How To Get Rid of Weed Smell Guide

How To Get Rid of Weed Smell Guide: What does weed smell like?

Getting high is awesome but sometimes the lingering smell afterwards isn’t – Especially for any non-smokers you may have in the house. In general, Cannabis is known to have an earthy smell in its dried form, and somewhat of a skunky smell as the plant matures and dries up. This smell can be magnified during smoking as well. Although this effect isn’t near as bad while using a dry herb vaporizing than vs. smoking, there will still be a lingering smell in the air, especially if you are in a closed indoor space. Different strains will be more potent during storage and consumption so will require different methods to control their smell. In this how to get rid of weed smell guide, we’ll be going over our top tips and tricks to keep your cannabis odor to a minimum.

How to get rid of the marijuana smell?

Most cannabis odors can be removed by modern products that work to neutralize cannabis enyzmes in the air instead of masking the odor like traditional sprays do. This means that as your candle burns, or as your odor-absorbing spray begins to work in the air, it will overrule the cannabis scent and freshen up the room. If you want to hide your weed smell in the first place, then you’ll need an odor-absorbing carrying container to block the smell from others that you’re close to.  If the scent is already in the air, then you can start by opening windows and using a natural spray to freshen up the room. You won’t want to use traditional air fresheners as they will only blend with the scent of your cannabis and make the room smell like a weed perfume. This is where the natural elements of a good spray come in handy. Incense and essential oils are much lighter in the air and will diffuse the weed scent better.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer front profile with Cannabolish Candel and Spray Bottle, Cali Crusher grinder and Tools420 Grinder

How long does weed smell last?

As a rule of thumb, cannabis smell from an open container or from smoke or vapor will last about thirty minutes in a well-ventilated room, and about three hours if there is no airflow. If you’re in an apartment or room without access to fresh air, traditional air fresheners are probably not your friend as most of the time they will mix with the cannabis scent and make it even the marijuana use more obvious.

Beamer Candle Cannabis Killer, Red Mother Fucker, and French vanilla

How to hide the smell of weed with candles?

Scented candles made specifically for cannabis can mask the smell of marijuana smoke very effectively. With candles like the Smoke Killer Collection that work by using essential oils and soy wax and enzyme additives, you’ll be effectively removing the scent completely from the air while also adding a nice and light pleasant smell. With only natural scents and ingredients, it won’t be obvious that you’re trying to cover cannabis use up.

Beamer Candle Cannabis Killer with AirVape X Vaporizer

Weed odor removing spray

If your problem is more about the smell of cannabis getting into absorbent fabrics like curtains or leather, then an odor-removing spray might be a better choice than a candle. As well as removing the weed smell out of the room, they’ll neutralize any kind of tainted carpet or furniture with their direct application of essential oils. With something like the all-natural Cannabolish odor spray, you’ll be able to freshen up anything that you want without the fear of harmful chemicals staining fabrics. It comes in a lovely little bottle that packs a lot of punch and smells like fresh citronella.

Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle and Cannabolish Odor removing Spray

Weed odor-absorbent Containers

It is always a good idea to keep your cannabis in an airtight container that will not only will keep your dry herb fresher for longer, but also keep your storage smell to a minimum. If you’re a beginner, a used mason jar will work just fine as a resealable container but if you’re an adult with younger kids around, you may want to think of something that combines odor-reducing capabilities with a lock like the Tools420 Weed Container or a SmokeBuddy Odor Remover. These will work by using activated carbon to filter out any odor in their air to ensure a fresh odor around the containers.

Pax 3 discreetness

Cannabis Vaporizers Reduce Weed Smell

By using cannabis vaporizers, you are only boiling off the essential oils off of your cannabis. As we talked about in our 3rd generation cannabis vaporizers blog, cannabis smoke was found to have 111 compounds, whereas cannabis vapor only had three. Especially when you are using a vaporizer like the Pax 3, you’ll find that the smell is more like toast than anything, unlike the skunk odor found in cannabis smoke from joints or pipes. Vapes will also be a great choice if you’re limited to smoking inside as it will be much more discreet to anyone else that you have in the house. Portable vaporizers will also allow you to get your sessions basically anywhere while simultaneously being much more discreet than a joint due to the popularity of similar-looking nicotine vapes.

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Botanical Aromatherapy to eliminate weed smell

With cannabis vaporizers from the Arizer Vape Manufacturer, you’ll have access to aromatherapy trays included in all of their kits. These work as chamber accessories that will let your aromatize your favorite flowers, fruit rinds, herbs and more. Made from food-grade glass, the Air Glass Aroma Dish will freshen up any room with a light, fluffy, lovely smell and and can be swapped to from the regular cannabis chamber right after your session ends to instantly freshen up the room without the need for candles or spray. As incense can add a spa-like quality to any room, you’ll be free to play around with natural herbs like the eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint, and rosemary herb to diffuse throughout your house. Your roommates and loved ones will love the smell of your room for once! As well, peppermint and other herbs have been found to ease headaches, so your Arizer vape may have a therapeutic effect!

AVB / Edibles Tips

Cannabis doesn’t always have to be smoked or vaporized to receive a high. You can use edibles without having to worry about having to get rid of the odor! AVB (Already Vaped Bud) can also be used to infuse into everyday items like butter with a Magical Butter Machine V2 and an Ardent Nova Decarboxylator to decarb without the need for smoking. If you are using cooking your AVB, in combination with a GTS vaporizer Hub, you’ll be able to easily use your decarbed cannabis for some easy AVB Recipes!

Magical Butter Machine V2 with Included Accesories

Magical Butter and strainers used for making CannaButter


In conclusion, there are quite a few choices you have to manage the smell of weed. Whether you choose an airtight storage container, Cannabolish odor sprays, or a scented Smoke Killer candle, you will be able to eliminate the smell of weed whenever or wherever you are. As you learned as well, certain dry herb vaporizers will almost completely eliminate the need for odor removers once vaporized. As well, utilizing your AVB with a GTS Hub or a Magical Butter is also a great alternative to conceal your weed smell!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment if you think we missed anything!

How To Get Rid of Weed Smell
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