Author Rating: 7.2/10

Ease of Use: 10/10
Temperature Settings: 5/10
Chamber & Heating System: 6/10
Vapor Quality: 6/10
Battery Life: 9/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10
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Pax Mini

USD $170

Key Features

  • Portable Design
  • One Pre-Set Temperature
  • Automatic Heating
  • 20 Second Heat-Up Time
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Pax Mini
USD $170

Pax Mini Vaporizer Introduction and Overview

The PAX Mini is a new portable dry herb vaporizer from Pax Labs, formerly known as Ploom, and is made to be the more affordable version of the PAX Plus.

  •  In this Pax Mini review, I will give you an overview, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other vaporizers in the market.

I had a good time testing the PAX Mini for this review, but it’s definitely tailored towards beginners or microdosers because of its set temperature and smaller chamber as I’ll explain.

Pax Mini Specs

Material Compatibility Dry Herb
Pass Through Charging No
Swappable Battery No
Charge Time 3 Hours
Charging Port Charging Dock
Battery Life 2 Hours
Heating System Conduction
Heat Up Time 22 Seconds ~
Temperature Control One Temperature
Temperature Range 380°F – 420°F / 193°C – 216°C
Oven Size 0.25g
Vapor Path Way Isolated Steel
Accessories Raised Mouthpiece
Vibration Alert No
Motion Sensor Yes (Battery Indicator and Auto-Off)
Warranty Period 2 Years
Price $150
Coupon Code 10off

What makes the Pax Mini Unique?

The PAX Mini is a unique portable dry herb vaporizer that offers a simple and easy-to-use experience. Some of the features that make it unique are:

  • It is the smallest PAX device yet, with a pocket-sized design and a magnetic oven lid
  • It has a patented temperature control that heats but never burns your flower for more consistent flavor and aroma
  • It has a new oven design that is ideal for solo sessions, and can be packed and emptied quickly. The new 3D oven screen easily pops out for a deeper clean
  • It has a simple one button operation with no settings to change. From flower to feels in 22 seconds with 80 mins. of continuous battery life on a single charge

How to use the Pax Mini?

The PAX Mini is super simple and easy-to-use!

Here are some basic steps on how to use it:

To ensure optimal performance, charge the Pax Mini fully before your first use. The LED indicator will turn white when it’s fully charged. Loading your desired herb is easy, just remove the oven lid, pack in your .25g of a medium grind, and then replace the cover.

Turn on the device by pressing the button on the top of the mouthpiece once; the LED indicator will turn purple to indicate heating and green when ready to vape. Take slow and steady draws from the mouthpiece as the device adjusts the temperature automatically until the 10 minute heating session ends.

Set Temperatures with Conduction Oven 

The PAX Mini has a new oven design that is smaller than the PAX Plus, making it ideal for solo sessions.

The oven can fit about 0.25 grams of herb, which is enough for about 8 to 10 draws. The oven lid is magnetic and easy to remove and replace. The oven is made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean

The PAX Mini also features a new 3D oven screen that improves the airflow compared to the Pax 3 as the new screen has bigger holes for the hot air to pass through.

Pax Mini Vapor Quality Review

If you are an experienced vaper who prefers thick and dense clouds, you might find the PAX Mini vapor quality too light for your liking.

The PAX Mini has only one temperature setting that you cannot adjust, and it is lower than the other PAX vapes, such as the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 – The PAX Mini is designed for beginners or casual users who enjoy lighter/wispy vapor.

It comes with two mouthpiece options, a flat one and a raised one, that offer different draw resistances – Most people prefer the raised mouthpiece as it allows for easier inhales, even if it won’t be as portable as the flat mouthpiece.

How to clean the Pax Mini?

There’s just a few parts on this Pax device that will need cleaning including the 3D oven screen, the vapor path tube, and the mouthpiece.

You can pop out the screen easily as well as the mouthpiece and the chamber lid before soaking them all in warm, soapy water before wiping away any loosened up resin. While these parts are off, you can use a vape cleaning wipe to clean away any resin buildups.

If you notice that the airpath has any resin buildups, you can use the included bristle brush with some iso to clean it out.

Portable Design

The Pax Mini has some great portability features as a dry herb vape pen that make it awesome for getting sessions on the go! It’s super pocketable at just over 3in x 1in and the magnetic lid will help keep your chamber secure.

There’s also nothing that will break easily on this vape. Just like the older models, it has a very durable design and won’t break easily when dropped.

  • The only real thing I can suggest is a Pax Mini Case that will let you travel with the Pax Mini and a few accessories in one convenient spot.

Battery Life Review

The PAX Mini has a great battery life, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping.

It can last up to 80 minutes of runtime, which is definitely decent for the price tag.

This device has a 3000mAh Lithium-ion battery that can be easily charged with the magnetic USB charging dock included, which will take about 3 hours from dead.

The charging dock is definitely the biggest drawback for the battery spec, as it’s very outdated compared to modern portable vapes like the Arizer Air MAX which is able to swap its battery and uses USB-C charging. For example, if you lose your Pax Mini charging dock, you are SOL until you find a replacement and will be left with a useless device.

On the plus side, you’ll be able to check the battery level by shaking the device and seeing how many of the four LED petals are on the front – Each petal represents 25% of the battery.

Who’s it best for?

This mini dry herb vape is designed for users who want a simple, discreet, and flavorful vaping experience.

You’ll enjoy it a lot if you:

  • Have an active lifestyle and need a pocket-friendly and durable device.
  • Prefer to skip fancy settings and features and jump straight into a cool session with an on button.
  • Enjoy rich and tasty vapor without complex controls.
  • Want a smaller oven size that is perfect for solo sessions or micro-dosing.

Advantages and Disadvantages



✅Pocketable design 🚫Fixed temperature setting
✅Good flavor 🚫Only compatible with flower
✅22 Second Heat Up Time
🚫2 Year warranty compared to 10 on the Pax Plus
✅Easy to Use
🚫Chamber and airpath will require regular cleaning
✅Smaller oven size

Accessories and Included Items

Inside the kit, you’ll receive:

  • Pax Mini Vaporizer
  • Flat mouthpiece & Raised mouthpiece
  • Replacement 3D screens
  • Cleaning Bristle Brush
  • Dock Charger

In other words, the kit is a bit shrunken down in comparison to the Pax Plus, as they’ve taken out the concentrate chamber and half-pack oven since the oven is half the size of the Pax Plus. For upgrades, you’ll be able to get a grip sleeve and a water pipe adapter if you want to use a vape bubbler or bong.


On top of the shrunken kit, you’ll also have a smaller Pax Vaporizer warranty of just two years. On the bright side, there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong with the Pax Mini, and the manufacturer is great at honoring warranties.

Build Quality

  • Isolated stainless steel vapor path
  • Flat and raised mouthpiece are food grade
  • Durable metal frame
  • Not compatible with Pax oven accessories

Pax Mini vs. Pax Plus

In short, the Pax Mini is a lite version of the Pax Plus – It has a smaller kit, half the oven size, and is less powerful at extracting dry herb. While this might be a downside for veterans, it could be a good thing for beginners who don’t need all the extras.

  • 0.25g oven vs. 0.5g oven
  • 9.3 cm (3.6in) x 9.8cm (3.85in) height
  • One temperature vs. 4 pre-set temperatures
  • Dry Herb Compatible vs. Dry Herb and Dab Compatible
  • 2 Year Warranty vs. 10 Year Warranty
  • Thin Vapor vs. Thick Vapor
  • No Haptic Feedback vs. Haptic Feedback
  • $150 vs. $250

Pax Mini vs. Pax 3

A lot of the specs between these pax dry herb vapes are the same as the last comparison, except that the Pax 3 also had a smartphone app which would let you precisely adjust the four temperature settings to your liking.

Is the Pax Mini worth it?

Despite the shrunken down kit, the performance is just about the same as the previous models, it has a long-lasting indestructible design, and is perfect if you just want a reliable device.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The PAX Mini is a great choice for beginners or casual users who want a compact and flavorful vaping experience.

It has decent vapor production and heats up quickly for a small Vaporizer. The combination of a one button design and an automatic heating make it a good choice for solo sessions on the go for its price.

However, the PAX Mini may not be for everyone. Heavy users and connoisseurs won’t like the fixed temperature setting, and it doesn’t support concentrates, unlike the Pax+.

Especially compared to the Best Portable Vaporizers, it can’t hold a candle in terms of session customization and vapor quality, but it has its own place lower in the market & if it’s what you’re looking for, go for it!

  • If you’re still on the fence, also be sure to check out our Pax Plus Review!


Is it the most portable dry herb vape?

While it might be the smallest dry herb vape with premium manufacturing quality, the Litl 1 is the smallest dry herb vape on the market.

Does the pax mini smell?

As a bottom loaded conduction oven vaporizer, the Pax Mini will have some noticeable odor during your sessions, but still less than smoking.

Which Pax is best for dry herb?

The current best Pax for dry herb is the Pax Plus.

How many hits can you get from the Pax Mini?

You’ll be able to get around 8-10 big hits from the Pax Mini chamber.

Does the Pax Mini produce vapor or smoke?

The Pax Mini produces vapor since it stays below the combustion temperature of dry herb.

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