Key Features

  • For Flower & Dabs
  • Fan Favorite
  • USB-C charging & Swappable 18650 Battery
  • 15 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Easy OLED Screen
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece / Stir tool 
  • Portable Design 
  • On-Demand & Session Mode
  • Isolated air path
  • No Draw Resistance
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Included wax cup dosing capsule for dabs

USD $76.49 

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  • Select Free Accessory:
    Cleaning Cotton Wipes-Free
  • Cleaning Cotton Wipes-Free
  • Cleaning Sticks-Free
  • F20 Funnel Herb Mill-Free
  • F20 Storage Keychain
  • Portable Carrying Case-Free
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: XMAX
Warranty Period: 1 year
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb + Concentrates
Heating System: Convection
Heat Up Time: 15-25 seconds
Bowl Size: 0.25g
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Life/Size: 2600mAh / x6 5-10 min. sessions
Temperature Range: 212°F - 428°F (100°C - 220°C)
Smartphone Compatibility: no
Dimension (HxDxW): 6x1x1in
Weight: 105g

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer for Sale

The XMAX V3 Pro is a great budget portable vaporizer that offers top-notch vapor quality in an easy-to-use package! It has quickly become a fan favorite since its release in mid-2021. 

Best budget dry herb convection vape

As a pure convection vaporizer, you’re going to get a lot more vapor quality than you’d be used to from an entry-level conduction dry herb vape. Although it won’t have as good flavor as a premium Arizer unit, the XMAX V3 Pro is seriously a ripper. While you can choose between four and six-minute session timers, 90% of the time you’ll clear the bowl before then because of how powerful the convection oven is. As another plus, the V3 Pro’s vapor quality is on par with much more expensive devices like the XLUX Roffu or Tinymight. 

Swappable 18650 battery

You’ll be able to get around six sessions on the fully charged 2600mAh battery, which is pretty strong when compared to similarly priced vapes. Swappable batteries and USB-C charging also means that you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice on the go. Whether that means picking up a spare 18650 battery or battery bank, you’ll have a lot of options to keep sessions going. Unlike other vaporizers on the market, the battery is easily accessed through a magnet door on the back side. If spare batteries aren’t your thing, then the device can be charged back to full in just over an hour through the USB-C charging port on the bottom of the unit.  

On-Demand heating mode

With heating in just seconds in on-demand mode, the XMAX is one of the best microdosing vaporizers with a 0.25g chamber and easy swapping between session and on-demand heating modes. If you prefer fast heat up times or just a few hits at a time, then definitely give on-demand mode a try. If you’re trying to quit smoking joints, then this unit is a great alternative to help you quit.

How to use the XMAX V3 Pro?

On this vape, you’ll have all the info you need to see displayed on the OLED screen including session timers and Fahrenheit or Celsius precision temperature control.

  1. By pressing the power button three times, you’ll turn the vaporizer on
  2. You can press the up and down buttons to swap between session and on-demand modes.
  3. Half way through a session, you can remove the mouthpiece and use the stir tool to mix up your dry herb for better heat distribution and THC extraction.

There’s a 30-second window on the on-demand heating that will vibrate three times and shut-off, but you can just press and hold the power button to begin heating again right away. 

If you want to learn more, also feel free to check out the XMAX V3 Pro Owner’s Manual

Dosing capsule compatible 

Included in the box is one V3 Pro wax cup with features a funneled metal design to help keep your dabs safe from dirtying your chamber.  For heavy concentrate users, we recommend picking up a few extra spares so that you can keep the party going while you clean your dirty ones out with vape cleaning sticks. XMAX has also recently released XMAX V3 Pro Dosing Capsule Set which we now have in stock! Also make sure to grab a 420 Storage Keychain so that you can have access to pre-loaded session while you’re out on the go! 

How to clean the XMAX V3 Pro?

On the standard mouthpiece, you’ll be able to remove the rubber gasket holding before removing the ceramic mouthpiece insert and metal filter. In a small jar, pour a little isopropyl alcohol and shake these parts for a small amount of time. After, rinse everything off with hot water and dry with a paper towel to get any remaining residue off. In the chamber oven, a vape cleaning stick will help you get rid of any resin buildup. 

Wide variety of mouthpieces

Including the standard mouthpiece, you’ll be able to choose between five different mouthpiece styles. The most popular choices seem to be the XMAX V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece, and the XMAX V3 Pro 14mm WPA

One of the nice things is the amount of customization you’ll be able to have with the V3 Pro besides the on-demand and session modes. You’ll be able to choose between black, gradient silver, purple, or limited edition green. 

Best airflow on the dry herb vaporizer market 

With two large air intake ports on the side of the vaporizer, you’ll be able to inhale for much longer than you’ll be used to. If you’ve had devices in the past with airflow that was too tight, the V3 Pro is the complete opposite. Although there’s a tiny downside as you’ll be able to hear a faint whistle in the background, the airflow is worth it & makes it especially potent when you’re using a bong or bubbler. You’ll be able to take 10+ second inhales with ease that are going to knock you on your butt.

Excellent Portability 

Coming in a 6in x 1in, it should be able to fit into most pockets. For on the go use, it has a very sleek design that most people will think is just a large E-cig. For heavy users, you might consider picking up a vape carrying case to help keep all of your accessories and dry herb in one convenient place. 

One Year Warranty 

You’ll have a one year warranty with your device. Given the durable aluminum body and solid reputation that XMAX has in the industry, they’ve got you covered!

Tools420 is an authorized retailer of XMAX vaporizers and we will help you out with every step of the warranty claiming process with our XMAX contact. 

Make sure to keep your box for warranty purpose, as you will need to see the scratch off security code.

XMAX V3 Pro where to buy?

Tools420 has got you covered with same day shipping on orders placed before 1PM EST, as well as free shipping on orders over $70. With over six years of customer-first experience, we’ve earned a 4.8 star average on google and always do our best to make sure that our customers are taken care of. 

XMAX V3 Pro Accessories

Feedback from an Expert 

Besides the main selling points, the swappable 18650 battery, USB-C charging port,  session modes, and wax canister are all great accessories that make this dry herb vape really swing above its weight class.

 – XMAX V3 Pro Review

What's in the box

  • XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer
  • 18650 Battery
  • Wax Cup for Concentrates
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB-C Charger
  • User Manual
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Alcohol Prep Pads



Customer Reviews

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5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
  1. Avatar for Bob C.

    Bob C.

    Received the XMAX V3 Pro as a gift from my wife. Really like the ability to use herbs instead of oils and as a plus it heats up really fast. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Avatar for Mark


    Worked great until it stopped heating up after only 7 weeks of use. Now I don’t have a piece.

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      Please reach out to [email protected] and we will help out with the warranty process

  3. Avatar for Greg O

    Greg O

    The transition from POTV One to the XMAX V3 Pro has been a game-changer. This upgrade took my vaping experience to new heights. The XMAX V3 Pro’s easy convection system and on-demand is amazing.

    I can’t praise Tools420 enough for their fast and free shipping. My order arrived promptly, and their customer service was outstanding. This combination of an exceptional product and efficient service is hard to beat. I highly recommend the XMAX V3 Pro and using Tools420 for a seamless shopping experience.

  4. Avatar for anton


    Have been very happy with the XMAX. I’m using the glass mouthpiece and on-demand mode while out for walks. Fast shipping from Tools420

  5. Avatar for anonymous


    After only two sessions it keeps showing “SENSOR ERROR”

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      We’ll be in contact to help you with the warranty

  6. Avatar for Alex Z.

    Alex Z.

    Good hits, better than my old solo 2, not 5 stars in my opinion

  7. Avatar for Anonymous


    My package was actually lost by UPS, but Joey helped me with an investigation ticket and was tracked down and promptly shipped through customs shortly after. So far I’ve been loving how the little bowl packs such big hits effciently. I’ll be returning for more accessories once I know what I want. Thanks guys.

  8. Avatar for Anonymous


    High-quality airflow, it’s a bit of a lengthy design so maybe not as portable as something like the Argo but it’s very ergonomic in the hand and cooks bud very well despite the price.

  9. Avatar for Tyler K.

    Tyler K.

    Very great vape – A few comments though, it definitely helps to hit through water, and as well I found that you get better results from letting the chamber ‘heat soak’ like you would on an Arizer unit. By that, I mean waiting up to a minute after the device has reached its temperature so that you can get more temperature in the chamber for better hits overall.

  10. Avatar for Alexander L.

    Alexander L.

    Great little vape. Might be budget friendly but it’s stronger than you might think.

  11. Avatar for Anonymous


    The best on-demand vaporizer of 2022 for sure

  12. Avatar for Jenny A.

    Jenny A.

    hate it or love it the underdog’s on top! this performs almost as well as my crafty plus, and for half the price. like what!! anyways… happy

  13. Avatar for Mark


    Excellent vape I mostly use the on demand

  14. Avatar for Anonymous


    AMAZING vape. I was using the previous model for a long time until it gave out and this was a game changer. The timed sessions and quick heat up are my favourites. Also cleaning is as easy as filling. At this price i would suggest it to anyone looking for an easy and straight forward vape. I know its not the coolest looking kid at school but it works amazing.

    • Avatar for Drew H

      Drew H

      Thanks for the review, glad you’re enjoying it!

  15. Avatar for Kristofer


    I love this vaporizer and the customer service has been excellent!

  16. Avatar for Jenny


    Would have liked to have gotten the Purple colour, but that’s ok! The on-demand heating gets quite hot quickly and is a decent alternative to a dab pen. I’m only a light user going about 50/50 between flower and dabs and so this was a great pickup recommended to me by Reddit. Tools420 had the best price, and they helped me with tips to get it working its best.

  17. Avatar for Gary Laurent

    Gary Laurent

    The xmax v3 pro has been a great budget vape for me since my purchase several weeks ago. It’s easy to use and although it has a smaller chamber, the airflow and THC extraction is quite powerful. I haven’t had to make sure it’s a certain kind of grind or pack unlike some of my other more premium vapes. In session mode, I’ve found that a stir is necessary for an even roast that prevents any near-combustion on the outer sides of the chamber -No biggie as all you’ll have to do is use the mouthpiece for this. In on demand heating mode, it seems to take less time to heat up which means that you can basically be producing vapor to inhale in just seconds. I’ve had no problem with the mouthpiece getting hot, nor the body being uncomfortable to hold as it heats up. As for the buttons, they do their job but in my opinion are the only thing that make this device feel somewhat cheap as they are a little bit finicky. I believe that a more solid pressing feeling would have made it feel much more premium. As for maintenance, you can keep it working quite well by cleaning the mouthpiece filter if you see any flower or resin buildup that might affect the airflow. Aside from that, just knock out your bowl with the stir tool and you’ll be fine. The mouthpiece has built up a substantial amount of resin in just a few weeks, but I don’t see this having any downside to vapor quality, and I’ll just pick this out for edibles later. For the battery life, I’ve found that I get about 30-40 minutes of life, but I think this is shorter because I tend to use it for on-demand mode on high temperatures which is surely more demanding on the battery. I’ve not tried to swap the battery out yet as I am having a hard time sourcing an identical battery close to my city. Going back to on-demand mode, it is my favourite and allows me to microdose (my main goal of owning a vaporizer) easily throughout the day. Especially since this is a convection unit, there is not much odor given off during use or when the oven door is closed, so that is beneficial as I can just vape out the window without problem. For portability, it was slightly bigger than I expected so I often opt to just keep it in my lunchbox as opposed to my pocket. For the price, I am very happy and this would be comparable to my DynaVap M 2020 and UFO induction heater in my honest opinion.

  18. Avatar for Maggie P

    Maggie P

    I’ve tried a lot vapes, and XMAX V3 Pro is one the best in its price range

  19. Avatar for Roger


    The XMAX V3 Pro is an awesome budget vaporizer with great vapor quality. For sure one of the best on-demand vapes under $100.

  20. Avatar for Anonymous


    Good, not great

  21. Avatar for A


    Good vapor quality! Love using it with the silicone WPA I got with it on my big bong. Great airflow and a lot of cooling with a water piece.

  22. Avatar for Gabriel Tremblay

    Gabriel Tremblay

  23. Avatar for yt


    Works extremely well for its price. Chamber size is about the same as an Arizer’s. Only downside is that the mouthpiece is slightly awkward and you can hear the air intake hole. I haven’t tried the different mouthpieces to be able to compare them yet. Overall quite happy with it. Ordered on the 13th and got it on the 15th.

  24. Avatar for Medine


    Great vape, originally had the silicone bong adapter but upgraded to the glass 14mm for a more pure flavor. Got the wax cup too, doesn’t get too hot but does a decent job with small amount for on-demand draws with long inhales. Overall good value for the price for sure and good service from Joey at tools420

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Product Q&A

Dylan K.
Do you have the owner’s manual that I could look at?

Justin H.
Do you sell any external 18650 chargers compatible with the battery?

Yes, we have a dual Arizer brand 18650 charger which will let you charge the OEM battery and spare at the same time.

Arizer Dual 18650 Battery Charger

Can I use any spare 18650 battery?

Any flat battery will be able to give you a good result as long as it’s somewhat close to 2500mAh and 3.7 volts

How does the bubbler attachment work?

The bubbler attachment goes in place of the normal mouthpiece and is held in place by magnets as well. You’ll fill it from the top to just above the air holes.

Does the xmax have pass through charging?

The XMAX does have pass through charging – We recommend waiting at least fifteen minutes after charging from dead to not put any additional strain on the battery.

How come your price is so low?

We are one of the largest distributors of the V3 Pro in North America which allows us to pass on savings to our customers.

What are the adapters ports on the silicone sleeve adapter?

The XMAX Silicone Adapter comes with a 14mm and 18mm male ports for your bubblers or bongs

How to use the wax cup properly?

The wax cup works best when you only put a few drops of oil in it, or about a rice sized grain dab or less. Try to let your unit heat up for a minute and then take long and slow inhales.

Why is this a good portable vaporizer for beginners?

The XMAX V3 Pro is great for beginners as it has precision temperature control, included pick on the mouthpiece, and plus there is an included wax dosing capsule for you to try out concentrates with! It has modern features like a USB-C charging port and a lot of different mouthpieces to try for a few extra dollars. On top of all this, it has amazing airflow which will be super easy on the lungs.

How do I use the xmax dosing capsules?

The XMAX V3 Pro Dosing Capsules are sold in a pack of five and can hold up to 0.2g of ground dry herb. To use them, simply scoop up some herb, gently pack it down, and then place them into the chamber as you would normally to enjoy your session. After, simply knock out the old one and place a new one in.

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