.

    I bought it for my wife and she absolutely loves it. Great product.

  60. Avatar for Eric MacElroy

    Eric MacElroy

  61. Avatar for Adam


  62. Avatar for Wayne S.

    Wayne S.

  63. Avatar for Anonymous


  64. Avatar for Alex C.

    Alex C.

    Great piece

  65. Avatar for Fabio M.

    Fabio M.

    Could not be happier!

  66. Avatar for Anonymous


    Thicc clouds

  67. Avatar for Micael D.

    Micael D.

    Quick shipping, great price and I absolutely love the Utilian 5 vape, way better than my overpriced kandypens crystal!! I get huge flavorful clouds of vapor that can compare to dab rig!! Definitely recommend the Utilian 5!!!

  68. Avatar for Wayne Steele

    Wayne Steele

  69. Avatar for Carson


  70. Avatar for Joel T.

    Joel T.

    Way better than my Yocan vape. While I miss the storage container on my Yocan Evolve Plus, this thing is way nicer built and hits really hard. U get 2 different types of coils as well so u can change the experience up whenever you want. Good vape good price would recommend

  71. Avatar for JP


    Couldn’t find any reviews on Reddit about the Utillian 5 so I figured I’d be the brave soul to test it out. Surprise surprise, it’s actually pretty good! It’s a little more expensive than the other wax vapes I have but in all honesty it’s quite a bit better. My other wax vapes don’t have any temperature control so you’re stuck with the one setting. This one is way better because you can change up the experience . only complaint is replacement atomziers r a little expensive for my liking.

  72. Avatar for Anonymous


    A+++++ big fan of it and ive had it for just 1 week. Hits like a BEAST and I get mad ripped off a couple rips. Fits on my bong which is perfect bcuz it hits too hard without water for real. This is the real deal haha my friends all love it we use it all day after class now.

  73. Avatar for Paul


  74. Avatar for John K.

    John K.

    Battery life is alright, but it’s quite small so I can let it slide. It’s built quite nice, feels like a premium product and most people will just think it’s a normal e-cig. I much prefer the triple-coil setup but I haven’t really tested the single coil all too much. All in all it’s a solid vape and I think it’s worth the money. I think the best temperature settings I 2 since you can really taste your concentrates much better.

  75. Avatar for Anonymous


    Fast shipping, good customer service, helped me figure out how to use my Utillian 5 vape when I messaged them on Reddit. Beyond that it’s a good device and my first wax vape, so I don’t really have any other grounds to compare it on.

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Product Q&A

I have a problem vaping with a mod box the voodoo it’s really hard to use is this easier to use like for dummies?

Yep, just press and hold the power for huge dab clouds!

Is the ceramic mouthpiece replaceable? I’ve done alot of looking and found 2 versions, 1 out of stock and the original, which I can’t find


Does this come with a case? Do you sell a case that comes with it? Does it come with a grippy sleeve like you can get for the Pax 3?

There is no sleeve or official case, but we do have our own affordable case: https://tools420.com/product/tools420-vape-case/

Hi I just recently have gotten the utillian 5 however I feel like it is not producing as much vapor as seen on reviews. I have only tried the kanthal coil and most of the dab seems just burns away. I use it a low temp and everything. Is it used for bigger dabs because I am smoking on raw gardens live resin/sauce and I feel like its wasting so much of the dab. Thanks for your help

Are you experiencing similar problems with the Triple Titanium coils? The twisted kanthal coils are definitely meant for bigger rips and the Triple Titanium more for flavor enhancement. Contact us if you see the problem persist with both!

Johnson Z
How do I change the temp on the Utillian 5 vape?

You can cycle between the 4 temperature settings by triple-pressing the power button.

How do I hit the Utillian 5?

Inhale gently while holding down the power button at the same time. We recommend to continue inhaling for a couple seconds after you’re done powering the atomizer to cool down the coils and not waste precious wax!

David Peer
How can I clean the Utillian 5?

We recommend soaking the atomizers and mouthpiece assemblies in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with distilled water and drying properly. Do a burn-off session to ensure it’s fully clean before loading your next dabs!

Johnny C.
How do I load my Utillian 5?

We recommend briefly holding the power button a couple of t times to warm the atomizer up before applying a small amount of wax. How much wax to use is up to you but we recommend no more than a rice-grain sized amount to have it working in tip top shape all the time.

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