Tronian Omegatron

Key Features

  • Push Activated Heating
  • Auto-Filling Removable Vapor Cup
  • Choice of Glass Core or Triple Helix Atomizers
  • 510-Thread Cartridge Compatible
  • 3150 mAh Battery Capacity

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Tronian
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Vaporizing Material: 510 cartridges and Waxy Concentrates
Heating System: Carts and Atomizers
Heat Up Time: Instant
Bowl Size: 0.1g dabs / 1mL cartridges
Bowl Material: Quartz
Battery Life/Size: 3150mAh
Temperature Range: 2.8v/3.2v/3.6v/4.0v
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 8 in x 4.33 in
Weight: 1.06 lb

Tronian Omegatron Vapor Cup

The future of dabbing is here with the arrival of the Tronian Omegatron. As a combination of an E-Rig and 510-Thread Battery, it uses a removable vapor cup that is removable once it’s filled so that you can relax and sip your vapor.

How the Tronian Omegatron Works?

Underneath the Vapor Cup is 510 threading where you’ll be able to use either of the included heating elements or screw in any 1mL cartridge of your liking. After turning the Omegatron on with the power switch on the bottom of the vape, and then clicking the button beside it to cycle through the four voltages of:

  • Teal– 2.8 volts
  • Yellow – 3.2 volts
  • Orange – 3.6 volts
  • Red – 4 volts

Once you have placed the vapor cup on top of the adapter on the heating element, all you’ll have to do is press down on it to begin filling the vapor cup. You’ll know that it’s working as the LED light on the bottom of the Omegatron will glow, and the fan will begin to sound. Because of the instant heat-up time, you’ll start to see vapor immediately filling the cup.

Once it’s near the top, simply remove it and enjoy your cool vapor. For more information, be sure to check out the Tronian Omegatron Owner’s Manual.

Best Vaporizer for Parties

With the removable vapor cup, you’ll be able to remove it and pass it around for friends to sip on. The big glass vapor cup fills up over 15 seconds or so, which allows for a lot more cooling down of your vapor compared to the way carts are normally hit, even on the best 510 batteries.

Choose your Heating Element

For normal waxy concentrate use, you’ll be able to choose between either the Glass Mesh Heating Element or the Triple Rod Heating Element. The triple rod atomizer is going to give you less flavor but thicker clouds, while the glass mesh atomizer will be slower to heat up and have better flavor for the vapor cup.

Whichever one you choose, all you’ll have to do is thread the heating element cover before placing the flat cover on top.

The third option is to simply use a 1mL Vape Cartridge which will work the same way with the air fan and rubber seal on the vapor cup.

Long-Lasting Battery

With the impressive 3150mAh battery, you’ll be able to get up to 100 minutes of runtime from a full charge. As long as you have a cartridge installed, you’ll be able to fill the cup up numerous times. When it does come time for a charge, it’s as easy as using the included USB-C charger to get it back to full in under two hours.

If that weren’t enough, maintenance is a breeze as you’ll be able to soak your vapor cup and heating elements in isopropyl alcohol whenever you notice that they need it.

Tronian Omegatron Warranty

Included in the purchase of this Tronian is 12 months of coverage against manufacturer defects for up to twelve months, as well as three months of coverage on the battery.

Tronian Omegatron Accessories

Feedback from an Expert

“After testing all of its settings and heating elements out, I think that the Omegatron is a revolutionary cannabis vaporizer that will completely transform your vaping game.”

Tronian Omegatron Review

What's in the box

  • Tronian Omegatron 510 E-Rig
  • Glass Heating Element
  • Triple Rod Heating Element
  • Dab Tool
  • USB-C Charging
  • Heating Element Cover

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Tronian Omegatron
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  1. Avatar for Jack M

    Jack M

    The Tronian Omegatron has been a delight to use so far. Really smooth vapor quality from the cup.

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