Zeus Arc GTS Hub

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Key Features

  • All in one vaporizer kit
  • 90-minute battery life
  • 3 Temperature Presets
  • Goldsink, Gold-Plated Heating Chamber, Gold multi-purpose tool
  • Haptic Feedback / Accelerometer

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Product Description

Zeus Arc GTS Hub USA

Zeus is back with their third-generation GTS, and both the vape and included Hub are truly a sight to behold. Their patented gold standard technology has only been improved upon, as well as several other key features to bring convenience to consistent, high-quality vapor. With upgrades such as the Xtruder, mouthpiece, improved air path, and firmware – The future of dry herb vaporizing has truly arrived. The Zeus Arc GTS Hub is easy to use, portable and makes chamber loading and AVB utilization a breeze.

Why should you buy the Zeus Arc GTS Hub?

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop dry herb vaporizing kit, then this is the right choice. Everything you’ll need to have great sessions is included in the box and is highly easy to use. Utilizing the new ArcPod system, the GTS Hub will allow for loading with the included Xtruder grinder foolproof. ArcPods will release from the Xtruder once they hit their 0.3g limit. Load multiple ArcPods and bring them with you on the go for the ultimate chamber loading experience. Eliminate the hassle of traditional grinding and packing with this third-generation GT!

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Arc Pods

ArcPods are here to revolutionize chamber loading efficiency. Each ArcPod can be reused after use. For chamber loading, simply discard the finished one and insert a new one. This eliminates the need for additional cleaning, and drastically improves chamber loading times! If you liked the Storz&Bickel Dosing Capsules Filling Set, then you’re sure to love this patent.

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Xtruder

The grinder included in the kit, the Zeus Arc GTS Xtruder, allows for super-easy loading of ArcPods. For consistent 0.3 gram fills every single time, the Xtruder eliminates any guesswork and need for cleaning. Traditional smokers and dry herb veterans alike will love this upgrade.

Zeus Arc GTS Vapor Quality

Featuring a gold standard vapor path and gold chamber, the improved mouthpiece and air path allow for a better flavor profile on your terpenes. The mouthpiece itself has been upgraded to a harder medical grade silicone to allow for  The new mouthpiece works well with the patented gold sink technology to provide great vapor quality. A plus of the new material means that you will not lose any vapor heat despite the mouthpiece hardly warming at all. It is also more magnetized and airtight for longer sessions at max temps for days! This is truly one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers!

One-Stop-Shop Dry Herb Vaporizer Portability

Everything in the tray is designed to keep individual parts very organized and clean. The ArcPods box holding trays, the Xtruder, the ARC pod processing slots, and the arc storage compartment are all efficiently designed. The exterior shell of the hub is a hardened black plastic that not only is durable but can easily be brought with you on the road in a bag. Plus, the GTS itself is only a third of the size of the Mighty+ Vaporizer!

Zeus Arc GTS Hub Accessories


What's in the box

Zeus ARC GTS Box

  • 1x Zeus Hub
  • 1x Zeus XTRUDER
  • 1x Zeus ARCPODS TRIPLE PACK (15x ArcPods and 45 ARCPOD LIDS)
  • 1x ZEUS XTRUDER Manual
  • 5x ZEUS PURIFY Bristle Cleaners
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Flow Sink Tool
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Premium Aromatherapy Accessory

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Zeus Arsenal
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 80 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.3g
Bowl Material: Gold-Plated
Battery Life/Size: 3500mAh/90 Minutes
Temperature Range: 205°C, 215°C, 225°C (changeable in app)
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 3.75 x 0.75 x 1.75 in
Weight: 200g

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Mark McCaskill

    Mark McCaskill

    Honestly I wasn’t too sure about this whole “arcpod” system at first but took the leap anyway. It was a bit clunky at first but I think that is true for most devices when you pull them out of the box the first time.

    after some getting used to I had 4 pods loaded up and I barely got through two before I fell to sleep with the Zeus resting on my chest. Kept my coffee table a bit cleaner than usual, gave me great vapor production and for the overall price, it just hit all my boxes. Lots of features, ability to customize to my liking and included pod system similar to the mighty dosing capsule filling tray with out having to pay for the extra feature.

  2. Avatar for Larry


    This is a review of the GTS Hub as an inclusive package, which then overall rates a weak 4.

    The Zeus vape unit itself has been reviewed many times. It’s a great unit and a solid 5.

    The ArcPods are a great step forward — maybe.
    If this Zeus is going to be your daily driver at home, then the pods may not be worth your while. Yes, they save you from cleaning out the chamber, but that is offset with having to fill up the pods as well as the ongoing cost of replacing them. The pod bottoms are thin metal, the tops are very thin and flimsy plastic. They do what they’re supposed to but they are not going to hold up to any degree of cleaning and reuse, meaning you have to regularly buy new ones at a cost of $20 plus tax for 15 pods and either the cost of shipping, or your time and expense in getting to the retail store.
    If your primary intent is to use this Zeus as a portable, the advantages are obvious. But unless you’re only going to be using the one pod in the chamber, how are you going to carry the extra filled up pods and separate the used from the unused? You can’t just toss them in a baggie. They are easily damaged and tops fall off on their own.
    Transporting the pods is where Zeus has totally missed the boat. They could have arranged the manufacture of a small plastic carry case with slots for 10 pods for
    Hopefully they will see the need and offer a carry case as an accessory.
    At this point, because of the carry problems, the best that the pods can get is 3 stars.

    The Xruder. This plastic item is a combination grinder and ArcPod filler. After the bud is ground up, a corkscrew feeds it into the pod and when there is enough pressure exerted, the bottom pops open.
    A plastic grinder.
    Pro Tip#1. Don’t use it as a grinder. If the bud is too hard, too soft or too sticky — trouble, and this thing is virtually impossible free up a jamb or to soak clean as you have to do with all metal grinders. It’s big and you can’t get at the cutters.
    If you want to use it to fill the pods, grind the bud first then just use the corkscrew feature to fill the pods. Pro Tip #2 pop the bottom off the Xruder quite a few times before you try filling up pods, otherwise the pressure to pop it out the first bunch of times distorts the pods and they won’t come out of the Zeus.
    You can fill the pods just as quickly and easily by hand, the Xruder isn’t needed. As it is, 1 star.

    The overall rating is a weak 4 because the primary purchase item is the Zeus GTS and it carries the rest.

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      Hi Larry, you can access the internals of the Xtruder by placing an arcpod upside down in the holding tray and pressing down. This will separate the internal clear plastic from the shell and from there you can pull it apart and have access to the metal parts.

  3. Avatar for Jared K.

    Jared K.

    Watched all the videos including yours and for the life of me I can barely get 20 percent of the clouds you’re making. It’s barely noticeable. Unit gets good and hot just nothing else. I really wanna like this unit it’s solid and well build but I can’t understand the lack of vapour

    • Avatar for G Carlos

      G Carlos

      Hey Jared, I’m really sorry to hear that your having issues with your GTS. There is a few things that you could try out boost vapor production, in all of our videos we heat up the device between 380-400f (193-204c) and wait an extra minute for the heat to really get in the chamber than we take our inhales. Things like the moisture content of your cannabis to even the way is ground up to how it is packed will affect vapor production so its good to play around with that until you get the result that you want. For the GTS as there is only preset temp settings you can try vaping on the medium to high setting and you find that there is still not enough vapor, double check to see if you device is getting hot inside and if its not, it maybe time to contact Zeus about your device possibly being defective. they will be able to help you out at that point.

      let us know if any of this helped or DM us on Instagram or YouTube to continue trying to help you trouble shoot it.

  4. Avatar for Phillipe


    As a heavy user, I really appreciate the dosing capsules. Don’t always use the hub, as caddy or baggy will do the trick.

  5. Avatar for David


    Very well made, love the design and magnetic tool, feel good to put your mouth on it because of the groove, but battery life could be better (especially since you can’t swap batteries). I feel like the 8 minutes session isn’t enough to fully extract all the cannabinoids… so i end up using it 3 times only before the battery is dead… which is not even a complete day of usage for me. Pretty much my only complaint, along with the non-customizable temperature settings (only 3 stock settings). I’m not really using the pods (preference).

  6. Avatar for Piers


    Love this. Only complaint would be the chamber can be a bit of a hassle with the pick to open, and then the dosing capsules are hot as well. Kind of prefer the Mighty+ in that aspect, but this produces more clouds I feel like. Would highly recommend the Zeus water pipe adapter for that reason.

  7. Avatar for Michael


    This product aims to compete with S&B Crafty and its pod system, and does not perform very well in comparison.

    The smoke is less dense and less consistent, with extra time required past the “ready” mark to achieve acceptable vapor. The draw feels tight, comparable to an average cheap vape, noticeably more constricted from Crafty.

    The grinder/pod setup is useable, but the pods are more finicky and require more care when filling, compared to S&B. I frequently filled the S&B with preground flower without any aids, which was as easy as scooping it up with the pod; the Zeus pods need more precise filling/tamping.

    Battery life when always using max heat is about 50-60min.

    Overall this is a shiny and solid-feeling vape with a useful pod system but mediocre performance. For the price, this does not improve on the Crafty in any way in my opinion. I would return it if not for the anti-customer policies of online vape stores.

  8. Avatar for Don C.

    Don C.

    Haven’t had a real good chance to try it but really like so far . It’s small and much better than smoking

  9. Avatar for Jason


    Like some of the older comments I did struggle with airflow a bit before the guys at Tools420 helped me out. Medium grind and long slow draws are key. Bit of a learning curve to get it down, but it’s worth in end. I do agree that Mighty+ has overall better airflow.

  10. Avatar for Helen


    Upgraded from a PAX 2, and this vaporizer is much better in my opinion.

  11. Avatar for Maxime


  12. Avatar for Mathieu Laroche

    Mathieu Laroche

    I dont really enjoy the Zeus Arc Gts, dont really get high with it, in all video I have see, the zeus can do some cloud of vape, but I dont have, I Just taste, dont Know if my product got a problem but Im not really happy of my purchase.

  13. Avatar for Scott B.

    Scott B.

    Love it! Much better than my Hera. Now if I could only get the iceborn 2 from you guys.

  14. Avatar for qc2az


    I purchased Zeus Arc GTS Hub, I like the device and I found a medium grind is better for this device for air flow (where other device a fine ground if better).

    I like the pods a lot but I would prefer having better lids for them because they are made to her thrown away and they do come off easily. I store them in the keychain storage because it’s the perfect size to securely keep the lids on for transportation.

    The vap and the high quality is about the same as the Pax 3 but the Zeus is a lot easier to clean and keep clean when using the pods. I also enjoy using the pods when going out since it’s so easy the change an old one for a new one (from my keychain storage). I also like that the tool is attached to the device and it’s magnetic (the mouthpiece is also magnetic) so it makes it easier not to lose anything if you don’t have a table too set your stuff on. One big plus when not using the pods is that the chamber is a scope instead of using the technique pinch and drop (Pax 3) and then trying to fix it with a separate tool, you can just tap it with your finger.

    One downfall coming from the Pax 3 is that it’s a bit slower to heatup but for me I don’t care about waiting an extra min or second given its a relaxing activity anyway:-)

    So basically my only beef about this device are the pods lids, the rest are all positive. I would not say this blows the PAX 3 out of the water but there is a few small thing that make me reach this device over the PAX 3 (my backup device). The only reason I went for this one over the Mighty Plus is the size given I love having my device with me when I go out and the Mighty Plus will probably not fit in my pocket.

    As for the grinder that comes with this kit to load up your pods, I am not crazy of it. Some of the weed stays stuck in it, it’s a bit messy, long process to grind and just not fun to use. I much prefer using my own grinder, grind it to my licking (medium grind for good air flow and it doesn’t get stuck anywhere), once my hurb is grounded I just scope it up with the pods and place the cap on which it easier, cleaner and much faster.

    I would give it a 4.5 stars out of five. If the lids for the pods where better and it had a usb c instead of a micro usb I would give it a 5/5 stars

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      Thanks for the review, we agree that it should have gone for aluminum lids and USB-C charging as well!

  15. Avatar for Kirsten P.

    Kirsten P.

  16. Avatar for Nancy Doppler

    Nancy Doppler

    Purchased from this vendor & received it promptly. Great service. thank you. After using this for 5 days, I will say the 3500mAh battery is great. The unit is smaller than Utilian 721 or 421, but heavier. The product is easy to use once you have read all the instructions! The packaging was very elegant, but everything was packed in nice black boxes, & I almost missed the spacer & the extra metal tool. You need to check both the top and bottom of the packaging to ensure you get all the bits. I think the paper arc pod tops are fine, but they could also have been aluminium. I am disappointed that you can not buy the caps separately from the pods, however, the used pod cap is easy to remove, and you can reuse it a number of times. I find the hits at low temp are still strong, and you really get the taste. I opted for this over the non-canister model for the convenience of grinding a bunch of herb and having the pods packed and ready to go. I find the grinder a bit awkward and frankly too big. Yes it does fill up the pods easily, but not in 3 turns as suggested in the instructions. I can easily pack the pods by hand. I just found the whole system to be fiddly initially, but once you have the concept down, it works well. The ongoing cost of purchasing new pods to get new caps will add to the cost of using this device & that loses 1 star in my thinking.

  17. Avatar for Desmond R.

    Desmond R.

    Finally decided to pull the trigger as I saw that they released more viable lid options instead of the 15 pack. I’ve been very happy so far. It can clear bowls in just a matter of big inhales while using the water pipe adapter with my full-sized bong.

  18. Avatar for Anonymous


    Very fast conduction cooking. Airflow is hit or miss. Amazing manufacturing quality.

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Product Q&A

How do I know when my Zeus Arc GTS is fully charged?

Once your GTS vaporizer is done charging, it will glow a solid green hour after around an hour and a half.

How many times can you use the aluminum dosing capsules or paper lids?

You can use the aluminum ArcPods for the Zeus Arc GTS as many times as you’d like. The paper lids will last 3 uses before needing to be discarded, but you can always pick up more.

how does the Zeus xtruder grinder work?

Once you load an empty ArcPod into the bottom of the Xtruder, and weed into the top, just hold the middle and twist until the ArcPod ejects to let you know that its full.

Ellen Chernichenko
How much weed can i run though this device before i need to buy new Arcpods and Lids?

Zeus ArcPod lids can be used three times in the GTS vape. The aluminum pods can be used forever.

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