Storz & Bickel Capsule Caddy Keychain

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Key Features

  • Store up to four preloaded dosing capsules for your Crafty or Mighty
  • Sleek Keychain design
  • Pair this on the Mighty or Crafty Vape Carrying Case zipper for even more portability

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Product Specifications

How it Works

The official Storz & Bickel keychain capsule caddy, this little convenient container will host up to 4 dosing capsules comfortably. Smell-proof, water-proof, and made of a sturdy aluminum, this convenient little capsule caddy is perfect for taking some doses on the go!

Also handy and compatible with the Volcano Weed Machine, Volcano Hybrid, and Plenty Vaporizer if you keep your vape in the garage.

How to use the capsule caddy keychain?

Optionally, just fill it with herb without any capsules as a handy little herb container. Holds up to ~ 1 gram of dry herb or 4 Storz & Bickel dosing capsules. A perfect accessory for your Crafty+ or Mighty+ vaporizer. Simply swap out a new dosing capsule in place of the old one and store the used one back in the capsule caddy.

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What's in the box

  • 4 x Dosing Capsules
  • 1 x Capsule Caddy Keychain

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Stephane G.

    Stephane G.

    Love em! will buy more capsules!

  2. Avatar for Anonymous


    The Storz & Bickel Capsule Caddy is the perfect aluminium accessory for your mighty+ and crafty+ vaporizers for storing up to 4 dosing capsuls.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous


  4. Avatar for Joseph


  5. Avatar for Ian R.

    Ian R.

    Very convenient

  6. Avatar for sebastien leveille

    sebastien leveille

    It’s all right

  7. Avatar for Henk


  8. Avatar for Paul F

    Paul F

  9. Avatar for Ondrae Walker

    Ondrae Walker

  10. Avatar for Glenn A.

    Glenn A.

  11. Avatar for sebastien B.

    sebastien B.

  12. Avatar for roger t.

    roger t.

  13. Avatar for Henry B.

    Henry B.

  14. Avatar for Kyle G.

    Kyle G.

  15. Avatar for Graham


    Prompt Service, fast delivery and good pricing. Nothing better could be expected.

  16. Avatar for Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    Perfect for on the go , I load my prefilled capsule and I’m all set for when I get out .

  17. Avatar for R M.

    R M.

  18. Avatar for robert


    holds a good amount for a day or two

  19. Avatar for john


  20. Avatar for Johnathan


    Fast delivery, item as shown. Works perfectly, thanks tools420 will order again for sure, good price too.

  21. Avatar for Bob


    Great piece to have. Keep one pod in the chamber and 5 in the sleeve….and have a great day!

  22. Avatar for Michael


  23. Avatar for Cory G.

    Cory G.

    Definitely a great buy and easy safe storage.

  24. Avatar for Michael B.

    Michael B.

  25. Avatar for John


    The Mighty is the perfect vaporizer for microdosers, and these capsules make it easy to do so, and also keep your Mighty’s oven looking brand new.

  26. Avatar for Marie-Claude


  27. Avatar for Brianne Ambrose

    Brianne Ambrose

    On the go!

  28. Avatar for Anonymous


  29. Avatar for Tim S.

    Tim S.

    Great add on.

  30. Avatar for Anonymous


  31. Avatar for Anonymous


  32. Avatar for Anonymous


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Product Q&A

Will this storz and Bickel capsule fit in my x max v3 pro? I really like this key chain caddy better than the x max storage.

No sorry, you can try our storage keychain as an alternative with the xmax dosing capsules.

Will these capsules fit a utilian 620?Thanks!

No unfortunately not – you’ll want to look for ‘Fury Edge’ dosing capsules.

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