Universal 14mm Bubbler Curved Tip

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Key Features

  • Universally pairs with any 14mm adapter
  • Curved tip for easy access to vapor
  • Instantly cools your dry, hot vapor
  • Easy fill and drain design

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10mm Female to 14mm Male Adapter

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Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 water pipe adapter inside Solo 2. Vaporizer not included

Arizer Water Adapter

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orange chronic pipe cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner

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Utillian 620 bong adapter on Utillian 620

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Product Description

How does the curved 14mm vape bubbler work?

Strap in for the tastiest, smoothest ride yet and all the potency to match. You’ll see just how great your vape can be once you get your hands on one of these. These bubblers feature a curved tip for easy delivery – Easily pair it with your vape of choice so long as you have a 14mm water pipe adapter (WPA). Add both session creativity and cooled vapor to your lineup!

How to use the 14mm vaporizer bubbler?

To fill, place under running water for a few seconds, and you will see the water level itself after pulling away. Be sure to empty after each use by blowing on the mouthpiece ensuring all water has drained, and drying afterward.

What can you use a Universal 14mm Bubbler Curved Tip with?

The Universal 14mm Bubbler is compatible with the Crafty+/Mighty+ bong adapter, Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 bong adapter, DynaVap bong adapter, Utillian 620 bong adapter, Zeus Arc WPA, ArGo bong adapter, XMAX V3 bong adapter,  Boundless CFC 2.0, or any universal 14mm adapter.

How to clean the 14mm curved tip bubbler?

If you start to see grime build ups or resin on the interior, it’s as easy as soaking the bubbler or shaking it with some Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner inside. After that, give it a few rinse outs with hot water and it’ll be as good as now.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Universal 14mm Bubbler Curved Tip

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Product Q&A

What is the best utility of this bubbler?

This is a high quality borosilicate dry herb vape bubbler

Does it work with the utillian 722 ?

No, you might consider the 14mm whip bubbler so that the silicon whip can fit over the mouthpiece.