XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

Key Features

  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Upgrades Vapor Taste
  • Easier to Clean

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Product Specifications

XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece Upgrade

As a true XMAX dry herb vaporizer connoisseur, you know you deserve the best. In this case, it’s the upgrade from the plastic mouthpiece to the glass mouthpiece for your XMAX V3 Pro.

Improves Vapor Taste

With the XMAX V3 Pro glass mouthpiece, you’ll get rid of any potential unwanted plastic aftertaste. This better air pathway will not only taste better for your vapor quality, but will be easier to clean, and will be compatible with our 14mm whip bubbler!

Easier to Inhale from

While the V3 Pro has very few cons, the wide shape of the mouthpiece can be a little off-putting for some customers. This mouthpiece is easier to inhale from and Arizer vape fans will feel right at home with its feel and design.

Compatible with the Utillian Bubbler

You’ll be able to use the Utillian 620 Adapter from the Utillian Bubbler Kit as a nifty bubbler over this mouthpiece. It’s a little wobbly, but will give you an airtight seal and an extra layer of cooling and fun.

How to clean the XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece

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XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece
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  1. Avatar for Kristofer


    I prefer this to the stock mouthpiece. Excellent customer service!

  2. Avatar for Gabriel Tremblay

    Gabriel Tremblay

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Product Q&A

So this is just the glass piece, right?The bottom black adapter piece is not included?

It includes the plastic housing as well as the glass mouthpiece

See more by: XMAX

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