DaVinci IQC

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Key Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 30 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Glass and Ceramic Air Path
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Smartphone App Dosage Control
  • Swappable 18650 battery
  • Improved USB-C Charge Time

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Product Description

DaVinci IQC Vaporizer

DaVinci is one of the most distinguished brands in the vaporizer business. They’ve been around for more than five years and in that short amount of time have released a few of the best portable dry herb vapes on the market. Their newest model, the IQC, is no exception. After the success of the DaVinci IQ2, they decided to go back to the drawing board and after an extensive overhaul, the IQC was born. This vaporizer is the rebooted version of the IQ2 that focuses on modernizing the design, while still keeping the price low.

Isolated Vapor Air Path

Packed full of distinctive features, the IQC undoubtedly stands out from the rest of the vaporizers at its price point. In the oven, you’ll find what DaVinci calls their Zirconia Pearl which helps to compress your herb in the 0.4g conduction oven. This part is adjustable which allows you to change the size of your oven to better compress smaller amounts of flowers. When you’re inhaling, your vapor will only come into contact with zirconia and glass, which means you won’t have any funny tastes that cheaper vaporizers have. Most other vapes typically have the vapor run past the electronics or plastic, so with the IQC, you’ll be getting better terpene flavor.

Strong 3000mAh Battery

In terms of power, one of the best things the IQC offers is a 3000 mAh 18650 removable battery that it uses. The battery itself recharges at lightning speed and is swappable which gives you that much more flexibility if it should stop working. Instead of having to exchange the whole unit, only the battery needs to be swapped out. Compared to the five-hour charge time on the IQ2, thanks to its USB-C charging, the IQC powers up in just 2 hours. Should your device stop working, you’ll also have access to a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Polymer Mouthpieces

The new IQC mouthpiece is formulated from an FDA-approved antimicrobial polymer, which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. This material also reduces how quickly the mouthpiece warms up, as the IQ2 was prone to getting uncomfortable after back to back sessions. In the kit, you can choose to use either the 10mm raised mouthpiece or the flat mouthpiece. With the raised mouthpiece, it acts as a bong adapter to you can pair it with either a 10mm Bubbler or the 10mm Curved Cooler for hits so smooth, they should be criminal.

Precision Temperature Control

The IQC promotes the Smart Path temperature setting allowing you to choose presets that they have named Flavor, Mind, Body, and Rest. There is also a Precision Mode for more experienced users, allowing you to adjust the temperature down to a single degree between 121-221° C / 250-430° F. In addition, the IQC comes with a DaVinci smartphone app that keeps track of the time between sessions to further give you control over how long and how often you vape. On the smartphone app, there is also a way to track your dosages and have your device auto-shut off when you’ve reached your set amount.

Is the DaVinci ICQ Vaporizer worth it?

The IQC is the middle ground between an entry-level vape and a premium vape. It still boasts plenty of features that you’d find in much more expensive vapes but is at a reasonable price. Especially considering it has both dry herb and concentrate capabilities. It heats up fast, charges quickly, and allows you to swap the 18650 battery. It’s a concise, compact, and portable vape that both new and experienced vape users will be happy with.

DaVinci IQC Accessories

What's in the box

  • 1x DaVinci IQC
  • 1x 18650 Battery
  • 2x Stickers
  • 1x Instruction booklet
  • 1x 10mm Water Adapter
  • 1x Extra Pick Tool
  • 3x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x 3ft Braided Nylon USB To Type-C Cable

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: DaVinci
Warranty Period: 5 Years
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb & Wax
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 30 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.5g - 0.2 Dosage Pod
Bowl Material: Ceramic Zirconia
Battery Life/Size: 90min/18650
Temperature Range: 121-221° C / 250-430° F
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 1.75in wide x 3.61in tall x .97 depth
Weight: 130g

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Loumin


    Feels like a good quality vaporizer. It produces good vapor and also very discreet. Perfect for me to take on my evening walks!!

  2. Avatar for Ammosexual


    Amazing vape!

    Incredible clouds and flavors, add to it a removable 18650 battery; this thing smokes the competition (pun not intended) hands down.

    The one thing that really stands out is the HUGE oven, you can really pack a decent amount of flower in there and toast it 100%.

    I also have a Zeus ARC GT, and as good as that unit is, the DaV is a step up.

    Solid purchase / 11 out of 10 / would bang.

  3. Avatar for Andrew


    Got this instead of the GTS, already own the GT. I really like it – It’s super stylish and easy to use. Only downside is the learning curve to get top quality vapor thru adjusting the dosing globe on the bottom and using a fine grind.

  4. Avatar for Ashley


    This device works like a dream. The smooth hit really allows you to taste the flower. Would bug again

  5. Avatar for John S

    John S

    DaVinci IQC has been my best vaporizer purchase to date. Easy to use and stylish. Thanks for the fast shipping, Joey!

  6. Avatar for Shawn Miller

    Shawn Miller

    DaVinci IQC vaporizer is the best option for beginners. This is the third DaVinci I’ve ordered off Tools420 and I’m always impressed with their turnaround time. Shoutout to Joey for helping me with a shipping issue with Canada Post.

  7. Avatar for Gerry M.

    Gerry M.

    Really high-quality, but wish the draw restriction was a bit easier.

  8. Avatar for Dan G.

    Dan G.

    Looks like and is portable but the vapor quality can be hit or miss compared to my Miqro.

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Product Q&A

Darius K.
How does it work

The bottom oven lid pops open for you to fill with up to 0.4g of ground cannabis to vaporizer and then inhale through the mouthpiece on top

Tia B.
How do I work the bluetooth connection on the IQC?

You can check to see if bluetooth is on by pressing the up and down arrows five times – A box means that it’s off, and a line down the middle means its on and can be connected to

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