Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Storage Case

Key Features

  • OdorPax (activated bamboo carbon)
  • Stashlogix mobile phone app
  • Adjustable and removable compartments
  • Combination lock system
  • Airtight rubber gaskets
  • Metal poker for lock-setting
  • Odor-trapping and heat-resistant metal interior lining
  • Durable linen exterior
  • Zip-sealed tool pocket
  • Small: OD 7.5″ L x 4″ W x 3 1/2″ H
  • Medium: OD 8″ L x 7″ W x 4 1/4″ H
  • Made in the USA

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Product Specifications

Smell proof vape case with lock

With the Stashlogix lockable and smell-proof vaporizer case, you’ll easily be able to transport your dry herb, concentrates, and all your favorite accessories. You can choose to organize the compartments however you’d like, and as well use the zippable tools pocket to keep everything extremely neat.

Best 420 storage bag

For vapes that are harder to transport in public like the Arizer Solo 2 and its glass accessories, this vape case is the perfect addition to your cannabis vaporizer collection. No longer will you have to worry about infants getting into your stash thanks to the combination lock, but you can also rest easy knowing that the hard exterior will keep your favorite vape bubblers and bongs safe at all times.

Best Vape Pen Case

With a combination lock, easy clean metal interior lining, and organizational phone app download, you can rest easy knowing that you are purchasing one of the best vape and smell proof lockable bags on the market. The fact that they come with a lifetime warranty is just the cherry on top in terms of quality.

What can you store in a Stashlogix vaporizer carrying case?

The large case will be big enough to include the even the largest of portable vaporizers, including the Mighty+ Vape as well as any cleaning supplies like the Zeus Grime Kit. Since the included activated bamboo carbon (charcoal) is odor absorbent and the rest of the body is airtight, you can feel comfortable storing your loose flower in a boveda pack knowing that there is no risk of your child getting into it or having the odor leak into the household.

Weed Travel Case

When paired with the Cvault Storage Case, the Stashlogix medium makes for an incredible weed travel case. You’ll have two layers of odor and hard protection, and you’ll be able to take with you any 420 Accessories you want with you.

How to use the Stashlogix lock?

  1. Set the dial to 0-0-0 be default
  2. Remove zippers from lock
  3. Use pen to push down on reset button until a click
  4. Set new combination
  5. Push button into open combo

What's in the box

1x Smellproof Stashlogix Vaporizer Case
1x OdorPax pouch
1x Metal poker

Customer Reviews

Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Storage Case
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  1. Avatar for Jack M.

    Jack M.

    This is basically a lunch box from hell that keeps everything secure and smell proof. Tons of compartments and room for tweaking things around. Love it.

  2. Avatar for Anonymous


    Super durable.

  3. Avatar for Josep Kant

    Josep Kant

    This will come in handy for me during summer time

  4. Avatar for Vladera j

    Vladera j

    Compartments to keep vape bubblers and bongs safe at all times. Lock is a bit finnicky though.

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