G Pen Connect

Key Features

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 5 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • 14mm WPA Mouthpiece
  • Excellent Flavor
  • 850mAh, variable voltage battery
  • Button Carb Cap
  • Hits well natively

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: GPen / Grenco Science
Warranty Period: 1 year warranty
Vaporizing Material: Concentrates
Heating System: Conduction Oven Tank
Heat Up Time: 30 seconds
Bowl Size: 0.2 grams
Bowl Material: Ceramic
Battery Life/Size: 8~ sessions / 850mAh
Temperature Range: 3.1v, 3.6v, 4.3v
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 112.2mm x 31.6mm x 25.7 mm
Weight: .2 lbs

G Pen Connect E-Nail

The new G Pen Connect by Grenco Science is an intuitive new E-Nail that makes taking heavy dabs as easy as possible without changing the fundamental experience.

As an e-nail style E-Rig, the Connect is made to easily slip onto any 14mm Vaporizer Bubblers and Bongs. In other words, the G-Pen Connect is basically a shrunken-down Electric Dab Rig where you control what bubbler you place the atomizer onto. If you want the most portable dab rig option around, then the G-Pen Connect is probably a great buy for yourself. 

How to use the G Pen Connect?

With this e-nail, you’ll never have to worry about using a torch to dab ever again.

With an easy one-button design and a three pre-set temperatures, the Connect is as no-nonsense as they come. Sharing with friends and strangers has never been easier as there are no complex instructions, techniques, or witchcraft rituals to master before using it. With the Connect you won’t have to worry about burnt dabs or products when handing them off to newbies as the vapor will never be overly harsh. 

As its able to be loaded hot or cold, the G Pen connect is versatile in its function and works consistently every single time thanks to the carefully selected voltages. Load up a cold dab to pass off to a first-timer or do a hot dab for a more traditional experience.

Best Portable Electric Dab Rig

Lugging around a bulky, expensive, and fragile glass piece is the least of your concerns now. If your friends have a glass piece at their place, then all you need to bring is the G-Pen Connect to hook up a whole party with a powerful experience.

Smaller than any e-rig we’ve come across; the convenient carrying case ensures it stays safe in your bag. No fragile glass pieces to worry about, nothing to spill, and no stress. For the ultimate smallest dab rig, pair the vape with a 14mm J-Hook!

Solid Manufacturing Quality

Backed by a 1-year warranty, the impressive design of the G Pen Connect houses a surprising amount of features within. A magnetic top cap, spring-loaded carb release, 850mAh battery, and variable voltage control give what you pay for. The sturdy design feels like a premium product – no plastic!

The body and other components lock on magnetically, reducing the worry of cross-threaded components ruining your night and device. We all know how it is after a few dabs!  Charging via Micro-USB with pass-through compatibility, you can be sure that you’ll never be out of juice, even if you’re caught sleeping and let it drain fully by mistake. 

Consistent Vapor Quality

Heating up in an impressive 5 seconds, the Connect is ready when you are. Three voltage control gives you plenty of versatility to play around with the experience, especially when you have a variety of 14mm bubblers to choose from. If you want lighter vapor from your shatter, start low. For those face-melting, couch-locking rips, put it too high and watch the clouds milk up your bubbler.

A small form factor, impressive performance, and solid design make it worth what you paid for it. Sold separately 10mm and 18mm G mouthpiece adapters are available for compatibility with 10mm and 18mm vape bongs and bubblers. 

G Pen Connect Accessories

Be sure to check out these other G Pen Connect Accessories:

Feedback from an Expert

While its performance isn’t quite the be all and end all for e-rigs or dabs in general, it’s fun, simple, and convenient to use.

G Pen Connect review 

What's in the box

  • G-Pen Connect
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • 14mm Glass WPA (water pipe adaptor)
  • Hemp zippered carrying case
  • 850mAh battery
  • Quick start guide

Customer Reviews

G Pen Connect
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  1. Avatar for Amy G.

    Amy G.

    It has great performance and is very easy to handle as an alternative to dabbing, but I find that the chamber is a bit inefficient because there is a small gap for the vapor to flow out of, but runny concentrates like shatter often clumps in this gap which is a cold zone, so you have to use a dab tool to get it out. Aside from that small hiccup, I’ll normally just replace that reclaim to the middle of the chamber to hit it right. A few other things, the stock adapter is a 14mm port. Luckily I had a 14 to 18 adapter, but needed to purchase the 10mm mouthpiece for smaller pieces. I am still on the stock chamber and it’s been a few months so am overall happy how it’s holding up. A few dark spots or chips from my dab tool, but still looks almost new which I’m happy with. ✌️

  2. Avatar for Anonymous


    I wish the heat up time and tank was a little better designed but I love the portability and versatility the Connect has. Awesome flavor.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous


    Very strong dab extraction, similar to an enail. Bit confuising at first, but i get the hang of it after once ot twice.

  4. Avatar for Anonymous


    I run it through the globe whip bubbler they had on display in store. It’s a sick setup and the Connect packs a punch out of the bubble hash that I normally use. I’d recommend. Also, the mouthpiece is 14mm out of the box, the two other sizes are sold separately which I didn’t know.

  5. Avatar for Joseph D.

    Joseph D.

  6. Avatar for Anonymous


  7. Avatar for Ben Hart

    Ben Hart

  8. Avatar for CanadianBulldog


    Fast delivery, discreet packaging love it. Great product! Super portable!Big hits! in a hurry, the taste is pretty good on the lower settings.
    You gotta make sure you screw everything in when you first get it, especially the heating chamber or else it won’t start. And charge the battery till its green first use. All in all an awesome product definitely recommend if you want to turn any piece into a dab rig.

  9. Avatar for Lucas


    Pretty good, really nice how it’s so portable and I can take it anywhere. A J-Hook with a G Pen Connect works pretty great if you don’t wanna carry a glass piece everywhere with you lol. Easy to use with my friends, we had a big party and people took dabs for days on it. Wish it had more temp setting but it is what it is.

  10. Avatar for Bill Smith

    Bill Smith

    Fast shipping, discreet, and helped with my questions. A+++ service, helped me warranty a defective unit right away, thanks you guys! The second one I got works perfectly and it’s my first time doing dabs. At first I thought it was me who didn’t know how to use the g pen connect but it was just manufacturer error. Works great, thanks!

  11. Avatar for Anonymous


    It’s a good device but not the end all and be all. I’m still a diehard torch and banger type guy but I whip out the G Pen Connect when I’m lazy and it still gives me really good results. Definitely worth buying the connect for ease of use and fun sharing without being worried about hot glass pieces and stuff.

  12. Avatar for Clark F.

    Clark F.

    Thought it was trash at first but that’s bcuz im dumb and didnt know how to use g pen connect properly haha. Once I got it working I was so high for the first time in what 5 years, that thing RIPS. Flavor is aight but honestly im ok with that for the huge hits and how easy it is to use. Ty for the discreet package too LOL my family had no idea whats in the box.

  13. Avatar for Wilson


    Good device and my first e-rig dab thing, but I need help on how to clean the G Pen connect tank. The flavor went a bit meh after 6 sessions or so and it still works great but doesn’t taste as good as new. I think the g pen connect is worth it if you just want easy dab experience. I tried a wax pen vape tho and it worked just about as good.

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Product Q&A

How much time does it take for heating?

The G Pen Connect will heat up in five to ten seconds to vaporizer your dabs.

How does the G Pen Connect charge?

The G Pen Connect Charges by way of MicroUSB and once you charge it even just a bit you can leave it charging while hitting it as it has pass-through charging! You can charge the G Pen Connect with most quality power banks.

Does G Pen Connect fit 14mm bongs?

Yes it has a 14mm glass adapter natively. You can buy G Pen Connect 10mm and 18mm adapters separately.

How to clean the G Pen Connect?

Get some pure isopropyl alcohol from a pharmacy or drug store, and use cotton swabs to clean any places with residue and grime. Check out our G Pen Connect review page for more info on how to clean it!

Liam Tremblay
How to use G Pen Connect properly?

The G Pen Connect manual will tell you all you need to know, but in case you’re wondering how to load the G Pen Connect, we recommend warming the atomizer up just a bit to let the dab melt onto it easier! Load a small rice-grain sized amount onto the atomizer after a quick warm-up and you should be good to go!

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