Utillian 8

Key Features

  • Removable vape sleeve
  • 3D Ceramic Atomizer
  • Included 3mm terp pearls
  • Long and cooling bubbler
  • Carb cab dab tool
  • Hard vape case
  • Haptic feedback

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Utillian
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Vaporizing Material: THC Concentrates
Heating System: 3D Atomizer
Heat Up Time: 20 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.3g
Bowl Material: Ceramic
Battery Life/Size: 3150mAh
Temperature Range: 400-800°F
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 18cm x 10.3cm
Weight: 0.6 lbs

Utillian 8 For Sale

If you’ve been looking for an E-Rig with high-quality performance for your high-grade THC concentrates, the Utillian 8 is here to answer your prayers. With a 3D ceramic atomizer chamber along with an ergonomic bubbler and USB-C charging, it’s hard to find a fault with this device.

3D Ceramic Bucket Atomizer

The shining star of this E-Rig is its top-performing Burst Hit ceramic chamber.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, 3D heating refers to the coils being embedded all around the ceramic bucket so that there are no hot or cold spots which mean your dab will vaporize very evenly and efficiently.

With the four carefully selected voltages on U8, you’ll be tasting all of your concentrate’s terpenes in the flavorful clouds that it produces. The Utillian 8 E Rig will be able to give you excellent flavor or huge clouds depending on what pre-set temperature you’re on!

Dabbing Made Easy

The Utillian 8 is the ultimate device for dabbing enthusiasts. With just one press of the power button, you can activate the device and let it heat up automatically to your desired voltage level. You can easily adjust the voltage with single taps of the power button, depending on how intense you want your hits to be.

As soon as the lights turn from red to green, you are ready to enjoy the smooth and flavorful vapor of your favorite concentrates. But wait, there’s more! The Utillian 8 comes with two ruby terp pearls that you can add to the chamber for an extra boost of performance. These tiny balls will spin and swirl around the bowl as your dab melts, ensuring even heating and maximum extraction.

To top it off, the Utillian 8 features a carb cap with two small air holes that you can control with your index fingers. This way, you can fine-tune the airflow of your session and customize your experience. Don’t miss this chance to get the most out of your dabs with the Utillian 8!

How the Utillian 8 works

Instead of a normal carb cap, Utillian Vaporizer has implemented its trademark integrated dab tool carb cap design!

With an integrated dab tool on the carb cap, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with sticky concentrates to load the chamber. Simply scoop up your dab on the cap and place it back on the chamber, and your dab will slowly melt onto the atomizer.

The Utillian 8 takes 20 seconds to heat up, stays at your set temperature for 20 seconds, and then cools down over 20 seconds – It’s the perfect session time to clear the bowl from a rice-sized grain of dab!

After your session, simply place everything back into the included vape case. It keeps everything protected and allows you to take your sessions with you on the go.

Powerful 3150mAh battery

With an outstanding 3150mAh battery, you’ll be able to get up to 30 sessions uninterrupted from a single charge. Without a fancy HD screen or a BlueTooth app, the Utillian 8 is able to perform longer because it’s focused all on performance & Another plus is the Utillian 8 will automatically power off after your session to help save battery life.

With USB-C charging, you’ll be able to charge from dead to full in just over an hour which is another great stat for heavy users.

High-Quality Bubbler

A high-quality bubbler is something you rarely see on the premium E-Rigs these days, as they almost seem to be an afterthought. With the Utillian 8, it uses a high-quality tinted bubbler, and performs amazingly well!

There is tons of airflow comparable through the bong-shaped bubbler, and because there’s tons of surface area, your vapor will have plenty of room to cool down. With its tinted design, it will better hide resin and hard-water lines, which will reduce the amount of times you’ll have to clean it.

Utillian 8 E Rig Accessories

Feedback from an Expert

With the integrated dab tool, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with your sticky concentrates as well, meaning a session on the go is as easy as scooping the carb cap into a dab container and then placing it back onto the Utillian 8.

Utillian 8 Review

What's in the box

  • Utillian 8
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • x5 Cleaning Q-Tips
  • x5 Cleaning Wipes
  • x2 Terp Pearls
  • Owner’s Manual

Customer Reviews

Utillian 8
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  1. Avatar for Lucas


    Hits hard and has smooth hits. An excellent portable dab rig for beginners.

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Product Q&A

What type of atomizer does the Utillian 8 use?

The Utillian 8 uses a high-quality 3d ceramic atomizer that will cook your concentrates very evenly.

What do the Utillian 8 terp pearls do?

The Utillian 8 terp pearls are made to be placed into the chamber, 2 or 3 at a time, so that they can roll around during your session and help your concentrate to melt and cook evenly.

How do you change the temperature on the Utillian 8?

You can cycle through the four pre-set temperatures by tapping the power button once after beginning a heating cycle by pressing and holding the power button.

Can you control airflow with the carb cap?

You can control airflow with the carb cab by blocking the two small air intake holes, or by rolling the carb cab around.

Why is the bubbler tinted?

By having a tinted bubbler, you’ll be able to see less hardwater or resin stains so that cleaning just for aesthetical purposes won’t be an issue.

How long the atomizer stay hot for

The Utillian 8 heats up over 20 seconds, stays at temp. for 20 seconds, and then cools down over 20 seconds. I’ve found you’re able to take hits after about ten seconds into heating all the way until it auto shuts off

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