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Key Features

  • USB-C Charger Latest Version
  • Ceramic-Lined Chamber *2021 edition
  • Fast Charging Compatible *2021 edition
  • Hybrid Convection / Conduction Heating
  • 3 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Dry Herb and Concentrate Compatible
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Wide Variety of Available Accessories
  • Crafty+ Smartphone App

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Product Description

Crafty+ For Sale

You will love the new Crafty+ by the industry-famous Storz & Bickel. With recent upgrades to the 2021 model like USB-C charging, a ceramic-lined chamber, and fast charging capabilities, there are more reasons than ever to upgrade your portable vaporizer.

With other features like a 30% faster heat-up time, significantly improved battery life, and the same incredible reliability, the Crafty+ is a real pocket powerhouse.

How the Crafty+ works

With the Crafty Plus, the mouthpiece has a twist-on-and-off design just above the chamber oven.

Once you’ve loaded the bowl with your 0.3g of ground weed and re-seal the mouthpiece, all you’ll have to do is press the orange power button at the base of the vape to automatically begin the heating process. Once your lights turn from blue to green and the unit vibrates, you’ll be good to start inhaling!

There are three main temperatures on your Crafty Plus: The default temperature which you’ll be able to adjust on your smartphone via the Crafty Plus App, and then a boosted (+15C), and super-boosted temperature (+30C). For the boosts, all you’ll have to do is either press the power button twice or three times & can be used to temporarily raise temperatures for 90 seconds to close out sessions.

Improved Heat-up Time

The Crafty Plus uses a combination of convection and conduction heating, but leans heavily in favor of convection, which gives your herb a nice flavor and vapor quality.

Convection heating works by heating your herbs with hot air & the ceramic-lined metal ring in the heating chamber is the source of conduction that makes for a very even heating of your cannabis. With a hybrid system and excellent airflow, your hits will always be consistent in the Crafty+!

Extra Portable!

With its compact form, this vaporizer is smaller than most smartphones, so it’ll be ready to go wherever you are! Despite this, it’s durable enough to take skiing or hiking without having to worry about impacts. To save some time on the go, you can even fill up some Dosing Capsules to make reloading the chamber a breeze. The tiny Capsule Caddy fits on a keychain and can hold up to 4 extra sessions whilst being airtight and smell-proof.

Use it with Concentrates

To be concentrate compatible, there is an included Mighty Liquid Pad in the kit. Simply add this to the chamber with your favorite concentrates using a high-temperature setting, and the vapor quality will be excellent after a few hits as your dab melts into the mesh for an even extraction.

Effortless Vapor Quality

With the patented and trademarked Storz & Bickel ‘cooling unit’ mouthpiece, all of the nooks and crannies will each hit consistently smooth. With the 2021 upgrade to a ceramic-lined bowl, it is almost a guarantee that every session will be awesome. The free-flowing draw resistance means the pull will be effortless and is a nice perk for beginners and medicinal users. For those who want nothing but the best, this and the Mighty+ should be at the top of your list!

If you’re looking for an even smoother experience attach the Crafty Long Bubbler or Crafty Short Bubbler for a noticeable difference in vapor cooling and quality. 

Crafty Plus 2021 Model USB-C Charging Upgrade

The upgraded battery will not only last longer but has been improved with USB-C charging compared to Micro-USB on the older model.

You can expect to get about an hour of usage before needing a recharge which will take roughly an hour and a half on the stock charger. This is still about 25 minutes faster than the original Crafty’s Micro-USB charging. With the option to fast charge in an hour, it’s a nice change that adds versatility to your portable vaping experience.

Crafty+ 2021 vs Micro-USB Crafty Differences

  • Charging Method: USB-C | Micro-USB
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours, One hour with Supercharger | Two Hours
  • Bowl Material:  Ceramic | Aluminum

Easy to Use!

On top of the great features mentioned so far, there is a Crafty Plus Application that will let you easily adjust your main temperature and boost settings to your liking. To pair your device, just have your Crafty+ power up and your application opens beside it at the same time.

3-Year Warranty

With a 3-year warranty, legendary Storz & Bickel reliability, and a world-class factory based in Germany, your Crafty+ is sure to stand the test of time. By the creators of the world-renowned Volcano Vaporizer, you can expect nothing but the most stringent design process. This will keep you safe from any manufacturing defects.

Available Accessories

Make sure to check out our Crafty+ Vape Review to get an in-depth overview of how we feel about this device and what to expect!
If you’re still undecided, be sure to also check out our Crafty+ vs Mighty+ Review.

What's in the box

  • The Crafty+ vaporizer
  • USB Charging cable
  • Replacement large and small screens
  • Replacement o-rings
  • Dosing capsule
  • 2 Liquid pads
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety instructions

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
Warranty Period: 2 years (Additional 1 year upon registration)
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb & Wax
Heating System: Hybrid (convection/conduction)
Heat Up Time: 60 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.3g
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Life/Size: 60 minutes
Temperature Range: 104°F - 410°F (40 - 210°C)
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 4.4 x 1.3 x 4.2 in
Weight: 120g

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Harold


    was hard to buy the crafty in Canada for some reason since other sites blocked my payment?? but damn
    am I not disappointed now! It hits really hard and gets me really well baked. definitely the best weed
    vape I’ve had so far and im a heavy stoner haha.

  2. Avatar for Julie


    I’m a medical cannabis user and had the Mighty vape before it died on me. I’m really glad I went with
    the Crafty+ since it performs about the same and the size of the Crafty+ is way smaller than the Mighty.
    Crafty+ vs Mighty? I choose this one! Shame the iPhone app doesn’t work, I had to connect to a friends
    Android to config my settings.

    • Avatar for Tools420


      Fortunately now you can customize your Crafty+ using S&B’s Web App. You can find the link above in the product description.

  3. Avatar for Anonymouos


    Appreciate the fast and discreet shipping! Was really hesitant at first about the Crafty+ but it’s for sure
    the best portable herb vape I’ve tried so far (solo 2, flowermate, etc). Thanks you guys! How do I clean
    the crafty though? It gets messy fast! The battery life of the Crafty+ is way better than the old Crafty
    too! Tips for cleaning the Crafty??

    • Avatar for Tools420


      The best suggestion that has worked for us is to brush off the unit after every session and keep a regular maintenance. It really helps and for more tips and trick take a look at this article: How to clean your vaporizer

  4. Avatar for jane


    Way better than the other cheap vapes I had, defs worth the price! I found the best temperature for the
    crafty+ to be around 200c, hits so hard but with good flavor. Still high now haha works well with dabs
    and weed, oh and if you put some kief on it my god it rocks you hard. Definitely worth the price

  5. Avatar for Maurice


  6. Avatar for Anonymous


  7. Avatar for Roland Walet

    Roland Walet

  8. Avatar for Anonymous


  9. Avatar for David


    Crafty+ is legit. Stop looking and buy this. Best on the market hands down.

  10. Avatar for Shant D.

    Shant D.


  11. Avatar for Derek


    Well worth the money. I upgraded from my starter vape (Utillian 420) and what an improvement. Excellent vape and great service from Tools420.

  12. Avatar for Anthony D.

    Anthony D.

    Best vape ever made!

  13. Avatar for Paul F

    Paul F

    Crafty+ is awesome a real step up from my last vaporiser! The dosing capsules are great; easy to load and very convenient. My friends with the Pax are jealous

  14. Avatar for matt c.

    matt c.

    I like it but now wish I got the mighty.

  15. Avatar for Brian


  16. Avatar for Henk


  17. Avatar for Enrique Troncoso

    Enrique Troncoso

    Pros…..greta vapor and flavor ….capsules are great for microdosing

    Cons: Weak battery and long time to charge…..should have C conection and fast charging…..

  18. Avatar for anon


    I upgraded to the new model because my 6 year old crafty finally died. The battery life is fantastic and I don’t mind using the web app to change the temp… normally sit around 390… Thanks to guys at Tools420 for the help

  19. Avatar for Paul


    I recently got the 2021 model after five years with my original Solo. The fast USB-C charging is a welcome upgrade, and so were the extra dosing capsules I got to make chamber loading a breeze when im out hiking. 5/5

  20. Avatar for Alex


    App temperature control is a bit annoying, so usually go for longer draws on lower temps and then finish with a superboost to close out.

  21. Avatar for Anonymous


    Wish I bought the Crafty+ 1st! Yes its expensive but it’s absolutely worth it, 100%.

    Short review: BUY THE CRAFTY+ 1ST!!! Vape quality, flavor, cooling, low draw reistance, cleaning, size/ form factor, ISO medical certification and the android app all make for an absolutely amazing device. Get the Mighty if you want more battery life and 8-10 sessions vs the 4-5 sessions with the Crafty+.

    Very long review (shows how much I love the Crafty+):

    Saw the Crafty+ years ago and said no way, too expensive, so I went through 4 other vapes and several hundred dollars trying to cheap out (big fail):

    1) Magic Flight launch box (garbage, weak)
    2) Zeus Smite (garbage, weak)
    3) Boundless Tera (3/5): I absolutely loved the removable twin 8650 batteries, the sturdy build and it was very powerful however it got dirty very quickly, the bottom chamber screen always fell out, uneven burn, poor cooling, gave me a sore throat every use.
    4) Zeus Arc GT (3/5): Loved the small size, sturdy build, vape quality/ cooling (very smart design) however the cooling plate got filthy and plugged quickly and the pull resistance was way, way too high, even when new. Hated the flow sink screen and tall narrow, rectangular chamber. Easy to clean but had to clean it every 3-4 sessions.

    Which brought me to the Crafty+. Vape quality, flavor, cooling, low draw reistance, cleaning and the android app are all absolutely amazing. It stays super clean (I brush it out after every use as I did the others). Super easy to clean with the open style design. 2 dozen sessions so far and the chamber is spotless and it’s the non ceramic coated version! Great form factor/ size and Its ISO certified for medical use. The one and only negative is the battery. 4 to 5 sessions max and it’s not removable. If Storz and Bickel would make it removable it would be the perfect vape. If you’re a heavy user get the Mighty. For 1 to 4 sessions a day the Crafty+ is perfect.

    On a side note Tools420 sent me the 2nd gen Crafty+ (no ceramic chamber, no usb c / fast charge) somehow after I ordered the newest version. They dealt with it quickly and professionally, giving me a discount on my next purchase since I decided to keep it, since, in my experience ceramic coatings eventually chip off and fast charging lipo batteries reduce their lifespan… so it worked out well. Thank you Tools420!!!

  22. Avatar for Anonymous


  23. Avatar for Leo D

    Leo D

    I’m old, this is not easy to use like my Mighty+

  24. Avatar for Jacob


    I’ve been loving the Crafty Plus. Good price here.

  25. Avatar for Stephane G.

    Stephane G.

    Great quality vaporiser. One hour per charge (more or less an hour of vaping) . Must be cleaned regularly, but the dosage capsules make it easy keep bowl clean. Note: when using dishsoap to clean gaskets, use an unscented one… the perfumes are slightly vaped after cleaning….

  26. Avatar for Alfons T.

    Alfons T.

    Solid portable vaporizer. I wish there was a screen on it like the Mighty+

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Product Q&A

how do i use the dosing capsules?????

All you’ll need to do is smoosh some fine grind in from your grinder and close the capsule before loading it into the Crafty Plus chamber. Easy as that. It also is a good option for using the sandwich method when you’re putting some resin in between your dry herb. Once you’re done, just knock it out and put a new one in!

What is the Crafty+ bowl made of?

The Crafty+ vaporizer’s bowl is made of stain resistant ceramic.

How to use the Crafty vaporizer liquid pad?

We like to warm-up the unit with the pad in already to make melting your dabs/wax onto the pad
easier. Take a small BB or rice-grain amount of wax onto a metal pick and then touch it to the pad while
it’s warm to melt it on. Inhale and enjoy. Use the highest temperature possible for the best results!

How to clean the Crafty vaporizer?

Use a small brush to clear out the chamber and screen on the cooling unit every session or so. Once in
a while give the whole cooling unit a full cleaning. Check out our How to clean Crafty vape guide for
some in-depth tips and help!

How to use the Crafty vaporizer?

The Crafty vaporizer app can be used to configure all the settings on the device. Of course you can
use it without the app and with just the one button. Use some ground herb and pack it in gently and
inhale slowly after it has heated up! Check out our How to use Crafty Vape guide for more tips and help!

Why does the Crafty vaporizer flash red and yellow?

This means the unit is defective and should be returned for service! Please let us know if you bought
the Crafty+ from us and we’ll be happy to sort you out as quickly as we can!

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