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Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Storage Case

USD $42.99  $22.99  47% Off

Key Features

  • OdorPax (activated bamboo carbon)
  • Stashlogix mobile phone app
  • Adjustable and removable compartments
  • Combination lock system
  • Airtight rubber gaskets
  • Metal poker for lock-setting
  • Odor-trapping and heat-resistant metal interior lining
  • Durable linen exterior
  • Zip-sealed tool pocket
  • Small: OD 7.5" L x 4" W x 3 1/2" H
  • Medium: OD 8" L x 7" W x 4 1/4" H
  • Made in the USA
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Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Storage Case
USD $42.99  $22.99  47% Off

Which Smell Proof Bag should you buy?

If you’re tired of bouncing around cannabis storage containers without finding any that are truly smell-proof, Tools420 has got you back with our top picks for the best 420 storage containers for your discreet needs.

In this blog of our top smell-proof bag picks, we’ll be going over the different kinds there are on the market, as well as who we think they’ll be best for so that no matter what kind of storage you need, there’ll be an option just right for you.

What are the best smell-proof cannabis bags in 2023?

When it comes to deciding the best 420 containers for yourself, you need to consider a few different things including:

  • Whether it’s purely for storage, or for accessories
  • Its materials
  • If you’ll need a lock

For example, some smell-proof bags are made from a hard material while others are softer cotton. If you plan on bringing glass 420 accessories with yourself, this is something to keep in mind while you shop.

yocan evolve plus portability

Why trust Tools420’s smell-proof bag picks?

With over 7 years of experience in the industry and a true customer-first approach to our vaporizer and 420 accessory catalog, it is purely in our best interest to only recommend top-quality products from other vendors, or bags that we carry ourselves. There is no pressure to buy anywhere, we just hope that you found this blog was helpful for you in finding different kinds of smell-proof cannabis storage.

For more information on this subject, also be sure to check out our How to Remove Weed Smell Guide!

tools420 about us headshots

Best overall Smell-Proof Weed Bag – Stashlogix Silverton

The Stashlogix Silverton is my number one choice for smell-proof bags because it is packed with features to help you not only with being odor-free but is durable and helps you with storage of all kinds.

With a hard exterior, right off the bat it will be safer against drops, but also includes an activated bamboo carbon to help fight your odor alongside its airtight rubber gaskets.

On the medium size, there are six separate storage containers that are re-organizable, as well as a zippered container where you can store your smaller accessories.

  • If that weren’t enough, there is also a settable lock so that you can keep unwanted hands out of your stash.

Price: USD $23.99 – $42.99 

stashlogix for weed storage

Smell Proof Lockable Storage Case

The Smell Proof Lockable Case is a great storage case because of its included storage compartments, lock, and rubber gaskets similar to Stashlogix.

However, it also includes a smell-proof and waterproof carbon fiber interior to help keep your weed and accessories protected.

  • Especially with vaporizers of any kind, they’ll be able to sit snuggly along with any cannabis or bongs and bubblers that you want to bring along with yourself on the go.

Our personal favorite is to pair with Cannabolish Odor Removers for even more Getting Rid of Weed Smell.

Price: USD $23.39

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer front profile with Cannabolish Candel and Spray Bottle, Cali Crusher grinder and Tools420 Grinder

420 Storage Keychain

The 420 Storage Keychain is a great alternative to bags as its 4 separate threaded containers are perfect for on-the-go chamber reloads for vaporizers, or for rolling smaller joints while you travel.

Because the aluminum threading is airtight, there will be no escaping odors, and you’ll be able to slide it onto your keyring for weed access at any time you’d like.

When paired with smaller one-hitters like a DynaVap and a jet lighter, you’ll forget you even forget you’re armed and loaded until you want to have your session. As well, if you’re into dosing capsules, combine them with this storage keychain for even easier chamber reloading!

Price: USD $8.00

Zeus Arc Pods and Tools420 keychain storage

Tools420 Vape Case

The Tools420 Vape Case is the perfect accessory for lighter consumers of cannabis and pairs well with the Storage Keychain and dry herb vaporizers in particular.

  • While it’s not 100% smell-proof like the other bags when paired with stashes like the keychain or dab containers, it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go dabbers and smokers.

There are a total of 6 different compartments and can stretch from 1” to 4” when you jam it full of your weed and goodies!

Price: USD $12

tronian milatron portability and dosing capsules

CVault Storage Container

The CVault Storage Container is the perfect addition to any of the bags we’ve mentioned because it will allow you to perfectly preserve your cannabis for years at a time.

With the smaller sizes, you’ll even be able to place them in your smell-proof bags.

Being 100% smell-proof itself, your cannabis scent will already be completely hidden thanks to the airtight O-Ring seal design. With the included Boveda Pack included in each CVault, your cannabis will also be mold-proof and won’t dry out for months at a time.

Price: USD $19.99 – $65.99

cvault container with boveda

Omerta Transporter Smell Proof Backpack

With an activated carbon lining, lock, and water-resistant, the Omerta Transporter Bag is the perfect smell-proof backpack for traveling stoners that want to keep their cannabis habit a secret.

Proudly made in the USA and very comfortable to use thanks to a padded cotton design, while it might be pricy at $170, we think this is a no-brainer for the hiking stoners in the crowd.

The best part? You can reactivate the carbon lining by placing the bag into a dryer for ten minutes. Plus, it’s a little bigger so it can be super helpful for Electric Dab Rig transportation.

Price: USD $170

smell proof 420 backback

Two-tier childproof lock

FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag

The FIREDOG Smell Proof Pouch is the only cannabis bag on this list that is self-proclaimed to be dog-tested, meaning a dog has truly put it to the test to be odor-proof.

  • With an 11in x 9in specs, polyester and carbon-lined sleek design, and a lifetime warranty, we don’t see a reason not to include it on our list.

If you 100% need a dog-tested bag, I’m not sure if this would hold up to the manufacturer’s claim, so you might want to do more research for that purpose.

Price: $23.99

firedog smell proof pouch

Smelly Proof Bags

As the name implies, Smelly Proof Bags are simple BPA-free plastic bags to help keep your weed’s odor in line before you take your flower out for consumption.

More suited for pocket transportation, this is a more affordable option than the others and comes in all different sizes, so whether you’re the local ‘distributor’ or just a stay-at-home parent, these are easy storage bags that you can place anywhere in the house with confidence that others won’t find it!

Truly a revolution in dime bag technology!

Price: USD $10-$27

cannabis smell proof bags

Ryot Sling Bag

Jeez – It’s not a purse, mom, it’s a satchel! More specifically, the Skunkbag Sling!

If you’re after a somewhat stylish form of smell-poof weed carrying bag, then the Sling might be for you.

  • My favorite color is camouflage, because, well, it’s invisible.

With key features like carbon lining and filter, waterproof, and a combination lock, it sacrifices none of the things you need for your cannabis, and it also doubles down as fashionable.

Price: USD $69

skunk bag satchel tools420

Just look at how cool and badass he looks 🤓!

OnGrok Smell Proof Wallet

The last smell-proof weed bag on our list is the OnGrok Wallet as it’s a nice change of pace and will allow you to carry your weed in a natural way without feeling guilty.

  • Everyone has a wallet, and nobody will expect you to be carrying your cannabis there, let alone if it’s concealed in a smell-proof manner.

For smaller stashes and 420 accessories, this OnGrok model is the perfect waterproof and smell-proof weed bag.

Price: USD $24.99-39.99

ongrok smell proof wallet

What to consider when buying Smell Proof Weed Bags

Making sure the bag is child-proof

The last thing anyone wants is for their children or teenagers to get into their cannabis. Especially with the Smelly Proof Bags, they can be a hazard similar to normal grocery bags. If you do have kids at home, I recommend looking for bags that have a lock.


If you need smell proof bag that will last you the test of time, stick to ones with solid materials with fewer moving parts. Off the bat, you can scratch off backpacks and plastic bags as they won’t last nearly as long as cases and stashes will be much more durable.


As we’ve mentioned traveling in this list a few times, it’s important to re-note that if you plan on hiking or traveling with your weed, it’s important to keep it removed from water. Waterproof lining or full airproof seals like on the CVault can help prevent ruining your cannabis this way.


If you need lots of storage, your best bet will either be the larger models of the CVault or Smelly Proof Bags, as they both go up to industrial levels of storage which will be better suited for at-home harvesters.

Do smell-proof bags work?

Yes, any bag that uses carbon lining and an airtight seal will be 100% odor-proof for your best cannabis storage needs. You’ll be able to use any of the items we’ve included on our list with confidence for your weed.

Solo 2 on hand portability


As a great alternative to pure cannabis storage, weed smell-proof bags are a great alternative for those who know they’ll be using their weed on the go. If added portability while retaining the smell-proof factor you’ve come to expect from things like mason jars, we recommend the change to smell-proof bags like the Stashlogix.

As they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and prices, it’s important to do your research for your next cannabis storage purchase.

The real things to consider are your budget and what you’ll be putting into them, after that, you’ll be better able to source out what you need.

My favorite smell-proof bag on this list by far is Stashlogix. They have a storied history and even overcame useless fines and confiscations by the government before decriminalization was properly implemented in the States. I appreciate its harder exterior. Plus, it looks cool! Living in a cannabis-strict building, I know the importance of being discreet in all aspects of Portable Vaporizer consumption and have only recommended bags that I personally would use for myself.

Until next time, to health and high times!

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