Author Rating: 8/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10
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DynaVap M Plus

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Key Features

  • Finless tip
  • Chamber 15% larger than previous models
  • One-hitter extraction
  • USA Manufactured Steel
  • 10mm tapered mouthpiece
  • Bark-like gripped exterior
  • Sharper chamber teeth to load directly from flowers
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DynaVap M Plus
USD $89 $79 11% Off

Is the DynaVap M Plus worth it?

There’s no denying that many imitations of DynaVap Weed Vapes are being released more and more often.

  • However, there’s only one true king in our hearts: George of DynaVap, who is back with the newest version of their flagship ‘M’ model, this time calling it the DynaVap M Plus.

With many notable changes, including a rough body, a rocket-ship-looking tip, and more optimized one-hitters, there are many details to explain and review, so buckle up and find out if we ‘torch’ this new design or not!

DynaVap M Plus Specs

Material Compatibility Dry Herb + Concentrates
Chamber Size 0.15g / 1-3 inhales
Heating System Lighter or Induction Heater
Heat Up Time 5-10 Seconds
Temperature Control Clicks at 350°F
Warranty Period Manufacturer Defects Coverage
Price $90
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DynaVap M Plus Key Features

  • Finless tip
  • Full extraction from one heating cycle
  • Square AirPort
  • Bark-like grip texture

This model ships in a small cardboard box with a plastic screen to see the vape, unlike the fully cardboard cutout that the M 2021 shipped in.

Build Quality Differences

For the body of the M Plus itself, I do prefer the M 2021 in terms of aesthetics and feel as the airport had a cutout that felt more comfortable to hold onto. For the body of the M Plus, there is a new bark-like feel which is grippier than previous models. I can see this being much more helpful if you like pairing your DynaVap with Vape Bongs and Bubblers as it will be easier to grip when connecting or pulling it off. For regular use, I enjoy the smoother feeling of the M 2021 in my hands.

By having more serrated chamber ends, the DynaVap CCD Screens also sit 1mm deeper into the chamber compared to previous models. By also machining out more metal from the chamber for the half-sized chamber, George has stated that the chamber size is also 12-15% larger compared to older M models. Because there is also less mass in the chamber and do tip fins, the M Plus is also the lightest iteration to date.

Changes to the M Plus Oven Chamber

The main difference in the heating system is that the M Plus does not feature fins on the tip. These five ribs were there to control airflow and add surface area for the heat of your torch to disperse.

DynaVap claims that removing these fins yields a faster heat-up time. I would also assume that the airflow would feel less obstructed because air should be able to get into the chamber quicker.

DynaVap M Plus vs. DynaVap M Plus Chamber Exteriors

DynaVap M Plus vs. DynaVap M 2021 (right) Chamber Exteriors

Optimized for One-Hitters

Honestly, you can’t get much better than a DynaVap for vapor quality, and the M Plus is no exception. Where I do think it shines is using the stem in combination with the DynaVap Bong Adapter, where the new finless tip will be able to heat faster, provide a better one-hitter, and overall looks better on its own.

I can’t tell for certain, but the M Plus chamber also seems to be a little thicker than the M 2021 model, which could another reason why they suggest it’s the better one-hitter.

Accessories + Compatibility

Something to note here is that the M Plus has very sharp teeth on the end of its chamber, allowing you to take a ‘bite’ out of loose flowers for easy chamber filling.

This can work especially well if you own the DynaStash Vape Case, which has two separate dugouts; One for the DynaVap, and one for your stash of flowers. With that accessory, you can take these two things with yourself on the go discreetly. All you’ll need is a Single Flame Honest Lighter to heat the chamber.

If you want to use the M Plus with concentrates, you’ll be able to use the DynaVap DynaCoil for concentrates as it provides an even surface area for your concentrate to melt into without causing a mess to your screen or oven chamber.

As with most of the DynaVap lineup, you can also use the VapCap with your favorite DynaVap induction heaters without issue.

M Plus vs M 2021 Visual Comparison

How to Use the M Plus?

Like all DynaVap iterations, the chamber will click once it has reached an internal temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve had one or two inhales / heating cycles, the bowl will be spent.

dynavap m plus abv

My personal method is to heat until the first click and take a small inhale, wait for the cool down click once again, and then to heat until the second click and then another three seconds past that. That’s when I’ll take my large hit from my DynaVap Bubbler to completely clear the chamber.

Another way for a more powerful one-hitter is to heat five seconds past the click with a Torch Lighter, but you should know that you do risk the chance of combustion with this method.

On the bottom of the M Plus is the ‘Precision-positioned pyramid pivot’, AKA a small bump on the opposite side of the carb cap to find it more easily.

One thing to note is that the M Plus has a much quieter click than older M’s and will be hard to hear if you’re talking to a friend or have the TV on in the background; We experienced this several times during our testing.

Tips and Tricks

With the Debowler Tray, you’ll be able to knock loose the decarboxylated herb from your chamber for easy storage which you can these use for use with things like infused edibles or the Magical Butter.

  • “Heat the tip for a terpy tasty rip, heat the base to go to space, heat below the base to melt your face.”
  • George calls the circles below the chamber cap ‘Heat Here Hemispheres’, which should be the go-to spot to heat for sessions with your torch lighter
  • When you take hits with the ‘square port’ left wide open, you allow for less air to be brought through the chamber, which means a more efficient extraction
  • Because the M Plus chamber exterior has more grip, you’ll be able to place the cap not fully on if you want to customize your airflow or experiment with large-capacity chamber hits
  • Based on my experience, heating below cap takes longer for a click compared to older models
  • Because the M Plus chamber exterior has more grip, you’ll be able to place the cap not fully on if you want to customize your airflow or experiment with large-capacity chamber hits
  • The M Plus cool down click took 34 seconds, compared to 42 on the M 2021
  • You’ll get a bigger cloud on the second and third heating cycle
  • For better flavor, don’t use the carb cap

Loose VapCap

How to Clean the M Plus?

My favorite way to clean DynaVaps is always the same regardless of the model, and that’s to simply use our Vape Cleaning Sticks on all accessible surfaces, which mainly includes the inside of the oven, as well as the intercooler. This removes 90% of the resin buildups and won’t wear the O-Rings down as much as removing them or soaking them in iso.

DynaVap M Plus Community Consensus

People love the DynaVap, there is no denying that. With the Plus, their YouTube campaign was a little funky and showed a few DynaVap fans and their unique quirks. The one dude ate crickets, which I thought was a little odd, and when I went to the comments, I saw one of the funniest comments I’ve ever seen.

dynavap m plus community consensus

Overall though, I 100% recommend the DynaVap brand over the Vestratto.

DynaVap has been around longer and has genuinely built a fantastic and friendly community that includes hundreds, if not thousands, of aftermarket DynaVap Stems which allow you to customize how exactly you want your DynaVap to look and perform. While there’s been some initial hesitation toward the new design, I think that it will grow on people as they try it out for themselves.

Indestructible Design

One of the best things that goes without saying for DynaVap veterans is the fact that these things are indestructible. As they come without a battery or any electronics, there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong with them unless they ship with a defect, in which case DynaVap will help you out. The only part that will need replacing over the long haul will be the DynVap Screens and O-rings, which you can pick up in the DynaVap Maintenance Kit.

DynaVap M+ Pros

  • Easy to grip and hold onto
  • Chamber end cuts into flowers easier
  • Better one-hitter performance
  • VapCap stays on very well
  • Slightly faster heat-up time with a torch
  • Bigger (and harsher) clouds than older M models

DynaVap M+ Cons

  • I prefer older the M 2021 air port
  • I don’t like the grippy texture as it feels like a barbell to me
  • Some people may prefer a looser cap
  • Lack of fins causes the VapCap to scrape your fingers
  • Learning curve with a torch lighter is steeper than prior models
  • Taste not as good as prior M models

Who’s the DynaVap M Plus best for?

The M Plus is an excellent addition to their lineup for beginners and collectors alike – The M Plus’s sleek design is going to be a massive hit for pairing with water pieces because of its grippy exterior.

If you are okay with the learning curve if you’ve never owned a DynaVap, you’ll come to love the M Plus.

Who’s the DynaVap M Plus not for?

The DynaVap M Plus, and DynaVap brand in general, is made for enthusiasts that want a clean vaping experience without electronics. Just like rolling a joint, it requires a certain amount of ritual that takes time and isn’t the most convenient on the market. For people that simply want to click and vape, we recommend the Mighty Plus with Dosing Capsules as an alternative to think about.

As a result of needing an external heat source from a lighter, torch, or induction heater, those with motor issues will also have better options available on the market.


In conclusion, I’ll be a fan of almost every DynaVap that gets released. Even if I don’t enjoy every feature of the DynaVap M Plus one as much as I did the M 2021 or M 2020, I can see its selling points and why the community will enjoy it as a new addition to their M lineup. I’ve seen some complaints about the aesthetics, but I personally think it looks amazing, especially when you pair it with a tip that has stems to make it look like an absolute tank.

I can summarize the changes to the M Plus Portable Vaporizer in two main points:

  1. Better one hitters
  2. More efficient extractions by leaving the ‘square-port’ open

This is a model that’s easy to judge at first glance, but I assure you that once you give it a try, its performance will grow on you & It’s still earned a spot on our list of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers.

I’ve been a DynaVap fan at Tools420 for a few years now and currently own the DynaVap M 2020 at home along with the UFO induction heater and a tiny bubbler. My favorite thing to vape in DynaVaps is a small amount dried oak barrel hash, or just pure CBD. I personally use DynaVaps to help increase my appetite and calm me down, as I’m a bit of a workaholic. I had a lot of fun testing and learning about the M Plus and look forward to seeing its success in the future.

dnavap about drew h author wepb

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the M Plus be compatible with the DynaStash?

Yes, the M Plus is just a bit bigger than all other M models

Does it use the same O-Rings as other models?

Yes, you can use the tip on all existing stems

Is the mouthpiece still a tapered 10mm?

Yes, the mouthpiece is still 10mm and compatible with the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece to convert it to a 14mm bong adapter.

How many O-Rings does the M Plus tip use?

It uses 2 O-Rings.

Will DynaVap release the M Plus tip by itself?

DynaVap normally release the individual tips a few months after a new product release.

Is the DynaVap M Plus compatible with the Armored Cap?

Yes, the 2023 “M” Plus works very well with the DynaVap Armored Cap.

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