Zeus Arc GTS Hub

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Zeus Arc GTS Hub

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Dry Herb Vaporizer

Key Features:

  • All in one vaporizer Kit
  • 90-minute battery life
  • 3 Temperature Presets
  • Goldsink, Gold-Plated Heating Chamber, Gold multi-purpose tool
  • Haptic Feedback / Accelerometer

USD $239.99 

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Zeus is back with their third-generation GTS, and both the vape and included Hub are truly a sight to behold. Their patented gold standard technology has only been improved upon, as well as several other key features to bring convenience to consistent, high-quality vapor. With upgrades such as the Xtruder, mouthpiece, improved air path, and firmware – The future of dry herb vaporizing has truly arrived. The Zeus Arc GTS Hub is easy to use, portable and makes chamber loading and AVB utilization a breeze.

Why should you buy the Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer Hub?

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop dry herb vaporizing kit, then this is the right choice. Everything you’ll need to have great sessions is included in the box and is highly easy to use. Utilizing the new ArcPod system, the GTS Hub will allow for loading with the included Xtruder grinder foolproof. ArcPods will release from the Xtruder once they hit their 0.3g limit. Load multiple ArcPods and bring them with you on the go for the ultimate chamber loading experience. Eliminate the hassle of traditional grinding and packing with this third-generation GT!

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Arc Pods

ArcPods are here to revolutionize chamber loading efficiency. Each ArcPod can be reused after use. For chamber loading, simply discard the finished one and insert a new one. This eliminates the need for additional cleaning, and drastically improves chamber loading times! If you liked the Storz&Bickel Dosing Capsules Filling Set, then you’re sure to love this patent.

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Xtruder Grinder

The grinder included in the kit, the Zeus Arc GTS Xtruder, allows for super-easy loading of ArcPods. For consistent 0.3 gram fills every single time, the Xtruder eliminates any guesswork and need for cleaning. Traditional smokers and dry herb veterans alike will love this upgrade.

GTS Vape Unrivaled Vapor Quality

Featuring a gold standard vapor path and gold chamber, the improved mouthpiece and air path allow for a better flavor profile on your terpenes. The mouthpiece itself has been upgraded to a harder medical grade silicone to allow for  The new mouthpiece works well with the patented gold sink technology to provide great vapor quality. A plus of the new material means that you will not lose any vapor heat despite the mouthpiece hardly warming at all. It is also more magnetized and airtight for longer sessions at max temps for days! This is truly one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers!

One-Stop-Shop Dry Herb Vaporizer Portability

Everything in the tray is designed to keep individual parts very organized and clean. The ArcPods box holding trays, the Xtruder, the ARC pod processing slots, and the arc storage compartment are all efficiently designed. The exterior shell of the hub is a hardened black plastic that not only is durable but can easily be brought with you on the road in a bag. Plus, the GTS itself is only a third of the size of the Mighty+ Vaporizer!

What’s in the Box:

Zeus ARC GTS Box

  • 1x Zeus Hub
  • 1x Zeus XTRUDER
  • 1x Zeus ARCPODS TRIPLE PACK (15x ArcPods and 45 ARCPOD LIDS)
  • 1x ZEUS XTRUDER Manual
  • 5x ZEUS PURIFY Bristle Cleaners
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Flow Sink Tool
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Premium Aromatherapy Accessory

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Accessories:

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Brand Name
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Zeus Arc GTS Hub
USD 239.99
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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer: Zeus Arsenal
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 80 seconds
Bowl Size: 0.3g
Bowl Material: Gold-Plated
Battery Life/Size: 3500mAh/90 Minutes
Temperature Range: 205°C, 215°C, 225°C (changeable in app)
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 3.75 x 0.75 x 1.75 in
Weight: 200g

6 reviews for Zeus Arc GTS Hub

  1. Avatar for Valentina Cirillo

    Valentina Cirillo

    My roommate got his for Christmas and I’ve been so jealous even since. I finally just copped mine today. What i like the most about the GTS is how clean and easy the pod system is, when i first saw it it reminded me of those old nicotine mod systems that you would have to thread your own organic cotton into it. It felt complicated at first but after watching him play with it for a few days everyone in the house is filling up pods and packing them in with no trouble.

    I’m moving in a few so I decided to get my own for when I’m on my own. also if your worried about running through the pods too fast, he got his GTS hub on the 25th and we live in a house of 5 stoners who smoke a lot and we have only gone through 2 packs of pods and lids and we are just getting through the second pack so they last along time.

  2. Avatar for Joshua Deren

    Joshua Deren

    This GTS is absolutely amazing, the wife got it for me for Christmas, and I’ve been too stoned to remember to review this here. It’s great… I don’t smoke a lot but I ended up filling all the pods when I got it and I’ve only gone through 8 of them. and it’s almost a month since the holidays. I had no idea the GTS could go into a sleep cycle and at first it was weird to pick up the device to draw it and seeing nothing come out but after pick up on the resting mode i had no more issues and even found that it helped conserve my cannabis in my device. I can almost load up a device, take a few puffs and forget about it and come back to it and hit it some more and repeat the cycle the entire night with a single pod.

    it has reduced my consumption by more than half as I was used to smoking a gram joint throughout the night and now I’m smoking 0.3g through the same amount of time.

  3. Avatar for Warren Tang

    Warren Tang

    I got this for my disabled father, he struggles a lot with motor skills and mobility issues. We understand it’s not a mighty but for the price and all the features it seems like a great option for him as I can have all his pods pre filled the night before and he can use them as he pleases.

    Like this he doesn’t have to struggle with grinding the herbs and loading them into a small chamber like most devices offer. I hope this review can help others like my father as personally no other device can offer the accessibility the GTS can offer.

  4. Avatar for Melanie Horowitz

    Melanie Horowitz

    It’s definitely a great improvement from the GT, as the soft rubber mouthpiece felt like it got in the way of the vapor and it just condensed in the mouthpiece. I’ve owed every version of the Zeus Arc the GTS is by far the most refined and streamlined design they have come out with to date.

    the reason I give it a 3/5 is because they are still using a micro USB charger, no fast charging and the inclusion of the pod system seem more of a gimmick than actual functionality BUT regardless this thing has gotten me so high i cant even be mad at the short comings. every device has some and for the price point, this thing isn’t bad at all.

    its simply not better than a mighty.

  5. Avatar for Piers


    Love this. Only complaint would be the chamber can be a bit of a hassle with the pick to open, and then the dosing capsules are hot as well. Kind of prefer the Mighty+ in that aspect, but this produces more clouds I feel like. Would highly recommend the Zeus water pipe adapter for that reason.

  6. Avatar for Helen


    Upgraded from a PAX 2, and this vaporizer is much better in my opinion.

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Zeus Arsenal offers an exclusive range of elegant and powerful dry herb vaporizers. Nevertheless, their commitment to making a better, smoother and more exclusive vaping experience results in Zeus Smite Plus and Arc. Smite or Smite Plus. Ranked as Top #2 by CCA in 2018 Smite dry herb vaporizer is compact in design to offer portability. Furthermore, it features glass mouthpiece, anodized aluminum shell, and USB charging it comes with 3 pre-set temperatures. Backed with German technology, Zeus Arsenal's commitment reflects in their products. Most noteworthy, Zeus ARC GT utilizes gold plated chamber whereas Zeus ARC basic uses stainless steel.

Questions & Answers

Johnathan Bishop
Does anyone else’s device run a little hot and does the light stay lit green the entire time?

The light should stay green the whole session, yes. You can also lower your temperatures on the web app here: https://zeusarsenal.com/update/

Richard Hamilton
Just got it in the post have it fully charged. Cannot get it to work correctly air it’s badHave check that it’s clean

Try long and slow inhales with a medium grind. You can’t do short inhales with this one.

How many times can you use the aluminum pods or the paper lids?

You can use the aluminum ArcPods for the Zeus Arc GTS as many times as you’d like. The paper lids will last 3 uses before needing to be discarded, but you can always pick up more.

How does the Zeus Xtruder grinder work?

Once you load an empty ArcPod into the bottom of the Xtruder, and weed into the top, just hold the middle and twist until the ArcPod ejects to let you know that its full.

Allan Cadenhead
How long does the battery last and how long can it charge?

You’ll be able to get 90 minutes of battery life out of the Zeus Arc GT Vape, and charging will take about the same amount of time.

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