Is the AirVape OM worth it?

The AirVape OM portable 510 Thread Battery that’s also compatible as a Concentrate Vaporizer. With its unique keychain design, it’s one of the smallest, and most discreet vape pens on the market today.

If you’re someone that’s always losing their cartridges, having it always on your car keychain can come in handy, and In this review, we’ll be going over its pros and cons, as well as who we think it’s best for. Let’s get into this wax compatible 510 battery and see if it’s worth the $30 price tag.

AirVape OM Specs

Material Compatibility 1mL Carts (large cap) / 0.5mL Carts (Small Cap) / 0.1g dabs (Atomizer)
Heat up time Instant
Temperature Control Yes
Temperature Range 2.4V, 3.2V, 4.0V
Warranty Period 6 Months
Price ~ $27 
Size 76mm x 10.5mm / 15g
Magnetic Adapter? No
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AirVape OM Key Features

There are two base models to choose from, which are either the short or long cap. These screw in over your cartridge, and help to hide the body of your cartridge so that only the black ceramic mouthpiece is showing. 

Inside the kit, you’ll find your AirVape OM Battery, and a threaded USB-Charger, and a separate box for your selected cap (pictured is the long 1mL cap).

airvape om kit

AirVape OM Vapor Quality

The vapor quality produced by the AirVape OM is nothing short of awesome. The airflow is wide open, and the voltages give you a good range of how you want it to perform.

To start using the AirVape OM, just press the button five times, and then tap the power button to cycle through the three different voltage settings:

  • 4.0V – Red – Thick Clouds
  • 3.2V – Blue – Good Mixture of Vapor and Flavor
  • 2.4v – White – Wispy and Tasty Vapor

These voltages can be seen on the bottom of the vape but above the power button on the very bottom of the vape where the keychain loop is. 

For the medium and high voltages, the heat-up time is surprisingly quick, and you’ll be able to get a big cloud within just a few seconds. 

One thing to know is that the power button is on the very bottom of the vape, so hitting the OM is kind of like holding a pipe and lighter in the hand.

airvape om hitting it on keychain

Wax Atomizer Compatibility

One of the things the OM has going for it is that it has a wax atomizer made especially for it, that also comes with its own cap.

installed wax atomizer om

It’s a magnetic glass mouthpiece over a dual quartz rod atomizer, which you can screw a cover and cap onto so that you can turn the OM fully back into its own keychain design.

If you’ve already pre-loaded a dab, this means you can have an on-the-go dabbing session on your car’s keychain without anyone batting an eye – Just say that it’s a pen before you unscrew the cap and have your session. 

For a quick solution, I’d say it’s worth the $20~ upgrade if you don’t dab much but want a cool little mod on your OM.

wax atomizer om

I will say that in terms of dabbing performance, it’s a little outshined by the G Pen Micro Plus, which uses a ceramic bucket coil that has better longevity and taste compared to the exposed coils on the OM atomizer.

g pen micro plus vs airvape om

As another bonus for the Micro Plus, it’s also compatible with cartridges, but its main use is as a Wax Pen.

Portability Review

Another noteworthy feature of the AirVape OM is its user-friendly design. With a simple one-button operation, it is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. The device also comes with a keychain attachment, allowing you to conveniently carry it wherever you go.

airvape om on keychain

In terms of durability, the AirVape OM is built to last. Because the frame is built from stainless steel and covers the cartridge, you can also be sure that it will be more resistant to damage to the battery and your cart compared to cheaper designs.

This gives users confidence that the device will withstand regular use and daily wear and tear if you’re using the cap over your cartridge.

airvape om cover (1)

The large cap is for 1mL carts, the small cap is for 0.5mL carts

If you’re someone that often loses their disposable vape or smaller vape batteries in their car, having the option to click it onto your keychain can help you stay organized and prevent losing your cartridge.

The battery on the AirVape OM

With 300mAh of battery, you’ll be able to get tons of hits in as well before you need a recharge with the threaded USB charger included in the kit. 

The rechargeable battery on this device is about average in comparison to most Oil Vaporizers on the market today, at 350mAh it is about what you’d expect from such a compact unit. 

For dabbing though, the 300mAh battery is blown out of the water by more modern dab pens like the Utillian 5 v3 with a 1500mAh battery, or a G Pen Micro+, coming in at 850mAh and also being oil cartridge compatible. 

airvape om charging


• Extremely compact and discreet, one of the stealthiest of its kind
• Good warranty
• Sturdy and durable, despite its miniature stature
• You won’t have any issues figuring out how to use it right away
• Can vape either wax or oil concentrates and extracts
• Three temperature settings instead of just one like entry-level Vape Pens
• Comes with a ring to put on your keychain for the utmost vaping convenience


• Can be tough to completely clean the heating element
• Lackluster battery – only getting maybe three sessions out of a single charge while dabbing
• Button placement is a little inconvenient 

AirVape OM Warranty

Lastly, the customer service of AirVape is exceptional. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction further help the overall experience of owning the AirVape OM as you’ll have six months of coverage against defects from the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, I’d say that I totally love the design of the OM for its portability, but I really wish that the button was on the side of the vape to make sessions more convenient and discreet. Its performance is really good, but at the same time, you’re paying for the keychain portability!

What do you think about the AirVape OM? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it the Best Vape Pen that you can buy these days? If not, what is the best? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing what you think and if you’re looking for an AirVape OM be sure to head over to Tools420 vaporizers to get your own today! 

If you’re still not sold on anything, also be sure to check out the 2-in-1 Vapor Cup, the Pulsar Sipper, which will allow you to fill its glass vapor filling chamber to sip away on like wine for a totally new style of cart vaping! 


How many sessions can you get on the AirVape OM?

You’ll be able to get around 200 hits from a cart, or three sessions while using the atomizer. 


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